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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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Next morning, I woke up, and found my husband kissing my boobs. He was softly moving his hands on my body. As I moved a little, his hard cock touched my thighs.

"Good morning," I said watching him sucking on my tits.

"Good morning my love," he replied looking at me, and then came over to my face to kiss me.

"Why so naughty today?" I asked giving him a naughty sweet smile.

"Because my lovely wife is looking so beautiful this morning," he replied, and kissed again.

I wrapped my hands around him. We both liked having morning sex, sometimes I woke up with his cock in my pussy.

Eric's hard cock touching my body was telling me that, he wanted to fuck me one more time before leaving for two days. He came over me, and he was trying to get his cock inside my pussy.

"Hey, I have to get up, and make breakfast for Johnson, or he will get late for school," I said even though I wanted to get fucked that morning.

"Hmmm…" I moaned as his cock head touched the opening of my pussy. He could have just pushed it all in, and make me forget about breakfast, but he was teasing me.

"Johnson can take a day off from school, and we will go out for lunch," Eric said, and kissed around my neck.

"No, you are going to get up, take a shower, and I'm going to make breakfast," I said, "Then we are going to do your packing," I added.

"Oh you think you can make me do that?" saying that Eric pushed his cock in my pussy, and I could reply, but just moan in pleasure.

"Ah…" I moaned, and my legs wrapped around his ass.

He had just started to fuck me when the door of my room opened, and Ashley came in calling my name.

"Amy, the shower in my bathroom…" Ashley came in talking.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry…" Ashley said, and quickly left closing the door.

Eric got off of me. He seemed a little disappointed with his hard cock, which was getting soft now in my pussy with this distraction. He pulled out his cock, and I looked at him.

"I'm sorry," I said on behalf of my best friend.

"Its okay… go, and see what she needs," Eric said being the best husband in the world.

I quickly put on a gown, and nothing underneath. I went out of my bedroom, but didn't find Ashley out there. I went to the living room, and after hearing some sound, I went to the kitchen.

"Hey," I said, as I saw Ashley looking for something in the kitchen. She was wearing her pajamas and top.

"Hey, I'm really sorry… I don't know why I didn't knock, I should have knocked on the door," Ashley apologized.

"It's okay," I replied.

"Eric must be thinking what kind of a woman I'm," Ashley said getting sad.

"No, he knows what a beautiful person you are," I replied.

"Actually Eric is going to be out of city for two days because of some work, he is leaving today afternoon, so…" I told everything to Ashley.

"Oh ok, and I messed it up," she said.

"Actually the shower in my bathroom wasn't working, and I thought I can use yours without waking you up, but I spoiled everything," Ashley said.

"Sorry I forgot to tell about the shower, I will tell Eric to fix it today. You are looking for something?" I asked.

"Thanks, oh yes… I was looking for coffee," Ashley told me.

"It's there," I said pointed to a cabinet.

"You go and take a shower while I make coffee," I said.

"No, I'm making coffee and… you go and take care of Eric," she said, and winked.

After insisting a lot, she finally left, and I started making coffee for all of us.

After a minute of Ashley leaving the kitchen something hit my mind, so leaving the coffee jar on the table I went to my bedroom. I didn't enter the room when I heard the voice of Ashley coming from inside my bedroom.

I looked through the keyhole. Ashley was sitting on the bed while my husband was still lying covering himself with the blanket.

"I'm really sorry Eric," I heard Ashley apologizing to Eric.

They talked a little more, and then Ashley went in to the attached bathroom of my bedroom to use the shower. Nothing weird happened. Everything was alright till I saw my husband moving, and grabbing something.

My husband was holding a towel, and a white bra along with matching panties. Ashley had forgotten everything on the bed. I thought Eric was going to give everything to Ashley, and he even did give them to Ashley, but before that he kind of examined her bra and panties. Was he fantasizing about jerking off on those panties or bra? I asked the question to myself.


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