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Me, My Husband and my Friend

Novel By: hotstory4you

ONLY FOR ADULTS - One month of my sex life, where things got really naughty, hot and dirty between me, my husband and my friend. Also there was someone else too who enjoyed a little bit of us View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 1, 2013    Reads: 6,590    Comments: 5    Likes: 19   

My name is Amy. I'm twenty-nine year old average looking married woman. I'm having a beautiful life with my husband Eric, son Johnson and my friend Brenda. My husband is thirty year old and works as a manager in a company. He is a good looking man and a little shy in talking to other women. My friend Ashley is twenty-seven year old and she is a photographer. I'm just a housewife and my neighbor boy watches me take shower, I let him watch me unless my husband is not with me in the shower.

I met Eric in college and after fucking dating three guys and fucking four guys I finally fell in love with Eric who was always interested in me but never talked to me much about his feelings. And when one day he finally confessed his feelings I said "Yes."

It's been eight years of my marriage and we are happy. He takes care of me emotionally and sexually. Eric is shy, but not me. I taught him how to fuck a woman in different positions, I showed him that some women just love to swallow every drop of that delicious cum, I taught him how to take control of a woman and spank a nice ass.

One day I received a call from my friend Ashley telling me that she was coming to my city for some work and we both knew that she was going to stay with me in my house. Ashley was an old and good friend of mine and Eric also liked her as my friend so there couldn't be any problem if Ashley was going to stay with us.

Ashley was a photographer but she could be a model too, she was tall, had a nice hot body with blonde hair and she was really open minded with anything. She was still single just fucking around with models both male and female. Yes, Ashley was a bisexual just like me.

I should say I was bisexual because after the marriage I didn't have any sexual encounter with a girl. It was just me and my husband. Ashley and I had some really good experience, and we had even shared a guy once but that was all before the marriage.

I knew Eric liked Ashley and may be he had thought about having sex with her because when ever Ashley had came to meet us, I noticed Eric checking out Ashley secretly. And once I found some pictures in his cell phone where he had focused more on Ashley than me.

Fantasizing someone is not cheating, is it? I don't know but I knew Eric loved me so it was all good, nothing to worry about.

It was Sunday Afternoon when Ashley arrived at house. We had planned a nice welcome for her, I made delicious food and Eric had postponed a meeting.

"Hey love!" Ashley hugged me as I opened the door for her and then she hugged Eric. Eric must have felt good because Ashley was not wearing a bra. She went on her knees and hugged my son and kissed him on his cheeks telling him how many toys she had brought for him.

We sat down in the living room and my son got busy in opening gifts which Ashley had brought for him.

"So looking for new models again?" I asked taking a sip of coffee.

"No, I got a contract with a magazine company to shoot for them. And I thought I can turn this trip into a vacation so here I'm," Ashley said.

"You have a really amazing job Ashley," I said noticing Eric checking out Ashley's legs and breast as she was wearing a knee high skirt.

"It's good but not always, dealing with models and then some technical difficulties when shooting in weird places," Ashley replied.

"What about you Eric? How's your work?" Ashley asked turning to him and letting him take a brief look at her cleavage. I won't say Ashley was trying to seduce my husband by flashing her skin because she is always like that, wearing those kinds of clothes and being so frank.

"It's good but not like yours," Eric replied.

"Okay, you two talk and I'm going to take care of lunch," I said getting up.

"Let me help you," Ashley said.

"No, you just relax," I replied and called my son for lunch before getting into the kitchen.

We had a nice lunch and Ashley cracked some naughty jokes at the table. After the lunch, Eric decided to attend the meeting so he left but before he left I reminded him that we were out of condoms.

Ashley and I went in to the guest room where she was going to stay. It was right next to my bedroom. We jumped into the bed like teens and started talking.

"So did you find anyone?" I asked hoping she finally had someone in her life.

"You know me Amy; I can't be in a relationship. I just don't like this drama and all that," she said.

"Yah, I know you. You just believe in sex," I replied nudging her.

"So did you have anything interesting?" I asked as I was excited to hear her sexual experiences with different men and women.

"Oh yes, I did have a couple of really hot experiences" Ashley said proudly.

"Wait, I show you," she said and took out her laptop.

"You have pictures of those men?" I asked getting curious, "Are they models?" I asked thinking so.

"Not pictures, I got a video," Ashley replied.

I got a little confused about what kind of video? I sat more comfortably as she opened a video on her laptop. I was a little shocked to see Ashley riding a good looking man and then she bent over a table and I saw that man holding his almost 8 inches cock and then fucking Ashley from behind.

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