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The Dirty Daughter

Novel By: hotstory4you

[390,000+ reads](NOT FOR UNDER 21) I fell in love with my step-dad. I teased him, seduced him, and got him in my bed. My mom got raped and murdered, my aunt found out about my dad and I, my best friend had affair with her cousin, and there was a secret between me and my dad [STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT] View table of contents...

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Dad looked at me one more time before leaving the room and closing the door. I didn't know if Dad was a little disappointed with me for spending the night with Amber without telling him. I leaned back into the bed, and looked at Amber.

Amber was looking so beautiful, her beautiful soft lips, and that innocence on her face. I couldn't stop myself from kissing on her cheeks, but knowing that she was sleeping, I took a little advantage of that and kissed on her lips.

I guessed when I kissed on her cheek… she woke up because when I kissed on her lips, she kissed back. She wrapped her hand around me, and pulled me closer to her. She kissed me a little longer and then she let me sit back. We both were laughing; these were the moments we used to share when everything was quite okay in our lives.

"Good morning," I said, and she replied same.

"I'm feeling so hungry," Amber said sitting up.

"Me too, Dad just left after telling me that the breakfast is ready," I said.

"Your dad… he came in when we were sleeping?" Amber asked.

"Yes, but when you were sleeping, and I had woken up," I told her.

"Oh my God, did he see me naked?" Amber asked.

"I don't know, when I woke up he was pulling down the curtains, and your boobs were exposed so I pulled up the blanket," I said.

"This is so embarrassing, you and me naked in the bed," Amber was freaked out a little.

"Don't worry, he didn't say anything," I said.

"Now get fresh, I'm going to my room to take a shower, and then we will have breakfast together," I said getting out of the bed.

"Yeah okay," Amber replied.

I went to my room, and opened the door. Dad was sitting in the bed with his laptop and a mug of coffee.

"I liked to see that my princess takes care of her best friend," Dad said, and he didn't say it in a sarcasm manner. He seriously meant it, and I knew it.

"Sorry, I thought she might need someone closer to her," I said.

"I understand, that's why I asked you to go and sleep with her, but you denied it. Good you went to her," Dad said.

"I love you, Dad," I said hugging and kissing him.

"She is still sleeping?" Dad asked.

"No, she is taking a shower. We are so hungry," I said laughing.

"Okay, you also get fresh, and then we will have breakfast together," Dad said.

I went into the bathroom to take a shower, and when I came out of the bathroom naked, Dad wasn't there in the room. He missed seeing his step-daughter fresh and naked I thought so. I put on a top and skirt, and went to the dinning room.

As I sat down in front of my Dad, I saw Amber coming into the dinning room. Amber stopped to see my Dad sitting at the dining table. I guess she was feeling a little awkward to face my dad after sleeping with me and getting caught nude in bed with me.

"Come, Dad has prepared delicious breakfast," I said.

Amber came, and she sat down next to me. Amber was also wearing a top and skirt, but her top was revealing a little more cleavage than mine. Before sitting next to me Amber adjusted her top to hide a bit of cleavage.

"It's okay, be comfortable," I whispered.

Amber had came to my house wearing even more short and skin revealing clothes, but I guess after the things that recently happened, she was feeling a little weird around my dad.

"Good morning Amber, feeling good?" Dad asked pushing a coffee mug toward her on the table.

"Yes. Thanks for the coffee," Amber said taking a sip of her hot coffee.

I noticed Dad looking at Amber's cleavage, and I didn't mind that because men just can't avoid it.

"Any plans for today?" Dad asked.

"Not really," Amber said before I could say anything.

"Yesterday I think I saw a painting exhibition going on, can we go and see it?" I asked.

"Yah why not we all can go," Dad replied.

"Um… Dad, I was thinking just Amber and I because I know you totally hate paintings," I said, and Dad really never loved paintings, but for me he always too me to all the painting exhibitions in the city where we used to live before.

"Of course you should come with us," Amber said, she might have thought that I was being a little rude with my dad.

"No Amber, I'm really glad that this time I won't have to come with you girls to spent hours just staring at those paintings," Dad said, and Amber laughed, "But either you girls are going to take a taxi or Amber is going to drive because I know what a good driver you are," Dad said making fun of me, but I didn't mind because it made Amber laugh loud.

"Okay," I replied slowly.

After the breakfast Amber and I had a little fun in her room while Dad was working in our bedroom, and by fun I don't mean sex, we just sit and talked about things we did in college. We got ready to go out and see the painting exhibition. After listening to Dad's advice about driving carefully and come back home at time, we left.

The thing about going to see a painting exhibition wasn't just an excuse, there really was a painting exhibition in the city, and Amber and I had fun looking and talking about all the pictures. There were some adult artistic pictures in the exhibition too, and Amber and I started talking really naughty about those pictures.

After visiting a few more places we came back home around 7 P.M. As we entered in the house, we saw Dad ready to go out with his laptop bag and files.

"You are going somewhere?" I asked.

"Yes, I got some urgent work in the office. I will be back in one and half hour, and don't worry about dinner, I will bring something with me," Dad said and he left quickly.

Amber and I sat down on the couch in the living room. We turned on the T.V, and I lay down in the couch with my legs in Amber's lap.


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