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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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We kept kissing in the ladies room till we heard someone coming in. We came back to our table, and there was a naughty smile on Ashley and my face. After the lunch, we spent the day in shopping and showing Ashley some beautiful places of our city.

By the evening we got really tired, so I told Eric that I wasn't going to cook dinner, and we had dinner in a small but very beautiful restaurant. My son was already feeling sleepy, so we came back home. My son had fallen asleep in the car, we didn't wake him up, and Eric took him to his bedroom.

Ashley and I were so tired, so I thought some coffee would be better before going to bed. Eric came back after putting our son into the bed, and Amber and I went to the kitchen. I made some coffee for three of us, and we all sat down in the living room.

"Thank you so much for this beautiful day guys," Ashley said.

"We had so much fun," Eric said.

I didn't know what fun he was talking about, was he talking about the view he got under the table between Ashley's legs?

"And thanks for coffee, Amy, we really needed it," Ashley said.

"Yah, Okay I'm going to bed, you guys stay if you want to," I said getting up.

"No, I'm feeling sleepy too," Ashley also got up.

I was hoping they both would stay and talk a little more, but I guessed Ashley had forgotten about our plan of seducing my husband, or may be she was really tired.

"Good night," I said, and we to our rooms.

Eric followed my ass to our bedroom, and as soon as we got into our bedroom, Eric hugged me from behind. His one hand was around my stomach, and other hand was on my boobs. He had started kissing me all over my neck.

"You really tired?" Eric asked squeezed my boobs.

"Not that much," I said, as I turned to face him, and my hand reached to grab his crotch.

We started kissing, and Eric dragged me to our bed. He pushed me on the bed, and I lay on my back. I watched him quickly taking off his shirt and pants. I got up, and took off my dress.

"Help me get naked, my lovely husband," I said with a naughty smile.

Eric helped me take off my dress. I could already see his hard cock poking through his underwear. He took off my panties making me totally naked, and I teased him by touching his abs with my feet, and then managed to pull down his underwear with my feet. I touched his cock, I played with his cock by my feet, but he was really horny and not in the mood to get teased.

"No more teasing my little slut," he said, and came over me.

Eric pinned me down on the bed, and made me moan by touching my wet pussy. He didn't waste a single second, and I felt his cock going inside my pussy.

"Oh Eric, fuck me honey," I moaned.

Eric held my hands tightly, and he fucked me really hard in that position. I had cum twice, but I wanted him to keep fucking me. He was kissing me, squeezing my boobs, and calling me his little slut. I wasn't tired anymore. I was just getting hornier.

Eric pulled out his cock, and while he was stroking his cock, I got into doggy position.

"Fuck me hard, just like a cheap whore," I was talking dirty because I was really horny.

Eric grabbed my ass, and then spanked me hard. He spanked me so hard that I screamed really loud. I'm sure if Ashley was still awake, he surely would have heard me.

"Fuck me, Eric, fuck me hard," I was begging.

Eric got his hard cock in my pussy again, and then grabbing my hair, and spanking my ass more, he fucked me hard. I was also moving my ass back and forth on his cock. I had cum again, and now I was waiting for Eric to cum all over my ass.

"Oh fuck, Honey, I'm going to cum," he groaned.

"Cum on my ass," I said.

Eric pulled out his cock, and after a couple of seconds, I felt his cum all over my ass and back. He rubbed his cock on my ass, and crack.

"You are a good slut," he said patting on my ass.

"I know," I replied, as I looked at him.

I lay down on my stomach, and Eric went to clean himself. I also got up and went to the bathroom to clean the cum from my ass. We came back to our bed, and fell asleep totally naked. I was feeling really good after a hard fuck and nice orgasm.

Next morning I woke up a little early. The sun had just come up, and my husband was looking so beautiful and hot in that sunlight coming into our bedroom through the window. I kissed him on his lips, but he didn't wake up. I thought to make his morning beautiful.

I pulled off the blanket from him, and saw his soft beautiful cock. I grabbed his cock, felt it in my hand, and then took it in my mouth. My husband loved early morning sex, and I was making his morning hot.

"Are you gonna wish me good morning with my cock in your mouth?" I heard Eric's voice.

I looked at him, and he was awake. I pulled out his cock, which had started to get hard.

"Good morning, I thought to make your morning a little more beautiful," I said, and moved up to kiss him.

"That's why I love you so much, you know how to make me happy," Eric said, while I was stroking his cock.

"Just close your eyes, and let me please you," I said, and I again came down on his cock.

I took his cock in my mouth again. It had become totally hard, and I was trying to take as much of it in my mouth. Eric was enjoying his morning blowjob, his eyes were closed, and he was moaning.

I was sucking his cock, and suddenly I saw Ashley at the door. The door wasn't fully opened, and Ashley was spying on me. She didn't run away, when I caught her spying on me. With Eric's big cock in my mouth, I winked at Ashley. She opened the door a little more, quietly, to get a more clear and better view.

"You like it honey?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Eric moaned.

Ashley didn't make any noise and watched me sucking my husband's cock, quietly.

To be continued....



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