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SILK n COTTON: something you never thought about

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Submitted:Oct 18, 2011    Reads: 1,133    Comments: 12    Likes: 8   

I was very disappointed that you treated me like this, I mean I was your new bra and you were not taking care of me. Anyways right now you had just threw me in this basket with other of your undergarments. There was a lacy blue bra, a red string bikini top, few tops and jeans and around 4 panties. I didn't know exact size as I couldn't see if there was anymore panties under those heavy jeans or not. But all I could see is that your all panties had cum stains and wet spots.

you were really a horny girl, I was glad that I am not buried under those heavy jeans, I was on top of everything in this basket and enjoying the cool air hitting my cups. There was an apartment with a big window just opposite to hers but I couldn't see anyone in that apartment. I was watching people walking in the streets and some guys just looking at the woman who were swinging their ass in this narrow street.

I heard some foot steps outside the room and then the door opened and Kim entered, she was talking on the phone

"yah baby I just reached, oh yes she don't worry about anything. Ok have fun and find a man to bang her ass(laughs)" she said on the phone. I was sure it was you on the other side of phone. Kim was dressed in a halter top and mini skirt, it was 6.45 pm and I didn't knew what she was doing in her room.

I hadn't knew if you guys live together or not, She took off her top again showing me her great boobs and then her skirt. She hung her clothes on the wall and looked around in the room and I had a beautiful view of her curvy ass and pussy. She saw the basket in the corner and smiled. I didn't know if she smiled seeing me or something else.

She came to the basket in which I was and searched for something, she found a black pair of bikini, that bikini top was smiling on her luck that she was going to cup Kim's big boobs and I was feeling so jealous I wanted to feel Kim's breast. That black panty was also smiling as she was also going to touch the most sensitive past of her friend's body. Kim sniffed and looked at them like she was checking the stains and smell. She put down the bikini top in the basket and wore the black panty then she picked the bikini top and wore that too.

"Hmmm not bad" she said looking at herself in the mirror and pressing her boobs in the bikini top. She applied a little lipstick, powdered her nose and comb her hair. She sat on the bed like waiting for someone. Then she hurriedly opened the drawer of a table in the room and breathe feeling relax. She took out two condoms and put them under the pillow.

She went in to kitchen and came out having a glass of water, she had finished half of the water in the glass when she heard a knock on the door. She put down the glass on the table and ran to open the door. A man in early 40's entered in the room, she locked the door after taking him in and walked to the bed. she sat on the bed with her legs hanging to its edge.

"is it her house?" the man asked and she replied "does that matter?"

"No, I was just," he said and she stopped him grabbing his belt buckle and pulling towards her, "then don't waste time" she said. She undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees with his boxers, his semi erect not o big cock sprung in front of her, she smiled which seems so fake and then grabbed his cock. I was thinking where I am I just saw her and she fucking each other then she getting fucked by her BF and now she was holding this unknown man's cock.

she took his cock in her mouth and I saw it growing hard inside her mouth, she kept his cock in her throat more than a minute and when she again took it out it was wet and hard, she stroked it and again took it in her mouth. He started stroking his cock in her mouth and she let him fuck her throat.

She pulled out his cock and undid her bikini top, he grabbed her boobs and pinched on her nipples, she moved and leaned on the bed, she took off her panties raising her butt in air and then spread her legs wide touching an drubbing her pussy. The man also leaned on the bed after getting naked and his head lowered between her legs. She put down her head on a soft pillow and he sucked her pussy for a couple of minutes.

He moved up to her boobs and bit on her nipples, he moved more up to kiss her lips but she moved her head to right letting his head fell on her neck and making him to nibble on her neck, she were enjoying his sucking around her neck and breast, her eyes were closed and the man took his hand down to his cock and then he placed her one leg on his shoulder.

I knew that he was going to nail her cunt but I couldn't tell her to use condom as she couldn't hear and understand my voice. She moaned loud as I saw his waist slowly burying between her legs, "oh fuck, yah. Oh " she was moaning and the man started stroking his cock in her cunt. She had forgotten about condoms and precautions.

He fucked she in the same position for few minutes and she had several orgasms, I knew about her orgasm because she herself screamed loud that she was cumming, He rolled her on her all four and fucked her from behind now I can clearly see his cock moving back and forth in her pussy. The man said that he was going to cum, she pulled out his cock and took him to the floor from bed.

She knelt down in front of him and started stroking his cock, he shot his cum all over her face and on the floor. Now I knew why she got him off from the bed, she didn't want him to spoil the bed sheet with his cum. He sat on the bed and she stood up to clean herself in the washroom. She came out and the man was doing his zipper and then he wore his shirt.

She were standing in front of him still naked, he took out his wallet and paid her a big amount of money. The man left spanking on her butt and she put down the money on the bed and cleaned the cum from the floor with some tissue papers and threw them in the bin.

She sat on bed and counted the money, she put it in a box and put the box in the locker of a cupboard. It was around 9.30 pm and she fell on the bed and fell asleep. She were naked but she had a blanket on her body and I could still see one of her nipple and then her other breast fully exposed as she rolled to this side of bed. I was also thinking why that man paid she money.

That pair of black bikini was on the floor and around 11 pm the door opened and I saw you entering in the room with a man. You just step on the cup of that black bikini top and I laughed seeing that, but wait a minute who was that man ?

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