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QUEEN OF SLUTS (too hot to read)

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Mandy was in her late 20's around 28, she had black hair and her breast seems much firm than Rose's but she never exposed them much like Rose. Before Queen Rose Mandy was the center of attraction of each man in the town but after the entry of Queen rose, people started talking much about Rose because of all the dirty rumors about Rose that she was a slut and had sex with her servants.
So back in the room Frank and Mike were hiding themselves behind the curtain but they couldn't be able to hide their erection and Mandy saw them and their erections trying to nail the fabric of curtains.
"Lets go" Rose said as she was ready to find who wanted to meet her. Rose went out of the room and Mandy followed her looking once again at the curtain and trying to find who were behind there.
Rose met her visitor, it was a man who came with a message from King Leo, he told Rose that King had to go to meet some one out side the country, and it was going to take a whole month to return for King Leo. Rose felt bad as she just got married and the man whose responsibility was to fuck her was going out of country but then she felt relaxed and happy when the thought of Frank and Mike came to her mind.
While Rose was talking to the man Mandy was staring at Rose and she was trying to find a clue about whatever Rose was doing with those two men behind the curtain. Mandy knew that Rose was getting fucked by them but she just wanted to confirm. Then suddenly her eyes stopped at Rose's neck, Mandy tried to look more clearly and she knew what was there.
It was cum, it was not like white glue but they way it was shining and looked sticky, Mandy was sure that it was cum. After meeting the man and getting the message from the King Leo. Rose started walking back to her room, Mandy started following her but Rose asked her to take a day off as two cocks were waiting for Rose in her bedroom.
Mandy went to her house where her husband was in the bedroom. He was lying on the bed like he was waiting for Mandy. Mandy tried to ignore him and sat at the dressing table making her hair and all womanly stuff. Her husband's name was Andrew, he was 30 year old and owned a shop of Silk garments.
Andrew looked at Mandy and ask her to com to bed, Mandy tried to ignore him like always but Andrew walked to her and grabbed her by shoulders. He was the man with great strength and in one quick motion he tore the dress of Mandy in two pieces one from left and one from right.
Mandy was standing there nude, Andrew took her to the bed and threw her on the bed, "I told you, don't mess with me" Andrew said and took off his clothes showing his huge member proudly. Mandy tried to move back on the bed but Andrew grabbed her legs and pulled her back to the edge of the bed.
He spread her legs and slapped on her thighs, he leaned on Mandy and his cock slipped in Mandy's not so tight pussy. Mandy had stopped struggling now, Andrew was hammering his tool between her thighs and Mandy's body was shaking with the rhythm she was just looking always from his face and just waiting for Andrew to finish it.
Andrew was fucking great, he pulled out his cock and Mandy thought its over she thought to get up and wore a new dress but again Andrew's big monster cock went in her and Mandy screamed in sudden penetration, Andrew laughed and again started fucking, soon Andrew cummed on her tummy and left leaving her lying on the bed.
Mandy got up and cleaned herself, she got dressed and started her daily work.
Mandy didn't love her husband anymore as he just treated him like a doll. He don't make love to her don't play with her body. Every night he just came to bed and pushed his huge cock in her pussy and as soon as he ejaculates he fell asleep. Andrew was not a bad performer sometimes he fuck Mandy so hard that she scream in orgasms after orgasms but she like to make love not just fuck.
But Mandy can't leave him because of the law of that country. And the law was a man can leave his wife but a woman can't leave her husband till he wants to leave him or the woman can arrange another girl or slave for him.
Back in the palace Rose went to her room as soon as she could to resume her fucking sessions with Frank and Rose

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