My First Time : Amy

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 3,


He took off his jeans and jumped into the bed. He made me separate my legs a little and he settled in there between my legs.

Now I felt his cock which was like a piece of wood. He started kissing me and then pressing my boobs. He rolled on his back with me taking on him. He undid my bra and pulled it away. My bare breast came in touch with his broad chest.

And I felt my nipples getting hard and nailing his chest. I started sweating a little and I was so nervous about what to do next, “should I move down and take off his underwear and grab his cock? Or should I just let him do what he wants?” I thought and before I could do anything he again rolled over me.

He started moving down with his both hands cupping my boobs and pressing them a little and making me moan. As he was getting down my breathing was getting faster.

His grabbed my panties and slowly pulled them down and I squeezed my legs hiding what I got between my legs. He pushed my both legs apart looking at my pussy. He looked at me but I couldn’t face him and closed my eyes.

I felt something touching my pussy, I thought its his fingers but when I felt that amazing movement I came to know that he was sucking my pussy and that made me throw my head back.

I was getting so wet and I really wanted to have him and fuck me but I was not going to loose my mind and I just kept breathing and holding my emotions.

He stood up asked me to take off his underwear, I nodded in no and I felt so shy.

“Hey Please” he requested and I moved to the edge of the bed and slowly pulled down his underwear, I kept looking at his 6 inches cock. He was so hard and I kept staring at that until he held my hands and made me touch it and grab it.

“Stroke it” he said and I did a little, he moaned and smiled looking at me.

He again leaned on me and this time the feeling of his cock rubbing against my bare pussy was amazing. We kept rolling ob each other and feeling each other.

Then he started aiming his cock on my pussy and he stick his cock between my folds.

“No, No .. not that” I said,

“I love you Amy, lets do it. You will enjoy it” He said

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