By: hotstory4you

Chapter 7,

“Don’t call me bitch” Melissa said.

“Oh I am sorry” Stone apologized and lifted her one leg and put it on the bed spreading her legs more and getting access to her pussy.

“Hmmm so sweet” stone said as he licked Melissa’s pussy and ran his tongue between her wet folds,

“Hmmm ahhh yes” Melissa moaned and held Stone’s head pulling him more on her pussy.

“Come here baby, suck me” Stone stood up and pulled out his cock from his pajamas, Melissa smiled seeing a big hard cock, she held it and stroked it a couple of times before taking it in her mouth.

“Oh yes so good” Stone moaned feeling his cock in warm mouth and Melissa started sucking him off,

“Oh yes just like that oh oh” Stone started moaning loud when Melissa started playing her tongue on Stone’s cock head.

“I can’t take it anymore just come baby” Stone said and lifted Melissa from that chair and threw her on the bed, He came over Melissa and shoved his hard dick in Melissa’s hot wet pussy.

Everything happened so fast and Melissa didn’t even understood when Stone pushed his cock inside her wet pussy, “ahhh yes” Melissa moaned and arched back raising her breast.

“Stone made efforts to take off Melissa’s white shirt and Melissa helped him, Stone pulled out her boobs from her bra and he started playing with her nipples while his dick was continuously fucking her.

“Oh oh fuck oh ah ahhh” Melissa’s moaned started getting louder and fast as she was about to cum,

“Oh Melissa, I have never had a woman like you” Stone stopped fucking and said leaning on Melissa and planting a kiss on her lips.

“Do Mr. Martin works for you too?” Melissa asked a question that doesn’t fit in that time,

“What?” stone replied and he was shocked too.

“Mr. Martin the senior officer, I am her daughter. Does he too work for you?” Melissa asked again and wrapped her legs around Stone’s waist and pulled him inside her pussy.

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