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living with a GHOST(edited)

Novel By: hotstory4you

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Submitted:Sep 27, 2011    Reads: 759    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

After having our breakfast we all sat on the couch, I was sitting in one while Nikki and Jack were sitting in another in front of me. "this was so good" Nikki says kissing Jack and then she moved to my couch and kissed me, she sat next to me. We ere still naked and having good view of each others wet body. I looked at the clock and found it was 11.30 am. Jessica was coming for lunch at my house.
Jessica worked with me, but today I wanted to talk her about our coming presentation and promotion. I had my bills and all that I had to pay so I was going to request Jessica not to let our boss fuck her and promote her. Jessica was a bitch she joined this company after a year and at that time I was at much higher post than her but she let our boss to fuck her and in deal of that she got promoted. Now she was working with me and I knew this night she will join our boss in his bed and he will help him in presentation as she would need something to explain in front of our board of directors.
I got dressed in a gown, I asked Jack and Nikki too to dress up as I though to introduce them to Jessica. We all were sitting in our living room waiting for Jessica when our door bell rang, I was going to open the door but I stopped and didn't knew why I told Jack and Nikki that I can't introduce them to Jessica. After saying that I opened the door and Jessica was there, she was wearing a skirt and top showing what she got under her low neck top.
Jack and Nikki was standing behind me but Jessica can't see them as I had told them that I was not going to introduce them. Jessica couldn't even feel their presence and hear their noise except me. we sat in our living room sipping on coffee, Jessica looked around my new house and said that its beautiful. Jack and Nikki were sitting either side of Jessica which was a little funny as she can't see them.
Me and Jessica were busy in talking when Jack and Nikki went to the dinning table. Jack lifted Nikki by her waist and made her sat on the table, he also sat on a chair in front of her. He clapped and their clothes vanished from their body, Nikki spread her legs on the table in front of jack and I saw Jack's head sticking between her legs. I could hear the moans of Nikki which were distracting me from talking to Jessica, I was getting wet under my clothes.
I told Jessica that I badly need that promotion and I had prepared my presentation and on the talent I deserved that promotion. Jessica pulled up her top revealing her big boobs with dark areolas, "I got these and they will help to promote" she said and pulled down her top again.
"Look bitch I deserve that and I will get that" I said loud but Jack and Nikki were busy in fondling each other. "then get it you fucking slut" Jessica said and left the house. I closed the door and when I turned back I didn't found Jack and Nikki on the table. I was in a very bad mood, I went up to my room and Jack and Nikki were in each other's arms in the bed. "everything ok" Jack asked , "yah I guess so" I said slipping out from my dress and jumping in the bed.
I lay down between Jack and Nikki and they hugged me. "Don't worry everything will be okay, I have a plan to teach Jessica a lesson" Nikki said and locked my lips. "what plan?" I asked pushing Nikki's face away.
"you will find it tomorrow in your office, right Jack" Nikki said looking at Jack "right" Jack responded and they both cupped my breast. "And by the way you two are so naughty" you were distracting me in the living room" I said and felt Jack's finger going inside my pussy, "yes I can see that" jack said pulling out the wet finger from my pussy and showing it to me. we all laughed and Nikki sucked his finger licking my juices.
"Jack came over me and I felt his hard cock between my legs, I opened my legs wide for him and he shoved his cock in my pussy. "ahhhh fuck" I moaned, "sit on my face" I asked Nikki and she did. Her pussy was also dripping wet and I licked her juices. Every time jack stroke my pussy hard and deep I bit on Nikki's clit making her scream. Nikki was near to squirt and she arched back putting her weight on leg and with other she rubbed her clit and shower her cum on my face. she again sat on my face and I licked her pussy and thighs.
Nikki laid next to me, while jack was still fucking me and I needed few more strokes to get my orgasm. After a hard stroke my body shook and my pussy flooded with my juices, Jack pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth letting me to lick my own cum. I was breathing heavily , after few minutes I get off from the bed and cleaned my face in the washroom. When I came out of the washroom I saw Nikki bending on the bed and ready to get fucked from behind. Jack was lubing her holes. "come" Nikki said but I refused as I had to worl on my presentation.
I left the room hearing a scream of Nikki which meant jack had shoved his cock in her ass. I was working on my files but my mind was thinking about Nikki's plan for Jessica.





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