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Secret Life of Julie

Novel By: hotstory4you

The story is about an 18 year old girl and her few friends. (Don't read if you are under 18) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 23, 2012    Reads: 4,028    Comments: 5    Likes: 7   

(Don't try anything like told in this story)


Julie was a 18 yr old girl, simple, beautiful and intelligent.

She had just enrolled herself in a college along with a group of her friends and everything was going so well. She was performing good in class and making her name in the college as a bright student.

It was one afternoon when Sammy, Ashley and Joey (friends of Julie) were at Sammy's house watching movies and having fun, unfortunately Julie couldn't join then as she was ill.

"See everybody likes kissing" Sammy said as there was a kissing scene playing on the TV.

"But we boys like something more than kissing" Joey said,

"Shut up you pervert" Sammy said while Ashley went to the kitchen to grab another bottle of cold drink.

"What's your point?" Ashley asked again sitting on the couch between Sammy and Joey.

"My point is that everybody likes kissing and everybody do, but when our parents see us kissing a guy they starts shouting on us, I mean this is not fair.. we are just kissing not making babies" Sammy explained her point making a laugh.

"You are talking about Alex?" Ashley asked looking at Sammy.

"Yah, I mean if my mom wouldn't have caught me kissing him in my room, then right now I would be sitting in a palace ordering my servants instead of watching this shit with you guys" Sammy said.

Alex was the 2nd boyfriend of Sammy, and Alex left Sammy when Sammy's mom caught both of them in the room and she yelled on Alex in bad way, which was quite appropriate at that time.

"Oh come on, admit it you guys were not just kissing" Ashley said nudging Sammy.

There were rumors in the neighbor hood that Alex and Sammy got caught getting physical. Sammy was topless and Alex was naked and was caressing Sammy's breast when they got caught.

"No we… we were just kissing" Sammy replied but the way she replied it was sure that there was more than kissing.

"And even if we were doing more than kissing then what's the problem in it" Sammy said.

"So Alex was doing like this to you" Joey said as he grabbed Ashley's one breast and squeezed it a couple of times,

"Stop it" Ashley said pushing Joey's hand away and concentrating on movie.

"Your mom is just like Julie" Ashley said.

"What do you mean?" Sammy asked as she wasn't sure about what Ashley was talking about.

"I mean like Julie she never talk about sex, and boyfriends. She always pretend like she is so shy and all that shit" Ashley said.

"What do you mean she pretend?" Sammy seemed confused.

"Do you really think Julie is a virgin?" Ashley asked,

"Yah, I mean she seems so" Sammy replied.

Now no one was watching movie and all three of them were talking about Julie.

"I don't think so, I mean she got much bigger boobs than both of us and she is beautiful too. I bet she must had fucked with some one in the school or may be neighbor hood. She just shows that she is shy and all that, even she never talked about masturbation" Ashley said and Sammy was listening to him.

Joey was getting hard on by hearing two girls talking dirty about a third one.

"May be she doesn't do it" Sammy said talking in favor of Julie.


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