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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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I was done cleaning the dishes, but Ashley and I stood there talking more and more.

"Are you women going to spend the night in kitchen?" Eric said and laughed.

Ashley and I looked at Eric then looked at each other, and we laughed. I know Eric was feeling horny, and wanted to fuck me. Even though tonight he might be feeling horny because of Ashley, but he was going to fuck me.

"I'm coming," I said, and watched Eric leaving for the bedroom.

"It's quite late," I said to Ashley.

"Yah, we will talk tomorrow," Ashley said, "Amy, I'm so happy to be here with you again," she told me.

"I'm also very happy to see you," I replied, and gave her a nice hug.

We both left the kitchen, and went to our rooms. I checked on my son, he wasn't playing game, but sleeping. I kissed on his forehead, and went to my bedroom.

Eric was in the bed with his laptop, but seeing me coming into the bedroom he closed his laptop. I went near the bed, and took off my clothes leaving my bra and panties on. I lied down next to him, and wrapped my hands around his bare chest.

"What happened?" I asked, as Eric seemed a bit lost. He didn't look at me, kissed me, and didn't say anything naughty to excite me before fucking me.

"Nothing serious, I just have to go out of city for two day to meet a client," he said, and seemed sad. He wasn't sad because Ashley was in the house, and he couldn't be with her for a day, but he was disappointed because he couldn't be with me. Eric loved me a lot, and I never had any doubts about it. He always got sad whenever he had to leave me for a day or two because of business.

"When do you have to leave?" I asked hugging me more tightly.

"Tomorrow afternoon," he told me.

"It's okay, after all work is work," I said.

"Yah, but I hate it when husbands have to leave their beautiful wives for some stupid work," Eric said, and I laughed.

"Come here," I said taking him over me, and kissed him.

Soon he moved down to kiss on my neck making me feel really good. He went down, and stopped. He looked at me, and then took off my panties. He started eating my pussy while I was enjoying his tongue trying to get inside my wet pussy. With one hand I was squeezing my boobs through the bra.

Eric was a really good in eating pussy, he knew how to lick and tease. His hands were feeling my thighs and stomach. I was enjoying everything he was doing.

"Wait, wait…" I said.

"What happened?" Eric asked with a little of my pussy juices on his lips.

"If you will keep licking me like that, I will cum soon," I said and pulled him up to kiss me.

"You don't want to cum?" Eric asked.

"I want to cum with you," I replied and rolled over him.

It was my turn to please him, kissing on his chest I went down on him. I took off his underwear, and his big erect cock was there waiting for me to suck it. I looked at Eric, and then had his cock in my mouth. Like all the time, I sucked him really nice.

I didn't know if he was fantasizing Ashley sucking his cock or not, but even if he was fantasizing then I had no problem with that.

"Fuck me Eric," I said, as I stopped sucking him, and lied down on my back next to him.

Eric came over me, and I felt his cock touching my pussy. He pushed his cock inside me, with my legs around his ass I took him deep in my pussy. He held my one hand and started fucking me. I had started moaning, and was getting louder.

"Hey, keep it down, what if Ashley will hear your moans," Eric said slowing down.

"I don't care, let her know what an amazing husband I have," I said, and kissed him.

Eric smiled, and he was again fucking me harder and faster. I do get loud sometimes when I'm really excited. Once my neighbor also told me that they hear me sometimes, it was a bit awkward, but I didn't care about that.

Eric was fucking me nice, and then he asked me to get on my hands and knees. He came behind me, grabbed my ass, and then fucked me hard in doggy style. It was his one of favorite positions, and mine too.

"Fuck yes," I screamed as he made me cum.

I grabbed on to the pillows really tight as I had my orgasm, but Eric was still fucking me.

"I'm going to cum," Eric told me pulling out his cock.

I lied down on my back again, and he came near my face. He gave his cock in my mouth. While I sucked his cock a little more, he cum in my mouth. He squeezed his cock giving me all of his cum, and then pulled it out.

I swallowed his cum. He was sitting next me, and watched me swallowing his cum.

"I love you," He said, and we kissed.

With his hands around my boobs Eric fell asleep, but I was still awake.

Since Ashley had came to our house, there were so many things going on in my mind. With all those thoughts I also fell asleep. Next morning I woke up feeling Eric's hand touching my pussy, and he was sucking on my boobs.


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