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This Novel is a part of "The teacher who got Raped" so if you want to read this woman's full story then also read "The teacher who got raped"


"Where should I go?" I was asking to myself. I took a train to this new city where my friend lived, her name is Kate and she was as old as I was. We were together in high school and shared a good time so I thought in this difficult time of my life she would help me.

Kate was not into guys, she was a lesbian and I would have no problem with that if she would allow me to live with her because she never tried to be with me even we spent so many nights alone in a room.

I was in the train sitting on a seat and looking outside the window when I felt that some was looking at me, I looked around and found a man sitting opposite to me in next row was staring at me. I quickly checked my dress if I was accidently exposing my cleavage or something but the buttons of my top were done.

I looked at my reflection in the window glass to check if there was something on my face but nothing was there, I was looking beautiful except that sadness which I was hiding behind this cute face. I didn't pay any more attention to that man and closed my eyes.

I slept and a man woke me up by tapping on my shoulder, "Hey you OK?" he asked and I was looking at him totally confused, "why what happened to me?" I asked myself.

"This is the last stop" he said and I looked out of the window, "Yah I am OK, thanks for waking me up" I said and stood with my bag in my hand. He stepped aside letting me go.

I was outside the station waiting for a taxi, I looked around and thought that I could start a new life here. I called my friend and told her that I was in the city and I wanted to meet her. She gave me her address and with in 30 minute I was on her door.

I was knocking and after 2 minutes she opened the door, I smiled and said hi to her, she replied in a very friendly manner which made me happy but before I could enter another blonde girl, a little younger than me and my friend came out of my friend Kate's room.

"Hey this is Kyla, my best friend just like my sister" Kate introduced me to that blonde girl. "and this is Cindy, my girlfriend" Kate said and I didn't get shock very much.

Cindy looked at Kate giving her a weird look, "Its Ok, she knows that I am lesbian" Kate explained and Cindy took a deep breath. "Cindy looked at me and she quickly planted a kiss on me. All that happened in a second and I looked at Kate and Cindy with surprising eyes.

"Ooops sorry Kyla" Kate said, "Cindy! She is not lesbian" Kate said to Cindy and Cindy apologized to me. It was no body's fault and I just smiled and said "its ok". Cindy was walking downstairs with embarrassment in her eyes, "Hey Cindy" I said, she looked back at me, "You are a good kisser" I said just to make her comfortable.

She smiled and Kate laughed, Cindy waved good bye to both of us and Kate invited me in her house. I entered it was a one big room with a big bed in the corner, a couch with a table and there were two more doors, one leading to the washroom and the second for the kitchen.

I sat on the couch, putting my bag on the floor and Kate came back from the kitchen with a glass of water in her hand. I really needed that. Kate sat next to me and we started talking about our lives. I just told her that I broke up with my boyfriend and now I wanted to move on life. I made up a little story about my boyfriend and him cheating on me and then I lost my job blah blah…blah.

Kate told me that she had a girlfriend 2 years back but then she married to a guy and left Kate. Now she was having a relationship with her boss's daughter Cindy. She also told me that she could talk to her boss about my job. I smiled saying thanks to her and we hugged each other.


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