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Swinger's town : its all about s**

Novel By: hotstory4you

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I entered in the living room, I was standing behind the couch and saw three people sitting on one couch. It was like a woman was sitting between my husband and nephew, as I walked across the couch I saw a gift box on the table and when I was standing in front of them I was totally shocked to see that was going on there.
A lady was sitting between my husband and nephew, her left boobs was out of her very low neck top and my husbands was pressing her boob sitting left to her. My nephew was sitting at the right to that lady and his cock which was more thick than my expectation was hanging outside his zipper and that lady was playing and stroking it.
Seeing me, my husband (James) pulled away his hand from that lady's boob but the lady kept playing with my nephew's (Nick) hard cock.
"Why did you stop?" the lady asked James as he pulled away his hand after seeing me, then that lady also realized my presence there. "This is my wife, Rose" James, said and the lady stood up to shake hand with the same hand by which she was stroking my nephew's cock, her boob was still outside her top and it bounced when she stood up. "And this.." James was going to introduce her but all I wanted to know what was going on in my living room so I yelled on all of them, "What's going on and who is this bitch, and you what are you doing with her?" I asked question after questions.
Nick also stood up, he was also frightened to see me and he even forget to zip his pant or hide his cock he was just standing there showing me his huge cock which was getting limb now.
"Hi I am Roxy, my daughter was with your nephew last night and she tell me about this bog boy and his huge thing so I came to just look at it. And wow this is so good, just look at what do you think?" the lady was talking like we were in a sex club or something. "you, just get out of my house" I yelled on her "and you take that thing back inside your pants" I asked nick and he left and went to his room.
That lady was still standing there and we both saw Nick going to his room "I said get out of my house" I again yelled on the lady, she looked at me and pulled her boob inside her top, "you are going to pay for this" she said and left. I closed the door and now it was time to deal with my husband who was just pressing that lady's boobs.
"and you what do you have to say? What was all that" I asked James,
"listen, I love you" he said, "oh yes that's why you were playing with that bitch's boobs" I said.
"No, look I was just sitting here and she came in our house looking for Nick, she is the vice president and wife of the president of the swinger's community. I called Nick and they were sitting here and I was in the kitchen making coffee for us. But when I came back she was playing with Nick's dick. And she pulled out her boob and asked me to press it. I swear I refused and asked her to leave but she threatened me to ruin our life" James explained which seems so true as I can smell the coffee, and I know how much he love me
James sat on the couch, and he was worried about what I have done, and now we both were sure that we were going to leave this town and James should have to leave his job. I sat next to him and there was nothing we can do except one thing.
James suggested me to apologize to Roxy, I thought to just try it.
"children will be hungry let me prepare breakfast for them" I asked and stood up to get into the kitchen but James pulled me to him and locked my lips he kissed me for a whole one minute and then he said "I love you" I replied in "I love you too" and left to make breakfast.
Everything was set on the table and I was waiting for the kids, but I was sure no one was going to have breakfast with us because I saw Nick in such a weird condition and almost yelled on him. And how can Sarah face James and Nick after spending night with a stranger.
I asked James to deal with Nick while I talk to Sarah, I went in to Sarah's room and I stopped right at the door after seeing what I was not expecting to see

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