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SILK n COTTON: something you never thought about

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Submitted:Aug 25, 2011    Reads: 1,084    Comments: 7    Likes: 11   

I saw Kim leaving your room, and you followed her to close the door behind her. John also followed you and as you closed the door John grabbed your hips and pressed them, you turned to him and he pushed you on the door nibbling on your neck. Your hands moved to his head caressing his hair. I can see his hands moving up inside your top and reaching up to your breast. I don't know if his hands were squeezing your breast or pinching your nipples but by hearing your moans I was sure that he is pinching your erect nipples.

He moved down to your breast and I could see his head stuck between your boobs while his hands moved down between your legs and cupping your V over your jeans. you pushed him away with a naughty smile and moved into the kitchen. "you want to drink something" I heard your voice coming inside the kitchen while Kim's bra fell on the floor next to bed as John dropped his strong body on the bed shaking the whole bed. I tried to catch Kim's bra but I couldn't made it. Kim's bra was on the floor while I am on bed looking at your boyfriend John and a huge bulge in his pants. "yah sure, I am really thirsty" John answered you, getting off from bed and moving in to the kitchen.

I could see you pouring some wine in two glasses when John wrapped his hands around your belly sticking his chest on your back. You put down the bottle and turn to him, he took a sip of wine from the bottle and you both shared it kissing each other. you pushed him and hug him disappearing behind the wall, I could hear your giggles and moans then you both again came to my view and I could see you both hugging tightly and your lips were locked. Your hands were exploring each other's head and back. You both came out of kitchen and stood next to the bed.

I could see both of your bodies above your knees. Your hands were undoing his shirt buttons and after undoing all, you grabbed his collar and pulled it down revealing his muscles and abs. you knelt down in front of him brushing your lips against his chest, you kissed his pelvis and undid his jeans. I could see the bulge in his pants, your hands are caressing it over the fabric and soon you got him in his briefs. You pulled down his jeans to his ankles I couldn't see that because I am on bed but I could felt that I also felt him lifting his lags one by one like he was stepping out of his jeans.

I saw you throwing his pants on the bed next to me. I was looking at that jeans and when I again looked at you, you had pulled down his briefs and his quite huge cock was pointing to your face. I saw John stepping out if his briefs and you did the same to his briefs like you did with his jeans you threw it on the bed it had fallen just an inch away from me. but I could see the precum on its fabric. I again looked down the bed to see Kim's bra, she was in the same position as I saw her last time.

I again looked at you and John's cock head was in your mouth, you were really good in sucking, you are sucking it like its your favorite lollypop and this is the last one on the planet. Your hands are cupping and playing with his huge balls, which are shaven. You pulled out his cock head grabbed it in your one hand and licked its shaft from base to tip. You again did the same from tip to base and took his one ball in your mouth. You are sucking and pulling it with your mouth. You played with his both balls while your hand was stroking his cock in slow motion. Your lips again wrapped around his cock and you took it half in your mouth, I am sorry to say but you were looking like a hot bitch, your lips were looking so hot wrapped around that thick hard shaft.

John grabbed your hair and pulled out his cock, he tilted your head up so that your eyes could meet his, and you smiled like a little girl. He made you stood up and kissed your lips. He took off your top and boobs flashed again in front of my eyes, your nipples were erect and by the side view of your body I could tell they were erect about 2cm, your ass was looking so curved in your jeans and your belly is flat and john's cock head is touching and rubbing all over your belly. He threw you on the bed, your head fell on his jeans and briefs, you grabbed them and threw them on the floor. I was praying "don't do the same with me", but as I said that you had turned in a total bitch you didn't think about a minute to grab and threw your new bra. You threw me but thanks to John who fell on you pressing his chest on your boobs right at the time and your hands changed the direction of my path and I fell on1 the night lamp beside the bed.

I am hanging to the lamp but I felt that it would be better if I would fell on the floor as the lamp is on. Its getting hot and my fabric would burn if you would not pick me up soon. I saw John grabbing your wrist and sucking your boobs, you moaned softly and then it turn loud as he bite your nipple and pulled it. He loosed your one wrist and his one hand moved to your pussy.





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