SILK n COTTON: something you never thought about

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 1, If you are a woman/girl then you must read it, its hot, its hotter and its hottest.


A new day, I heard the sound of opening of main door, and then sounds of some boots tapping on the floor. After 10 minutes a woman opened a box and took me out of it, while you were examining my price, size and color, an another girl came to you “wow what a beautiful bra” she said praising my beauty. I smiled but you couldn’t see or feel it.

She traced my skin it was pure soft cotton, she checked my hook and then the first woman hanged me on a hook with a hanger. Now I have to be like this until some one chose me and buy me. people started coming in the shop, I was looking at them, they all were beautiful with different breast sizes. I was looking for my perfect one.

A woman in late 30’s came to me, she looked at me like she had never seen a bra, or like my kind of bra. She touched me to check my fabric, my heart was breathing fast after seeing her 38 D size breast, how can I hold her melons in my small cups and how can I wrap my straps around her body. I was afraid of her. She looked at my price tag and then at my size.

She left me like I am dull and I can’t be any more useful, I took a deep breathe and smiled. I was just staring at the breast of other bodies when I saw you, you were with you friend. I looked at your breast and yes you are the one for me, a perfect 36 C size I looked at your friend and she also had a perfect breast but I was made for you only.

You were pretty and hot. I was screaming for you to come and pick me. but you were looking at my rivals. Then I caught your eye and you came to me dragging your friend with you. “oh this is so sexy” your friend said to you and I blushed. you held me in your hand and your fingers traced my cups and the fabric. “its so soft” you whispered like no one could hear you. you stretched my straps “ohhh it hurts” but you can’t hear.

“Harry will go mad after seeing you in this” your friend said to you. I guess she was talking about your boyfriend. You looked more of me and then grabbed me to the counter “pack this one” you said the man who was in her mid 30’s but can’t resist himself looking at me and then at your breast. He packed me in a bag and handed it to you with a large smile like you are allowing him to fuck you. “oops sorry for the bad words about you”

I was in bag I was peeping through it, all I could see was your fingers then your arm, the curve of your breast and then your crystal ear rings and finally your black silky hair. We reached your house and then your room, you took me out of that plastic bag and now I could have some fresh air, but wait its not your hand, oh I was in your friend’s hand she took me out, I said thanks to your friend. I looked at you and you already took off your top.

I saw you in a black string bra, who was looking at me like I was going to beat her. You unclasped your bra and took it off. Your soft breast was in front of me, your boobs were so soft and so perfect. You threw your black bra on the bed. I felt a little bad for her. Then…

To be continued

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