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Novel By: hotstory4you

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"yah he too" Stone answered and started fucking again, Melissa moaned even more louder and finally came on Stone's cock.

Stone pulled out his cock and stroked it a couple of more times and he shot his cum all over Melissa's belly.

"Oh shit that was so good, so hot" Stone moaned and sat aside, while Melissa kept lying there breathing heavy. She sat up and looked at the flaccid penis of Stone which was covered in cum.

She looked from something in the cell but it's impossible to find a napkin or tissue paper to clean the cum on your belly. Melissa took out her personal napkin from the handbag and cleaned herself.

She sat naked on the chair again leaving Stone in the iron bed. Melissa looked at Stone with questioning eyes. "What?" Stone asked

"Money" Melissa reminded him and Stone smiled he handed money to Melissa which was enough for this fuck. Melissa put the money in the bag and dressed again. But instead of leaving the cell she sat again and started a little talk with Stone.

"So is there any other guy where I can earn more?" Melissa asked and Stone could see the greed in Melissa's eyes.

"You want to earn more" Stone asked and Melissa said "why not"

"I will pay you more just give me your ass" Stone said smiling naughty.

"I will think about that but is there some other criminals in the jail who are ready to pay me for my little cunt" Melissa said that in a seductive voice which again made Stone's cock hard.

"Amm do u really want to do it?" Stone asked because he was not believing that Melissa was talking like a prostitute.

"Yes I want it, I just came to know that bad guys fuck really hard and really good, so is there other guys too?" Melissa asked explaining the reason to get fuck more.

"Yah There are a few friends of mine, but they can't pay you like I just did" Stone said and Melissa said that she didn't care about money just tell her name of his next criminal.

Stone said a few names which Melissa had already heard in news, She grabbed her handbag and left smiling.

Melissa went down to the office and she looked for the officer who came up to Stone's cell to provide him money.

"Hey!" Melissa said when she found that officer working behind a desk.

"Hey!" the officer replied and he was smiling to see Melissa,

"I am Melissa, the reporter" Melissa said making a little talk.

"Oh Yah I know, I am Andrew" The officer replied, "So how was the interview?" Officer said looking straight in Melissa's eyes.

"It was …. Very good" Melissa said "I am satisfied" Melissa whispered and bend down a little on Andrew's desk, Andrew enjoyed a more clear view of Melissa's cleavage.

Andrew got a hard on and his hands went down under his desk to adjust his cock between his legs, he kept staring at Melissa's breast and Melissa too proudly showing what she got there.

"Everything Ok" Melissa asked coming over and looking this side of table,

"Yah everything is Ok" Andrew said and Melissa get back to her position and stood straight,

"Amm Andrew, Can we talk?" Melissa asked putting her hand on Andrew's hand on the table.

"Yah, I would like to help you" Andrew said and left all the work and files on the table paying more attention to Melissa.

"In private" Melissa said and Andrew looked around,

"Ok, come with me" Andrew said and Melissa followed him, after walking through a long corridor they entered in a room with a big table and flour chairs around it.

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