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QUEEN OF SLUTS (too hot to read)

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Next night was the night of celebration as they second most powerful and wealthy king surrendered to Leo and accepted her defeat. All the brave men who had fought for Leo were invited. But there were two men one was Frank who was in his mid 30's and the most experienced worrier, he was the chief of the army. He was tall, dark and his body was like iron, and the 2nd one was Mike who just had turned 20 and joined Frank, Mike had impressed everyone in the country including king by his wonderful skills of fighting and intelligence. But he didn't impressed Frank who had some ego problem about his status and experience he was jealous with this young guy.

Rose was dressed in a red lacy royal dress that was showing her beauty, her breast was wrapped tightly making a deep cleavage, today she didn't tied her hair and a diamond necklace with pearls was enhancing her beauty. This was the first party that Rose was going to attend in this palace and meet the other people of her country. Rose and Leo entered with hand in hand in a big hall, every one in the hall salutes in respect of king and queen. Rose saw all the men starring at her, they were looking so strong and even more stronger than king, they were all in just a piece of leather around their waist to hide what ever they got there and a long sword hanging with around their legs or back.

Leo said a few word to his people and guests after that he asked every one to enjoy the party, Rose saw through the corner of her eyes every men starring and talking , she knew that they must be talking about her soft tight pussy. Before the marriage there were many rumors about Rose, that she had affairs with some men including her servants and bodyguards. So these men might be thinking that they could get a chance to be in bed with this beauty. Leo introduced Rose to his fellow kings, friends and other important persons then Rose asked about frank and mike.

Leo felt a little odd as Queens or any other woman were not allowed to talk like this in open but he really love Rose so he introduced her to Frank and Mike. Rose wished them good luck for coming battle and left them with their drinks, she moved to meet others everything was going well but suddenly Frank and Mike were fighting , they were behaving like dogs, Leo got very angry he asked them to stop but Rose wanted to see their fight but what could she do at that time in front of her king.

After the party Leo had to go to meet some people out of the town so he left with Frank. Rose went to her bedroom and thought about these two worriers who must be fighting for her she asked her servants to call mike. After 20 minutes Mike was standing in front of her Rose examined his body moving around him then she grabbed a sword and asked Mike to have a little practice with her. Mike couldn't refuse any order of the King or Queen, so he moved his sword and Rose defended it. She was pretty good with swords Mike smiled seeing this beauty's skills after that Rose asked him to leave.

Rose sat in her bed and thought about Mike fucking her in her own bed really hard, Leo was not bad to satisfy a woman but what Rose needs was something different, she wanted a hard cock getting deep in her ass, in her mouth, in her pussy. She wanted it really hard and rough, she wanted to be treated like a slave besides she was the queen of this country. She laid on the bed with her legs hanging to the bed, she raised on leg and put it on the bed and pulled up her gown revealing her dripping wet pussy.

Her hands moved to her love hole and she caressed her clit, she bit her lips in pleasure, suddenly a slave asked to enter in the room. Rose managed her dress and sat on the bed giving her permission to enter and asking the reason to come, slave told Rose that there was a message from King Leo that he had some urgent work and he couldn't made to come back to the town for about a week. Rose asked the slave to leave and she again fell on the bed thinking about how could she spend her nights without having sex.

Rose stood up and walked to the window for some fresh air, she saw Frank, she called him right through the window, "hey you Frank right?" she never forget his name but she tried to be a little formal, "yes Queen Rose" he said coming towards her window. "I thought you had gone with King?" Rose said a little confuse, "Oh yes madam, but King asked me to stay in the palace to keep an eye on enemy just in case" Frank relied with his eyes down to earth. "hmmm" rose listened him and asked "do you know where Mike is?" Frank felt to jealous as Queen was asking for that guy who just joined the king. "Yes madam, he is practicing" Frank replied and looked at Rose who was bending over the window and her boobs were almost falling out of her low neck black lacy dress. Frank got shocked to see such a hot view, he stared at Rose's boobs and he finds that her Areolas were a little visible and her nipples were nailing her dress. Frank got a hard on that he never had, he felt his small piece of sloth getting tight around his waist and he said "I will tell Mike that you are looking for him". Frank turned hiding his erection and starts walking casually, "that's good, and I want to see you both in my room in 10 minutes" rose said a little loud, "our pleasure madam" Frank said over his shoulder without turning to her.

Rose fell on her huge bed, she had something in her mind. She went out of her room and asked all the servants to leave, after 15 minutes Mike and Frank entered in her room with her permission, both men were sweating badly Mike was sweating because of Practice and Frank was sweating because of what he saw a few minutes ago. Frank's cock was already hard and mike's too after seeing the beauty in her bedroom in black dress. Her complexion was contrast to her dress, she was milky white and the green veins of her massive boobs were making her hot like hell. Once both men thought to just fuck this beauty in absence of King but they couldn't made it because they know if they even touch the queen then the king will kill them on the spot.

"king told me that you got skills of fight, I love watching two brave soldiers fighting, I wanna see you guys fighting" she ordered being a queen and both men obeyed and pulled out their swords , "no sword only hands" rose said and sat on her cozy bed. Both men put down their swords and started fighting they were fighting like there reward would be Queens hole to fuck hard. After 30 minutes of fight they both were sweating like they had a shower their body was wet but they were still fighting to made her queen happy and show their skills. Rose was getting wet under her dress, her cum was dripping from her pussy and running down to her knees through following her inner thighs. She really wanted Mike and Frank to get laid with her. she had never been slept with two men at a time. And she never thought about getting fucked by such strong and skillful men.

Rose always heard that a man who is good with swords in battle was also good with his cock in bedroom and after watching these two men fighting she imagined how good they would be with their hard cocks. Rose was already imagining her self on her knees and hands on her bed sucking Mike's cock and taking franks hard cock on her pussy. Now it was time to do something, she asked both men to stop. "now I want to see some hot fight" rose ordered and both men stood quite thinking what's a hot fight, Rose asked Frank and Mike to put down their steel Sword and fight with their meat swords. Both men are still confused they put down their steel sword and looked at Rose. Rose pointed to their hard bulge and smiled, both men didn't know what to do, "fight with your hard cocks" Rose yelled on them and they both took off their small piece of leather cloth and grabbed their hard cock.

Rose smiled to see such hard cocks they were huge, thick and shaved. "start" rose ordered and both men started fighting with their cocks, that was really disgusting for both of them but rose was enjoying this. She loosed her hair and asked Mike to come to her, Mike was standing a feet away from Rose with his hard cock swinging in air, Rose looked at the thick shaft and she spit in her right hands and rubbed her saliva over Mike's cock making it slippery and shiny. She ordered him again to fight with Frank, Mike felt like he would cum in Queen's hand but he made to control it while Frank again felt jealous from mike Getting a few seconds handjob from The queen. Mike and frank had just started to fight with their cock in their hands when Rose called Frank. Frank smiled thinking that now its his turn to feel the softness of Queen's hands around his big cock. he stood next to Queen looking at her breast and cleavage he looked inside her dress and got more hard to see her hard nipples rubbing against the silky fabric of the dress.

Rose grabbed Frank's cock and…





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