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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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I was also attracted to Brian, but never thought about doing anything with him. I won't feel ashamed telling that, sometimes I had let my bathroom window open on purpose, so that he can watch me. I had never missed watching him masturbate looking at me taking a bath. But we both pretended like we didn't know that, we were watching each other; at least I pretended so.

Before I could say anything, Ashley grabbed my hand and took me to my bathroom. We weren't standing in the middle of the bathroom, where Brian could see us. Ashley left me standing in the bathroom and went back my bedroom. After few seconds she came back.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I was making sure that, the door is locked," Ashley said, and I kept quite.

"Come on let's see him," Ashley said.

"You go, you can have fun with him, but I would feel really awkward facing him after doing anything dirty," I replied.

"As you wish," Ashley said, and she went to the bathtub where she could see Brian in his bathroom.

She went closer to the window, and started moving his hands like she was saying something in sign language.

"What are you doing?" I asked standing near my bathroom door, hiding from Brian's view.

"I'm asking him to take off his underwear," Ashley replied.

"What are you crazy? He is watching you and you are asking him to do so?" I asked.

"Yes! And, I'm going to return the favor," Ashley said, as she took off her top revealing her perfect boobs packed in her sexy red bra to my young neighbor, Brian.

"You are crazy," I said, but I got curious about Brian.

"Did he take off his underwear?" I asked.

"Honey, do you think he would miss this opportunity?" Ashley replied.

I kept quite, and watched Ashley giving really naughty and seductive smile to Brian. She then slowly unhooked her bra, and took it off. I was getting more curious about Brian, about what he would be doing right then.

"Such a cute young guy, with a nice hard cock," Ashley said as she squeezed her one boob.

"Wish I could suck his cock right now, Amy," Ashley was telling me her dirty desires.

"Come on Amy, just look at him stroking his cock for me," Ashley said, and my instant reply was, "No."

Ashley undid her jeans, and she slipped her hands in there. She was touching her pussy, she was biting her lips, and she seemed really horny. I was getting horny too. I haven't looked at Brian, I was curious about what he would be doing right now, but watching Ashley made me feel really hot.

"Looks like he is going to cum, oh yes," Ashley said with excitement.

"Oh fuck yes… cum for me baby," Ashley moaned with her hand still inside her jeans, and she was touching herself.

I got really horny. I wanted to see Brian cumming all over his hands, I couldn't control myself, and I went near Ashley.

"Did he cum?" I said standing next to Ashley, but when I looked outside my window at Brian's bathroom. I didn't see anybody there.

Ashley started laughing really loud, she sat down at the edge of my bathtub; still laughing.

"You little horny woman, I knew you would never change, but still I was just checking," Ashley said.

"What? You were just acting since we got in the bathroom?" I asked, as I was really shocked.

"You saw Brian coming into his bathroom, right?" Ashley asked.

"Yes, we both saw," I replied.

"Well, he did come to his bathroom," Ashley said, "But when we came into our bathroom, and I came in front of the window to see him while you were hiding there, he left."

"That's why I went back to the bedroom to see where he went, and I saw him leaving his bedroom," Ashley explained me everything.

"But I thought to see how long can you control yourself pretending to be a good housewife? And you lost it darling," Ashley told me her intentions.

"You just pretend to be a good one man woman, but inside you still get curious sometimes," Ashley replied.

"You bitch," I shouted and tried to grab her, but she ran away back to the bedroom.

"Come here you bitch," I said running behind her all over my bedroom.

And as I grabbed her, we both fell in my bed. We both were breathing fast, her face was so close to mine, and she was looking straight in my eyes. Her hand was on my back, and mine was around her body.

"I'm glad to see my old Amy," She whispered. I could sense a little bit naughtiness in her voice.

She came a little closer to me, and before I could even avoid, her lips were on mine. She kissed me, and I couldn't do anything else but just to kiss her back. We kissed more, and more, and more. We kept kissing till she moved her hand down to my waist.

"I missed you Ashley, I missed eating your pussy, I missed your fingers in my pussy, I missed you spanking my ass," I confessed my feeling for her.

"I missed you too. Work is just an excuse, but I have come to see you only," Ashley told me the real reason of coming.

"I wish you, Eric and I could be together," I said something which I guessed I shouldn't have said.





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