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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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"I mean he spies on me, come I show you," I said getting up.

Ashley followed me to my bedroom. I walked to a window in my bedroom, "See that window, that's Brian's bedroom," I said pointing at a window. There was 12-14 feet gap between Brian's window and mine.

"And… come here," I said as I went to my attached bathroom in the bedroom.

"See that window that's Brian's bathroom," I said, and came back to the bedroom.

"You mean Brian spies on you when you take shower or you know when you are in your bedroom…?" Ashley asked.

"He moved here a year ago, and after few weeks of him moving here, one day I caught him watching me in my bathroom. I was taking off my clothes then..." I replied.

"That's naughty, did he watched you getting undressed?" Ashley was getting curious about naughty things happening in my life.

"That day…? No, I think he got scared when I caught him. But I think that wasn't the first time he was watching me," I said.

"This is hot, a young guys watching you undress and doing more things…" Ashley said.

"Do you think he has ever watched you masturbating or having sex?"Ashley wanted to know more dirty details.

"Umm… I think he has," I replied, and I was sure about that.

"Did that turn you on?" Ashley asked.

"Umm… I don't know," I said feeling a little shy. After getting married I had always felt a little uncomfortable talking about these things.

"Come on, did you get horny thinking that he is watching you?" Ashley asked.

"Yes… but," I said.

"Did you ever watch him? Have you seen his cock?" Ashley had so many dirty questions for me.

"Ashley!" I said like I didn't want to answer those questions, but I was also getting interesting in this talk.

"Come on tell me, he is so cute and hot," Ashley said.

"Yes a couple of times through the bathroom window," I replied making my dirty confessions.

"You dirty woman," Ashley teased me.

"Stop it Ashley, he was taking shower and then he started stroking his cock, and I couldn't resist," I said.

"Wow I have always loved watching a man masturbating in shower, stroking his hard cock… you know once I spent a night with this young man, and in the morning when he was taking shower. I asked him to masturbate for me in the shower. It was so hot that we had sex after that," Ashley revealed one more dirty secret of her.

"So did he cum?" Ashley asked.

"What?" I was had forgotten what we were talking, I was lost in imagining how Ashley would have fucked with that guy, had she record that too?

"Brian, did you watch him cum in the shower? And was he watching you and doing this for you?" Ashley had so many questions.

"I don't know but I guess he was doing it knowingly that I was watching him, and he did cum while masturbating in the shower," I told her everything.

"Wow! This is so hot, you are having adventure even after marriage," Ashley said teasing me.

"No… adventure would be like if I let him watch me, do things for him and he do things for me," I said being naughty and jokingly.

"Not a bad idea," Ashley said and we laughed.

"So I guess you like him watching you otherwise you would have blocked this window or complain about him to his parents," Ashley said making me reveal my inner desires.

"Not really but… I think yes sometimes," I wasn't ashamed of confessing it to my best friend.

"Hey! I fixed the shower," Eric said entering in the bedroom.

"Thanks honey," I said

"Thank you Eric, and sorry about this morning," Ashley said.

"That's ok, we were too lazy to lock the door," Eric said making the situation funny not awkward.

We laughed, and saw Eric grabbing his laptop from the table.

"Was he inside you?" Ashley asked.

"I'm going to finish some work before we go out for lunch, Honey please, take care of my packing if I had forgotten anything," Eric said, and he left the room.

"What were you saying?" I asked Ashley, as paying attention to Eric I didn't really hear her.

"Eric… was he inside you when I came in your bedroom this morning?" Ashley was getting really naughty, and it wasn't a new thing. We had always used to share thing like this and even more dirty one. I will tell you about an experience of Ashley with his perverted uncle later in this story.

"Yes he was fucking me really good and hard, and then you came in and spoiled it all," I said laughing loud, and feeling pity for my sweet husband.

"Hey see Brian," Ashley said and I looked out of my window.

Brian had grabbed his towel and was going to the bathroom. He didn't look at our bedroom, or did he? I was not sure.

"Is he going to his bathroom?" Ashley asked.

"I don't know but seems so," I replied.

"Come on let's see him," Ashley said.

"No way…" I replied instantly.

"Come on, it will be fun… I want to see him naked and do things. And Eric is not going to come, he is working in the living room," Ashley said.

I thought about what to do….?

[to be continued... please comment and like to read more]






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