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The Dirty Daughter

Novel By: hotstory4you

[390,000+ reads](NOT FOR UNDER 21) I fell in love with my step-dad. I teased him, seduced him, and got him in my bed. My mom got raped and murdered, my aunt found out about my dad and I, my best friend had affair with her cousin, and there was a secret between me and my dad [STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT] View table of contents...

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I quickly put on a top and skirt with no bra and panties underneath, and asking Amber to get dress too, I went to open the door. I had no idea about who it could be? We didn't know anybody here, but it could be my neighbor, I thought so.

As I opened the door, I was shocked. I got really scared. My aunt was at the door.

"Hello baby," she said with a big grin.

There were two men along with her. They were around thirty years old, tall, masculine, and looked like some kind of criminals.

"I missed you," My aunt said coming to hug me.

"Who is it Alice?" I heard Amber.

"What are you doing here?" Amber asked to see my aunt at the door.

"Look Amber is here too, your parents told me you have gone to see a friend, but I wasn't expecting you here," My aunt said.

"Tell me what are you doing here, and who are these guys," I yelled on her.

"Well you guys just left your old house, and didn't even tell me? That is rude," my aunt said coming inside the house, and both men followed her.

"He is D, and he K," my aunt introduced those men, and I thought what kind of names they had.

"These are the sons of a man who deals in drugs, and arms. He is a big mafia. I owe some money to him, and when I found out that you are here, I thought to come and see you," she said, as she sat down.

Both men were standing next to her, and Amber and I were standing in front of my aunt.

"And you went to my house, why?" Amber asked.

"I thought you will have some information about Alice, and when I searched your room, I found out something more interesting," my aunt said.

Amber and I got scared thinking what she had found in Amber's room.

"So how is Mark? Is fucking you good?" my aunt asked.

One after the other, my aunt was giving us shocks. How did she know about Mark? I was thinking while D and K were looking at us.

"Don't get shocked Amber, I found some tapes and letters in your room. I haven't told your parents about you and Mark, but may be I will if you won't help me," my aunt was now blackmailing my friend too.

"What do you want from us?" I asked.

"Money, so that I can pay these guys," my aunt said.

"We don't have money for you, so leave right now," I shouted.

"Ok, boys you can fuck her," my aunt said.

"What?" I got confused about what was going in her mind.

"Well I told them that, if you won't give me money then they can fuck you, record it, and sell the video to their clients to make money," my aunt said like it wasn't a big deal.

She was going to make me an internet whore, and millions of people will watch me getting fucked and masturbate on me.

"You can't do that," I said.

"May be I can't, but they surely can," my aunt said.

"So do you have money for me?" she asked.

"Forget the money. We want to fuck these girls, and we will make more than what you will you pay us back," D said.

"How can you say that, and sell us to them?" I shouted.

"Why, what's the problem?" my aunt said like it wasn't a big deal.

"I had only offered then that they can fuck you, but as your friend is here, so she would also like some stranger's cock in her pussy, won't she?" my aunt said.

"The problem is you are a bitch, and you are sick. Get out of my house," I yelled on her.

Before I could do anything else, D and K held me and Amber. We were trying to get ourselves out of their firm grip.

"One if fucking with her step-dad, and one with her cousin, so what's the problem in fucking these two handsome young men," my aunt said getting up from the couch.

"And Amber you love anal, I saw that in your dirty sex tapes. K loves fucking girls in their ass holes, I'm sure you will enjoy his cock in your ass," my aunt said going near Amber.

"And D, you don't know how slutty Alice is, she loves sucking cock, she is such a big whore that she fucks with her step-dad," my aunt said coming near me.

"And girls, you will enjoy a lot with these men, they are so good in fucking. They have fucked me really good sometimes. They both love my boobs," my aunt said, as she squeezed her big boobs.

"Please stop, I will give you the money," I said.

"Sorry baby, we don't want your money anymore," D said, as he was holding me tightly.

"Let's fuck these girls, K," D said, and he threw his gun on the couch.

K also threw his gun on the couch, and they dragged Amber and me to my bedroom. My aunt followed us. She was laughing and celebrating that, now she didn't need to pay anyone.

"Please, let us go. We will pay you what you want," I begged, and so did Amber.

"We want you. We are tired of fucking slave girls in our house. Now we want some real hot girls," K said.

"Oh yes, you got some nice boobs," D said grabbing my boobs.

"And she got some nice cute ass," K said pushing Amber to the wall, and grabbing her ass.

"Please, no," I begged them to leave us, but they didn't.

"Looks like your girls were already having some fun," my aunt said, as she found the glass dildo and the strap-on on the bed.

As D loosed my one hand, I punched him in the face, and tried to run away. I wasn't fast and strong enough to run away from D, he caught me again with my neck.

"Look bitch, if you tried to get smart with me, I will kill you and your friend," he said pushing me against the wall.

"So just be a good whore, suck my cock, and have fun with us," he said.

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