Swinger's town : its all about s**

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 1, a couple moved in this new town with their nephew and niece but what changes took in their life ,,,,read to know

Swinger's town

My name is Rose, I am 30 year old , 10 years back I got married with James. We were living a good life, after the death of my elder sister my 20 year old niece Sarah and 18 year old Nick also lived with us . due to some reasons related to my husband’s work we had to moved to this town , I never heard of this town but it was beautiful, and small not much crowded. We moved in our new house it was big enough and really beautiful we reached here in the evening, I was so tired after a long journey so I decide to arrange my house next day , james managed the dinner from some near by restaurant and after taking that I arranged some mattresses on the floor in a big room I arranged two mattresses next to each other, and we all fell on them , me and James on one and sarah and nick on other, we were just discussing about about the things about new place and new house, when I felt James caressing my belly with her fingers, I just held his hand and put it away whispering “kids are here”, with a blush that he couldn’t see because of dark but he could felt it in my voice. But he started it again saying “they are sleeping honey”. This time his fingers were much below my belly. A shiver ran in my body my hands were dying to caught his cock but I controlled my self, but he didn’t he was continuously caressing me, now I was out of control, he came over me but I pushed him again on his side and turned my face to him and our lips met, I put my legs on her thighs, and he placed his hands on my back under my top, with in minute his hands moved from my back to my ass under my skirt, he lifted my skirt, he moved his hands between our body I thought he was going to touch my pussy but I didn’t felt his hands on my wet hole, he was taking out his cock. As it touched my pussy I tried to stop him butt before I made any action he pushed his cock half in my pussy grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her, now I wanted to drill me deep, and grabbed his ass more tighter with my thighs getting him more deep, he teased me saying “oh no kids are here I should stop” as he tried to push me back I grabbed his head and waist more and kissed her stop him to speak any more , when he moved his cock first time inside my pussy I felt so good and I wanted to moan but didn’t wanted to feel embarrass, and I kept quite just biting my lips he fucked in same position very slowly and passionately for about 20 minutes, his each stroke was filling a new sensation in my body………

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