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My Guardian Angel

Novel By: hope james

Alexia Trova lost everything in a matter of seconds, her parents died living her in the hands of a man she has never met before. He was hard and cold hearted and still he could make her blood boil.
Kaleb Patrosky was used to be in charge, everybody obeyed him and followed his rules, until he is left in charge of a feisty teenager that could make him lose his mind with just a look. He was supposed to protect her without telling her the real reason why she had been left in his care. View table of contents...


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~~Chapter 6
There was something going on, everybody was watching me, I could feel it. It was like they were waiting for something. I had to admit that for the last few days I hadn't been feeling good. Sometimes I could feel like something was moving under my skin, my moods would change at the drop of a hat.
The question Tina had asked me yesterday kept coming back to my mind. My eyesight was better than it had ever been and the fact that I could see in the dark as well as I could see in the day was freaking me out a little.
I was standing in front of one of the living room windows watching a man watering the plants. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, there was something about him that had me on edge. I could feel something inside me rising.
"Alexia" my mind snapped back from my weird thoughts and I turned to look at Tina "Is something wrong?"
"Who's that man?" she moved to stand beside me and looked out of the window "I've never seen him before"
"That's Tony, he takes care of the garden"
"There is something wrong with him" I couldn't put my finger on it, but he was dangerous "How long has he been working here?"
"I don't know" she seemed to think for a moment "I think about four months" I wondered if Kaleb had met him, but I didn't want to ask Tina. She touched my shoulder and I looked at her "I have to go grocery shopping, want to go with me?"
"No, I'll stay here. I have a lot of homework to do"
She left, I looked back to where Tony had been standing minutes before and frowned. He was gone, how could he be gone?
I walked outside and looked around, where had he gone? Something inside me lifted its head and roared. I looked around me and for some reason could see things more vividly, every detail was enhanced. I lifted my head and inhaled deeply, my eyes widened in shock. I recognized this scent, this was the same man that I had smelled in my room the day before. Without thinking I followed his scent, there was a stone path from the pool to the fence backdoor.
The house was surrounded by woods, miles and miles of wood. Why would he come back here? There was nothing, you couldn't even park a car. I raised my head and inhaled again, he had gone into the woods. I kept following the scent, I knew he wasn't too far away.
I looked down and frowned, there were fresh prints on the ground, but they weren't human, it looked like they belonged to a cat, a very big cat. A branch snapped behind me, I jumped and turned around. There was no one there. I got that feeling again, that something was moving under my skin and my vision sharpened even more, my jaw ached and I swore I felt my teeth lengthened. His smell was closer now, it was around me. He was circling me. I didn't think twice and took off running. I could hear him now, he was chasing me.
I tripped over something and fell to the ground. I lifted my head and felt my heart stop. A leopard stood in front of me and by the sounds he was making he didn't sounded very happy. I could see his fangs and they looked very capable of taking a big chunk out of me. I tried to control my fear, but it was hard. How could there be leopards here? Didn't they belong in the rainforest?
A whimper escaped my throat and the big cat moved his head, he looked about to attack. A roar split the air and seconds later a huge black panther slammed into the smaller cat. I jumped and fell on my ass.
The leopard tried to move away, but the panther was too fast and soon had his teeth locked around the leopard's throat in a suffocating bite. The leopard kept trashing around trying to get out of the hold, but the panther didn't seem to notice. This only lasted a minute before the smaller cat died. The panther kept applying pressure for a couple more seconds before it let go.
If I'd been scared before I was terrified now, if the leopard had been able to take a big chunk out of me, the panther was able to tear me apart. The big cat moved closer to me and I closed my eyes inhaling deeply. My eyes snapped open, I knew that scent. No it couldn't be, that was impossible.
The panther's features changed until a man stood in front of me. That was the last thing I saw before my world went black.

Kaleb cursed and caught Alexia before her head touched the ground. My blood was still pumping. I had come home and hadn't been able to find her anywhere. I had called her phone and found it in her room.
I'd followed her scent and lost ten years of my life when I'd realized she had gone into the woods. I've been ever more scared when I'd caught the scent of another male following her.
I picked her up and walked back to the house, she had a lot of explaining to do when she woke up. I walked into the house and laid her on the sofa. I grabbed the pants I've left on the floor and put them on.
"What happened to her?" Tina dropped the bags she was carrying to the floor and ran to Alexia "Is she ok?"
"Yes, she just fainted. She saw me" I moved closer to both woman "She got attacked. Why was she in the woods?"
"What? What do you mean?" Tina looked scared, but I couldn't reassure her, my cat was still riding me hard, demanding release to punish someone for attacking what was his. Tina was crying "I left her here, she said she had homework to do"
"Well she wasn't here. I found her in the woods with a leopard chasing her" I ran my hands through my hair "Where was Robert? He was supposed to watch her at all times"
"I don't know, I…"
A moan came from the sofa and I walked to her to make sure she was all right. Alexia opened her eyes and looked at me. It was time to tell her the truth.


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