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Novel By: hotstory4you

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Submitted:Feb 21, 2012    Reads: 4,938    Comments: 6    Likes: 13   

This is a part of "Kyla Bell" novel so if you want to know the full story and then read that story too


I got dirty that time and my heart asked me to open the door a little and find what these girls were doing so I slowly stepped to the door and opened it making no noise. The first thing I saw made me to drop my jaw. Kate was lying on the bed with her legs hanging by the edge of the bed and Cindy was on the floor sitting between her legs and licking, fingering and rubbing her pussy and clit.

I don't think I need to tell you that both girls were naked and their body was sexy and skin was looking smooth.

I kept looking them until Cindy found out that I was looking at them, I quickly closed the door but after few seconds I heard Kate knocking on the door and calling my name,

"Kyla! Open the door" Kate was saying but I was too embarrass to open the door but I was not going to spend my life just in this kitchen so after 5 minutes I opened the door and I couldn't meet my eyes to Kate and Cindy.

They must be thinking that what kind of pervert I was. "Come" Kate said and held my hand, she took me to the bed and I sat down while they both sat down on the floor near my knees.

"I am sorry, I don't know how but it happened" I apologized but that wasn't enough.

"Its ok I understand how you feel these days, I mean you are alone and you always been a shy girl so you would not like to do that (masturbation) in our presence and all we have is this room" Kate said and I didn't have any words to reply.

"Hey why don't you join us" Cindy asked suddenly and in a way like it wasn't a big deal. "Oh shut up" Kate replied and Cindy looked down.

"Its ok, she was just trying to help" I said speaking in favor of Cindy,

"So what you want to join us?" Kate asked getting up from the floor and sitting next to me. I was feeling so awkward not because what we were talking about but because both girls were still naked and their boobs were hanging in front of my eyes and their pussy was dripping wet. They were not realizing this and just kept speaking.

"I don't know, I mean you know me. I have never done anything like this" I said to Kate,

"Come on it will be fun, the three of us touching each other and then we don't have to feel awkward about anything" Cindy said as she slipped her hands under my dress up to my inner thighs.

Her fingers got magic and I felt myself getting wet and my eyes got closed by her touch.

"Welcome to the group" I heard Kate's voice and felt some one's lips on mine. My eyes were closed so I didn't knew who it was but as could still feel Cindy's hands moving inside my dress on my thighs so I guessed it was Kate who was kissing me.

She kissed me for like a minute and I didn't respond but when I totally get hot and Cindy's finger brushed against my pussy lips. I started kissing back. Kate moved back and I opened my eyes. I was feeling like I was born again no shyness and awkwardness was there now.


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