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Swinger's town : its all about s**

Novel By: hotstory4you

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I wanted to kiss him deep and forget about Peter. I wrapped my arms around his neck so hard that it must be painful for him but he didn't say a word and hugged me tightly. I was kissing him and tears started rolling down on my face, James couldn't see them because we were in shower but I never felt like right now I was feeling. I felt like I got my whole life again.

His hands went down to my ass and one hand moved down to my right thigh, he lifted my leg and I wrapped it around his legs. We kissed more than 10 minutes in the shower and all the soap had washed from my body, all I could feel was water running on my body. James moved to my neck and started biting making me moan, I closed my eyes and lost in pleasure of getting touched by my husband.

Next when I opened my eyes I was on the bed on my back and James was on top of me, I didn't even felt when he slid his cock half inside me, "I love you so much" I moaned and pulled him more inside my pussy by my hands on his waist. I sweet moan escaped from my mouth as I felt his cock at the end of my pussy. He was fucking me slowly and I didn't care about kids and any housework. I just wanted to be with my husband and wanted to feel him which will help me destroy the memory of last night's.

After few strokes I look at the alarm clock next to our bed and it showed that another 5 minutes passed, finally I felt like I was again going to cum, "James! I am cumming" I moaned and he pulled out his cock, he went down between my legs and started sucking my pussy and rubbing my clit after a minute I exploded my juices all over his face and spoiled the bed sheet. I shivered in orgasm and squeezed my legs.

James spread my legs and sat between them, he again shoved his wet cock in my really wet pussy and started fucking me harder, right after 2 minutes he was out of my pussy and his white thick cum was on my belly, when I looked down at my pussy I could see the last few drops dripping from his cock, I grabbed his cock and squeezed it taking cum on my fingers and then licking his cum.

He laid next to me and we hugged each other.

After an hour and a little more cuddling, I again took a bath left the bedroom to do the daily work.

After doing all the work in the kitchen, I grabbed a cloth to do a little dusting in the living room. Nick was in the living room playing play station. I thought not to disturb him by cleaning the TV screen so I just sat on the floor to clean the glass table. I was cleaning the glass making it new and shiny, I saw that Nick was looking at me but why?

I got the answer when I realized that I forgot to do the top buttons of my top, and my whole breast in my red and simple bra was flashing. I stood up doing the buttons and looking at Nick, he also looked away with an expression of sorry and embarrassment. I was not angry on Nick because we are the one who pushed these kids in this sexual thing.

I was collecting the clothes and sofa covers to do laundry when James came in living room and asked Nick to take a walk in the sunny. Nick got up switching off the play station, I guess he thought that it's better to take a walk than looking at his aunt's breast.

I though to ask Sarah for her clothes but then I just avoided that. I was doing laundry when I heard the phone ringing.

"Hello?" I said holding the receiver in my wet hands.

"This is me, Roxy" I heard the voice of that bitch again and thought to just disconnect the phone.

"Don't disconnect" she said

"I am the wife of the head of the Swingers Community and the mayor of this town, I called you to tell that you have to leave this town tomorrow morning or you can come to my house and we can talk and do.." She said and gave me her house number.

I sat on the couch thinking what to do,

James entered in the house and asked the problem as he saw me worried, I told him that I am okay and asked about Nick as I didn't see him entering.

"He got some new friends so just playing with them" He told me and again asked why I was worried?

Now I couldn't lie again so I just tell him about Roxy and her call.

James looked at me like he was waiting for my response on Roxy's call, "I think I should talk to her and apologize" I said and kept quite.

James got a call from office and he left for urgent meeting. I finished the laundry.

It was 7 pm and I was watching TV just trying to get relax, when Nick entered in the house, all dirty and sweaty.

"Where have you been? Just go and clean your self" I said.

The phone rang again and it was Roxy again. She called to tell me that Nick is also invited at her house.

I said "OK" but I was confused why she wanted to see Nick. I called Nick and asked him to get ready as we had to visit some one.




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