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Virtual Places SEXcapades!!!

Novel By: Hot Stuff

What started out as fun, led to so much more!! View table of contents...


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I jumped into the car, fastened my seat belt and turned on the radio.

I was pulling out of the driveway,when I heard thesong,Unchained Melody, by the Righteous Brothers, "All my love, my darling,I hunger for your touch...

As I was listening to the words, I asked myself,what are the odds of them playing the perfect song for my thoughts? This must be fucking karma!

I proceeded to sing along, at the top of lungs no less, (and trust me, a singer I'm not). I was happily going to meet my Prince Charming.

My car must have been on auto pilot or something, because I don't even remember pulling into the parking garage.I do remember someone knocking on my window, which startled me, and it was Kathy. She had the same idea as I did,to go into work earlier than usual.(Imagine that.)

I gathered up my purse and scrubs, and we started walking to the elevator.

Kathy started the conversation with, "What the hell happened to us all last night?We were like a bunch of sex starved women. We are all happily married and have families.."

I agreed with her, and told her it must have been a full moon. It seems every time there is a full moon, the crazies come out of the woodwork, and end up in the emergency room. We both laughed.

So I asked her," Then why are you here so early?"

Her reply almost made me pee my pants. "TO GET FUCKED again!!"

"You got fucked last night, how is that possible? What did I miss? (I was thinking real life).

Was it that cute resident, that always winks at you?"

" No,I was cyber-fucked, and it was amazing." She said grinning.

Huh?I must be in the mother fucking twilight zone. Did I hear her right? What the fuck is ...CYBER-FUCKED??

I couldn't comprehend what she is telling me. My brain was on OVERLOAD.!

Suddenly, the elevator doors opened , and before I knew it, we were in the locker room to change into our scrubs.

I told her while we changed that my guy (see how fucking crazy I was already. My guy?) "Masterful", nevermentioned anything like that to me. He was a perfect gentlemen. Masterfulsent me kisses and hugs, (and I swear I felt them), but fucking never came up. (I think I would have remembered something like that)!.

"What the hell kind of pervert, were you with?"

"The best kind!" she said as we walked through the swinging doors of our unit.

Was that a pin that dropped?

The evening shift workers were usually loud, but not tonight...Nope, no onewas talking.

As we came around the corner to our unit, we noticed all 8 computers on the floor were occupied.

Kathy and I looked at each other, and knew immediately what was happening!

Virtual Places had taken over the thirteenth floor!

On the way to the conference room for the nightlychange of shift report, everyone minimized their screen as we passed!

I was thinkingto myself, were they all getting fucked?

Whatever, I didn't care. I only cared about getting back to Masterful!

All of us that were working that Easter Sunday, were back (early) Monday night...how fucking weird is that?? Was everybody getting fucked last night but me, or was Kathy the exception?

The shift change report went well, and only had 5 patients, and thank God, they were allstable!

So minimum care was all that was required. You know, things likechecking vitals, adjusting pain medication, and an occasionalsleeping pill, if requested at midnight. Yay!!

It was hopefully going to be a quiet night.

The shift changed and we were about to take over.

My friend Louise, who called herself, "Leggs" in Virtual Places, was the first one to talk about last night. She said she was with someone called, "The Saint". I asked what they did. (I was thinking with a name like The Saint, they probably read bible verses or something!)

She said thatafter the customary introduction, "The Saint" led her into a private room, (on screen..huh?) andstarted at the bottom of her 6' frame, bylicking, kissing, and sucking her toes, before moving on up. He left a trail of kisses all the way up her legs, (wet anyone?) to her already wet pussy!


Then he carefully unfolded her pussy lips, (awww) and wasted no time going at her clit like a hungry wolf!

Suddenly,the phone rang, which startled us all, and I was told that apatient was being transferred from the emergency room to our floor.

What? No fucking way....Louise or "Leggs," had to put the rest of her fucking story on hold, and prepare Room 131 for our new guest.

Shit. I wanted to hear the whole story since my panties were already damp. But, all I knew was I wanted to get back to "Masterful".

I just knew he could finish the job ...if he was there. Hmmm

One could only hope that he wasn't running around Virtual Places fucking everyone BUT me!

Why had I gotten unlucky when everyone else had gotten laid?

I soon learned to be careful what you wish for...I just wanted, no...needed to get back to Masterful, my prince.



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