By: hotstory4you

Chapter 5,

“No, never” Melissa said looking at that money and Stone could see the greed in Melissa’s eyes.

“So come on entertain me” Stone said and Melissa stood up to take off her clothes, she started taking off her shirt unbuttoning all the buttons,

“No, leave that on, just take off your skirt” Stone ordered and Melissa did as he said, she unzipped the skirt and pulled it down revealing her curvy butt in black panties and the unbuttoned white shirt on her body was making her so hot.

Melissa sat down on the chair after pulling down her panties to her knees and then taking them off from her ankles,

“Give that to me” Stone said when Melissa was about to throw hew panties on the floor.

“My panties?” Melissa asked as she didn’t know what stone was talking about.

“Yah” Stone replied and Melissa threw her panties to him, “Hmm so sexy” Stone said sniffing on them.

Melissa spread her legs and touched her pussy, “Oh yah you got a nice pussy baby” Stone commented.

“Now tell me about that officer” Melissa asked in a sexy voice and spreading her wet folds by other hand.

“He works for me, I pay him money to supply me” Stone said staring at that pink wet pussy.

“Supply what?” Melissa asked and inserted one finger in her pussy and made a soft sweet moan “hmmmm”

“Money, drugs, everything I need and girls” Stone said and moved a little closer to Melissa.

“And what if he is not available here” Melissa said shoving one more finger in her cunt.

“Oh fuck that is so hot” Stone said, “yah If he is not here then others are here for my service, I owe this jail and everybody works here” Stone revealed her secrets and moved down on the floor.

“Let me help you” Stone said and replaced Melissa’s finger with his own, “ahhhh yah” Melissa moaned a little loud taking two thick fingers in her pussy.

“Oh bitch you are so hot and wet” Stone said slowly and Melissa pushed him away,

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