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SILK n COTTON: something you never thought about

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Submitted:Aug 14, 2011    Reads: 1,858    Comments: 9    Likes: 10   

You threw your black bra on the bed, I felt a little bad for her but then I again looked at your firm boobs, they were looking amazing and I just wanted to grab them in my cups. My straps were dying to wrap around your smooth shoulders and back. You looked at your friend and smiled, it was a kind of slutty and I didn't know what was going in your mind, your friend handed myself to you, actually she just threw me.

You took me in your hands and slipped your arms in my straps. You grabbed your boobs and pushed them inside my cups and I welcomed them, I stuck perfectly underlying your boobs and lifting your boobs a lil up in air, although your boobs are hard and didn't need a lift but I made them more hot, forming a cleavage pressing them together.

You took your hands back and tried to hook me around your smooth back, I was concentrating to wrap my straps and hook myself around you when I suddenly felt some one crushing my cups and I got pressed on your boobs and nipples. I looked and find that your friend was hugging you tightly and you responded same. I was crying to let me breathe but you fucking sluts didn't listen to me.

You started kissing your friend, while my cups were crushing on the cups of your friend's bra, which was lying under the thin fabric of a red top. But soon I saw her as you lifted your friends top and took it off, your friend's bra was white lacy string type. You started crushing the pads of your friend's bra and your friend was doing same with me, we knew that you were just fondling each others boobs but indirectly you both were hurting us.

I looked at the black bra comfortably lying on the bed who was laughing on us. You both were getting high and horny your lips were stick to each other like there was some kind of glue on your lips. I saw your tongue playing with each other, your friend slipped my straps off your shoulder and gave me a little space to fell down on the floor, my cups hit the floor and I was waiting for your friend's bra to land safely on the floor.

You took you hands on your friend's back and untied the string on the back side of her neck and pulled it down revealing her boobs, which were a little bigger than yours but not firm like yours. Your friend's bra was hanging between your bodies and you untied the string on your friend's back which let that bra fell next to me.

An hour ago you bought me from a shop then you took me home, allowed me to touch your boobs and your smooth skin, but now I was on the floor trying to save myself to come under your feet. Me and that string bra of your friend's were on the floor watching you two making out, and fondling each others boobs, then I remember about your boy friend, as your friend said at the shop that he would go mad seeing you in my kind of bra. It means you were cheating on your boy friend, you were lesbian, you were a horny girl, and you moan so good which I heard when I saw your friend slipping her hand in your panty. With in an hour I came to know a lot about you.

You were moaning loud and your friend took her another hand back to your ass and pulled down the panty showing your round hips to us. She sat on the floor pulling down your panty and you lifted your legs one by one allowing her to completely took it off. You turned and your ass was in front of me. From the floor I could clearly see your ass hole that was looking so tight. Your friend was behind you on her knees looks like she was sucking your pussy then I saw her tongue flipping between your legs. She moved her one hand to your ass cheeks and then to your ass hole she tried to finger your ass hole, but as I told you that your ass hole was looking so tight so she couldn't be able to penetrate more that few centimeters

I saw her other hand covering your ass cheeks and then with the middle fingers of her both hands she stretched your ass hole and penetrated one finger deep in there. You moaned loud and your hand grabbed her hair and you pushed your pussy on her face saying "oh you bitch.. suck my pussy, oh yes that feels so good" you…….

To be continued. Please comment and like for next one, also check out the new chapter of "swinger's town"



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