QUEEN OF SLUTS (too hot to read)

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 3,

Rose grabbed Frank’s cock which was as hard as like Mike it was longer than Mike but not thick. Frank closed his eyes to feel the strokes, “why are you closing your eyes, do you think I am giving you a handjob” Rose asked in an angry tone, “No, I mean I am sorry Queen Rose” Frank apologized.

“You should be because I am not going to give you a handjob” Rose said, “I am going to give you a blowjob” she added and Frank got shocked to hear that, before he could say anything else his cock was half inside the mouth of Rose. Mike was looking at Rose with his eyes wide open, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“what are you waiting for, do you need any more instructions” Rose said pulling out Franks’ cock and holding it in one hand. “No, Queen Rose” Mike responded and came to her. Rose grabbed both cocks in her hands and stroked them at the same time, “oh these are so big and hard” Rose moaned taking Mike’s thick cock in her mouth and fondling Frank’s balls.

“She left their cocks in air and pulled down he gown, slipping the straps from her shoulders, her boobs jumped out, she pulled down his gown more to her pubic bone exposing her belly and held one hand of each man standing either side oh her. She helped both men to grab her boobs and squeeze them, she enjoyed the rough hands on her soft boobs then she leaned on the bed.

Mike was still pressing her boobs sitting on the bed next to Rose while Frank’s hands moved down to he belly and under he gown, “take it off” Rose whispered, and frank didn’t take more than 5 seconds to take her gown off from her sexy body. Rose wasn’t wearing any panties under there and her wet pink pussy was there waiting to suck and fuck.

“Frank wanted to touch the pink pussy of his Queen but he controlled his hand and waited for next order from Rose, “touch me” Rose moaned grabbing Mike’s cock. Frank touched her pussy and inserted his one finger in her pussy, as he touched her clit Rose moaned louder, He signed Mike to sit on her stomach and fuck her boobs, Mike did as she told him, he sat on her stomach placing his hard cock between her boobs.

Rose was so hot now. Her pussy was stimulating by Frank’s rough fingers and she quizzed her boobs grabbing Mike’s hard cock between them. She held Mike’s hand and guided him to press and squeeze her boobs so that she could threw her hands back above her head and enjoy everything.

Mike was holding her breast tightly and stroking his cock between them, Frank had needed no more instruction or orders and he started tongue fucking his Queen’s wet cunt. “Frank give me that” Rose moaned and after a second she felt a round head of cock inserting in her wet hole. Rose raised her breast as Frank’s cock slid inside her in one shot.

Mike was stimulating the nipples of Rose pinching them between his thumb and index finger. Rose was enjoying every moment with two cocks, her moans were making both man the sex animal, Mike was near to shoot his cum and he asked Rose about where to cum, “you keep fucking my boobs” Rose yelled and after a few more strokes Mike had shoot his cum on Rose’s breast, he fell down on the bed. And down there Frank was ready to make Rose scream loud as he hit the end of her pussy so hard and a the same time he rubbed her clit and made her body to shake in orgasm.

Mike was to ready to spread his cum on his queen’s body where ever she needed it. Mike nor asked about where to cum neither Rose tell him about that and he shoot his cum on Rose’s slim belly. Rose was spreading the cum over her body with her fingers when she heard the voice of a servant from outside the room. Rose wiped the cum from her body with the bed sheet and wore her dress, she Mike and Frank hid behind the curtain as they knew that they had done something very wrong.

Rose looked in the mirror, she checked her dress and hair, she asked the servant to come in, It was Mandy who is working in the palace from past 2 years when she was 16,

Mandy told the Queen that some one wanted to meet her, rose asked her to wait while she comb her hair, Mandy was standing near the bed, and Rose was behaving like nothing happened in this room a minute ago. But Mandy saw the fresh drops of cum some at the head of the bed and some one the bottom, Mandy realized the sheets were so messy and it looks like that some one was playing in the bed.

Mandy didn’t take much time to find the impressions of two bodies behind the curtains and two stiff rods were trying to tear the curtain. Frank and Mike was trying to hide the erection but this time the reason of their hard cock was Mandy not Rose.



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