Meet the dirty women

By: hotstory4you

Chapter 4,

Ginny started the story again………

“So he was licking and biting on my nipples and I was getting so wet under my skirt. And the next thing I did was very wrong”

“What did you do?” Eva asked.

“I grabbed his cock over this shorts and rubbed it” Ginny replied.

“You are a bitch and you should have to be sentenced to death” Eva said but she wasn’t serious about her words.

“Hey stop interrupting, you continue Ginny” Kandy said.

“So I was rubbing his cock and he was licking my nipples then I slipped my hands in his shorts and grabbed his cock”

“How big was he?” Kandy asked,

“He must be so hard?” Eva said.

“He was between 4-5 inches and very hard (laughs)” Ginny said.

“Once a 17 year old invited me in his house and he was also between 4-5, we had so much fun and he paid me more than enough” Kandy said in excitement.

“I never understood why woman like tiny cocks, when I was teen girl I have always fantasize about those big monsters but now I feel more attracted to small ones” Eva said and she was serious.

“may be because we can easily deepthroat them” Ginny said and all laughed loud.

“Ok stop, Ginny please continue” Kandy said and her hands went under her skirt and she lifted her skirt exposing her pussy both other woman,

“What are you doing?” Eva said staring at Kandy’s pussy then looking at her face.

“Fingering, I feeling so horny, would you like to help me?” Kandy replied and Eva looked away saying “shut up.”

“So gals” Ginny said. “I grabbed his cock and he looked at me in a shock, he stopped licking my breast and just kept looking straight in my eyes. While I was constantly rubbing his cock in his shorts”

“Don’t stop Ginny, keep telling oh yes” Kandy said as she was fingering.

“Oh yes oh yes, then I rubbed his cock so hard and I saw him closing his eyes and breathing fast. Finger yourself baby yes yes (laughs)” Ginny said and she was making the whole scene more hot moaning a little.

“Oh god I can’t believe, I am here with you bitches” Eva said,

“Oh yah, then who is exposing their breast (laughs)” Kandy commented on Eva and kept fingering.

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