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Swinger's town : its all about s**

Novel By: hotstory4you

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"Ohhhh!!" Roxy moaned and Nick looked at him and then me with a very different look on his face, "eat me boy" Roxy said holding Nick's head and pushing more between his legs.

I tried to look away but could do that, don't know why. "Hmmm" Roxy moaned looking at me, "Your boy is so good in eating wet pussies, have you ever enjoyed it?" Roxy said.

"What the fuck do you want from us? By the rules we agreed to spend our nights with this whole town and sleeping with different persons, now what more you want" I said and Nick again looked at me with a shock, "You keep doing what I said, don't pay attention to our talk" Rosy asked to Nick.

"Yesss" Roxy moaned as Nick again started eating her pussy, "It's good that you have accepted our rules and that what we want from the people of this town, but you have insulted me in your house, so.." she said and stooped.

"So… what?" I asked not paying attention to Nick that his hands moved to Roxy's thighs.

"So, I want to see this young boy fucking you" She said like it wasn't a big deal.

"What? He is my nephew. I can't do this" I replied standing up , "Me neither" Nick said sitting a feet away from Roxy.

"I can't fuck my aunt" Nick said and looked at me, "Actually you are just going to do that for my entertainment, or I am going to throw you and your sweet family out of this town" Roxy said.

"Fine we will leave" Nick said, he was acting like a man in the house, "NO.." I said in a low voice.

"What?" Nick said.

"No, we are not leaving, because we can't" I said.

"What do you mean we can't, this bitch here is asking me to fuck you" Nick said with anger in his voice.

"Then fuck me but we can't leave this town" I yelled on him.

"Oh so now you are acting like bitch, listen I am not going to do that" Nick said and tried to walk away but I held his hands and tacked him down on the floor. I sat on his knees with my legs both side and quickly undid his jeans. He tried to get off from under me but at that time I acted stronger and pulled out his cock. It was semi hard and I took it in my mouth. I did a little fast movement there and felt Nick's cock getting hard in my mouth.

I pulled it out and spitted on it, I moved forward and lifted my dress and moved my panties over my pussy. It took me only five seconds to do all this and in next three second Nick's cock was inside my pussy. In that time all I heard was "No, please no.." it was Nick's voice but I pretend like I am deaf. I started riding on Nick's cock. I was leaning back putting my weight on my hands but my hands were hurting. I wanted to end all this as quick as I could.

I leaned forward and saw Nick's face his eyes were closed and he was moaning but also saying "No…NO" in between that. I put my one hand on his chest and one on the floor, I closed my eyes to avoid to look at Nick and start riding again. "Please Nick cum, cum cum" I was saying in my mind.

"Oh yes, that is making me wet. You are a good whore" let me see his cock in your pussy" Roxy said and moved to see what she said.

"Yah I like it" I heard Roxy's voice.

"Ahhhhh" I heard a long moan of Nick and then felt something filling my pussy. I kept riding till I felt Nick cock shrinking in my pussy. I got off from Nick and sat next to him. Nick stayed like that for a minute, his chest was moving up and down with heavy breathing.

"I am sorry Nick" I said and I was crying. Nick opened his eyes and turned to me. He looked at me like he never loved, respected me. He stood up and buttoned his jeans. He left without saying a word, I looked at Roxy.

"It wasn't what I was expecting but I accept this performance and allow you to live in this town. Now you can go and take care of your family and your kid who had just fucked you (laughs)" Roxy said and walked away to other room. I stayed on the floor, I touched my pussy and saw Nick's cum coming out of my pussy. I started crying again more and left Roxy's house. Now I have to take care of all the things at home, ………




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