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Swinger's town : its all about s**

Novel By: hotstory4you

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I went in to Sarah's room and I stopped right at the door after seeing what I was not expecting to see. Sarah was sitting on the bed facing the door but her eyes wee closed and she was leaning on the head board of the bed on soft pillows, she was totally naked her legs were spread wide and her fingers here rubbing her clit and penetrating her pussy. Her pussy was exactly looks like mine when I was about her age so fresh and so pink. She was breathing heavily and her legs were shaking a little. I guesses she was about to have her orgasm and yes she did.
She moaned softly clenching her teeth and her hands covered in her own cum dropped on the bed sheet. I entered right after her orgasm and called her name "Sarah?"
She opened her eyes and quickly covered herself with the blanket, she just covered her bottoms and her breast was still in front of my eyes. She had a really nice breast, and her nipples were still erect, "What were you doing?" I asked her and she kept quite.
"You had spent all night with an stranger in his bed and you still need to do this" I asked her as I was worried about her and I have never seen her like this, she again didn't answered and kept quite.
"What's the problem honey, Tell me?" I again asked her this time in a friendly manner, "You had spent the night with the man, didn't you" I added.
"yes but." She responded and then stopped,
"but what?" I asked trying to find out what's going on.
"but he didn't had sex with me" she replied.
"Then what had he done?" I asked looking in her eyes.
"he took me to his sister and all night he watched me sucking his sister's pussy and then asked me to suck him" she replied, "And all night he just teases me with his cock on my pussy but didn't fuck me" she explained more.
Sarah was talking to me like she had never done before, Now I understood how she was feeling, in fact I would also finger myself if some one teased me like that man had teased Sarah. I didn't ask much or I guess there was nothing left to ask.
"So are you ok now?" I asked and I meant about her satisfaction, she nodded in yes and I asked her to get dressed and come down for breakfast. First she denied because of James and Nick but I talked to her and told her that we have to adjust ourselves in this new life.
I again went downstairs and saw James serving sandwiches to Nick on the table, I sat opposite to Nick and looked at James, he smiled and served me too. Nick was not looking at me, I knew he was embarrassed after everything that happed an hour ago. "Nick! Look at me" I said and he did.
"Don't feel bad about anything lets just forget about that everything" I said and smiled and he responded with a smile too, "your uncle is very bad in making sandwiches" I said making him laugh and comfortable. We were laughing and I saw Sarah coming to the table, she sat next to Nick. Both kids had their breakfast as fast as they could and went to their rooms.
I looked at James and he held my hand "Don't worry, everything will be okay" he said and kissed me. But I didn't responded well as I was feeling dirty after spending a night with Peter so I collected the plates from the table put them in the dishwasher and went to my room to have a bath. I get myself naked and stepped in the shower, after 2 minutes when I was applying soap on my tummy I felt James hugging me from behind.
He was naked to as his cock which felt to be semi hard was brushing against my ass, he snatched the soap from my hands and started applying soap on my body. I had already soaped my breast but I let him do it again, he took his hand down to my pussy and cleaned my pussy.
I had spent just one night with another man but I was feeling that I had been away from my love James to a whole year, I turned and started kissing him….


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