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The Dirty Daughter

Novel By: hotstory4you

[470,000+ reads](NOT FOR UNDER 21) I fell in love with my step-dad. I teased him, seduced him, and got him in my bed. My mom got raped and murdered, my aunt found out about my dad and I, my best friend had affair with her cousin, and there was a secret between me and my dad [STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT] View table of contents...

Submitted:May 7, 2014    Reads: 1,132    Comments: 3    Likes: 8   

We all sat down quietly because it got a little awkward. New bed would be here in an hour and then as we had planned, we were going to fuck hard in the new bed. Still sitting there on the couch, Amber and I were secretly looking at each other, and smiling. Dad was quiet and looking at the TV screen.

"You girls enjoy the movie, I need to do some work," Dad said getting up.

"Okay," I replied.

"I'm so fucking excited," I said, as Dad left.

"Yeah, I'm excited, too," Amber replied but she didn't seem as excited as I was.

"Hey how about we go to shopping and buy something sexy to wear for tonight," I said turning off the TV.

"Yeah, sureā€¦ your dad would like you in something black or may be red, I guess." Amber replied.

"I mean for both of us, I wanna make this his hottest night," I said. "We both are going to get some really sexy lingerie."

"No, Alice. I have lots of lingerie," Amber avoided.

"No, we are going. Now get up," I said, and Amber had to follow me to our bedroom.

Dad was in the bedroom, too. Amber and I picked out something nice to wear.

"You are going somewhere?" Dad asked as he put down the laptop on the bed and grabbed a file from the table.

"Shopping," I said with a smile.

Dad must have understood that I was going to buy some new sexy panties for tonight, but he acted normal. Amber was standing near the closet holding a dress.

"Okay, my wallet is over there if you need any cash," Dad said and got on the bed, again.

"Hey?" Amber said. I looked at her and she was holding a dress asking for my opinion on it.

"Yep, very nice," I replied and started taking off my clothes.

I had no problem in undressing in front of my dad, even Amber had changed clothes in front of my dad a couple of times but today she went in the bathroom to change. After a couple of minutes, Amber came out in her blue dress, which was revealing a huge cleavage. I was also all dressed in my top and jeans.

"How do I look, Dad?" I asked as I turned my ass to my dad.

"Perfect," Dad replied looking at the jeans perfectly fitted around my huge ass.

"Thanks," I said, "Let's go, Amber," I watched Dad checking out Amber's cleavage. Their eyes met but they didn't respond to each other.

Amber and I came out of our bedroom and headed to my car.

"He was checking out your cleavage," I said to tease Amber.

"Yeah, I noticed," Amber replied, as she blushed.

We went to a couple of lingerie stores and checked out some really sexy lingerie.

Amber tried a black colored sheer lingerie with red laces around the neck line and hem. She looked fucking hot in that one and I decided that she was going to wear this one tonight.

"You try this one," Amber said throwing me a white colored lingerie. It was lacey and beautiful designed with thin strings.

One in black and one in white, perfect, I thought.

"This is really sexy," I said.

"Okay, so I guess we are done," Amber said heading to the bill counter.

"Yeah for lingerie, we are done," I said slowly.

"What else you need?" Amber asked as I paid the man at the counter. He also looked at Amber's cleavage.

"You will find out soon," I said as we put the shopping bags in the back seat of the car and headed to a different place.

"Where are we going?" Amber asked.

"I saw this store once when Dad and I went on a long drive," I replied, as I kept driving.

"What store?" Amber wanted to know more.

I kept quiet and after a few minutes pulled over in front of a store. I got out of the car and headed into the store, Amber followed me, too.

"Here you get everything you need to make you happy; sexually," I said, as we were standing in a adult toys store.

There were dildos, vibrators, lubes, magazines, DVDs and lots more naughty things everywhere in the store.

"Oh my god," Amber said slowly.

"I know, this is amazing, right?" I said, as a woman approached us.

"What would you like to buy, girls? We got dildos, vibrators, and so many other interesting toys to play with yourself or with your friends," the lady said, as we giggled.

Amber and I started exploring the store. We checked out some cool glass dildos which we always wanted to buy but never got a chance. I saw Amber checking out some nipple clamps.

"We are going to buy them," I said moving closer to Amber.

"Your dad likes all this? I mean rough and a little BDSM thing," Amber said.

"We never tried anything with toys or ropes, but I think he would surely love it. And even if he don't like then we can always play with each other," I said.

"How about this one?" I said showing Amber a glass g-spot dildo, it was bent at a definite angle to find the g-spot and give pleasure to any woman.

"This is so smooth," Amber said slowly, as the lady in the store was watching us. "I will fuck my pussy with it while watching your dad fucking you hard."

"Yeah, or we can do the reverse of it," I said as I winked.

Amber and I spend almost thirty minutes in the store and got ourselves some really cool glass toys, lubes and few other things.

"Pack all this and make a bill, please," I said, as Amber and I put down our selected toys on the counter.

The woman smiled to see two such naughty girls. She started packing the things on her side of the counter while on this side I grabbed Amber's ass.

"I will lick your pussy when you will get that butt plug in your ass," I whispered.

"And I will put those clamps on your nipples and make you my slave," Amber replied.

"I would love to be your slave," I said.

Amber and I had fun doing shopping while I was thinking about what Dad would be doing back at home. I knew he must be feeling very horny as he didn't fuck any of us from past two days. Would he be masturbating on my panties or may be Amber's panties? I thought. We spent the whole day going to different stores and buying naughty and sexy things. Now as the sun was going down, I just wanted to go home and get dirty with my man.


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