Secret Life of Julie

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 2,


“Oh come on, every girl feel same and she got a same hole like we have, are you saying she never get wet by seeing handsome guys like Joey” Ashley said looking at Joey and they both shared a kiss.

“May be she feels shy about talking all this” Sammy again talked in favor of Julie.

“Hey I got an idea” Ashley said.

“Idea?” Sammy said, “What idea?” Joey asked.

“Idea to find out the secret life of Julie” Ashley said.

Sammy kept quite and sat down on the floor, taking support of the table. Mark also kept quite as she was enjoying a beautiful view of Sammy’s low neck top and cleavage.

“As you know we all have fun on internet, you know playing on cam so I don’t think Julie is exception. She might be doing something like this” Ashley said.

“So?” Sammy said.

“So all we have to do is get Julie’s messenger ID if she have one then we will send a friend request pretending to be a horny male and we will see what she will do” Ashley explained.

Mark was already started imagining Julie stripping on cam.

“Ashley, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Its her life” Sammy replied.

“Come on Sammy, it would be so much fun. It would be just a prank” Ashley said and looked at the clock. “OMG I am getting late, Joey please give me a ride” Ashley said.

“Why not but you have to ride me too” Joey said,

“Shut up” Ashley said and walked out of the house,

“And hey, You try to get Julie’s messenger ID that we don’t know” Ashley said to Sammy before leaving the house.

Mark followed Ashley’s ass out of the house with lust in his eyes and there 80% chances that Ashley was going to be more late as she would ride Joey’s cock in the car like most of the time.

Sammy turned off the TV and sat thinking what to do. Sammy was bi-sexual so she was thinking naughty about Julie.

She grabbed the keys of her car and headed to Julie’s house.

“ding dong” Sammy rang the door bell,

“Julie. Ashley is here” Julie’s mom opened the door and informed Julie about Sammy.

“Hey” Sammy said as she entered in the living room and found Julie lying on the couch and changing channels on TV.

“Hi” Julie replied,

“How are you feeling now?” Sammy asked, and Julie replied “better”

“Hey my computer is not working and I need to check my mails so can I use your compute.” Sammy came straight to the point.

“yah why not” Julie said and turn off the TV,

Both girls entered in Julie’s bedroom and Sammy logged in to check her mails, “Hey could you please ask your mom to bring a glass of water” Sammy said.

“Let me get that for you” Julie said and this was the time for Sammy to do her work.

She opened the messenger and checked the user name suggested by the system,

There were two usernames, one was a familiar one which Julie used to chat with her friends (Ashley, Joey and other including her) and the other was kind of hot and never heard before.

Sammy wrote down the username and shut down the computer.

“So any new mails, new news?” Julie said handing a glass of juice.

“Nah nothing” Sammy said taking a sip and then said she had to leave.

On the way to her house, Sammy called Ashley and it took a little longer for Ashley to pick up the phone and when she answered the phone, Sammy could feel that Ashley was breathing heavy. Joey and Ashley must be doing sex in the car.

“I got the ID” Sammy said,

“Really, you are a big bitch,…. she got the ID” Ashley said and Sammy heard her telling the same to Joey.

“Great so meet me tonight at 9 at Joey’s house” Ashley said and hung up the phone.

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