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My Guardian Angel

Novel By: hope james

Alexia Trova lost everything in a matter of seconds, her parents died living her in the hands of a man she has never met before. He was hard and cold hearted and still he could make her blood boil.
Kaleb Patrosky was used to be in charge, everybody obeyed him and followed his rules, until he is left in charge of a feisty teenager that could make him lose his mind with just a look. He was supposed to protect her without telling her the real reason why she had been left in his care. View table of contents...


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~~Chapter 1
This house was huge, I still didn't understand how my dad had met this man. My parents had been simple people, we never had any money. They had died in a plane crash three months ago and Kaleb Petrosky had become my legal guardian.
I had never seen the man before in my life, apparently he and my dad had been good friends. I don't know where they had met because was drowning in money. I had stayed in a hotel for the past three months with a woman name Tina, she was Mr. Petrosky housekeeper.
The yesterday he had come back to the country. When I first saw him I'd almost fainted, the man was a God. He stood around six foot six with black hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. His chest was massive and so were his arms, my breath had stopped for a second.
And that's how I got here, this would be my home from now on, the only problem was that it didn't feel like home, it was cold and hard.
"You are exploring I see" I turned around and him walking toward me "Was your room up to your expectations?"
"Are you kidding? The room is bigger than my old house" he smile at me "Umm…I didn't see my clothes though"
"I arranged for the staff to get you new clothes" I hadn't expected that "They should be here this afternoon"
"What about school? Vacation is over in two weeks"
"That's also arranged" he sat on the sofa and I sat beside him "you'll be going to a private school. This school is the best in the whole country"
"I don't want to go to a new school, I want to keep going to mine" he raised an eyebrow and I felt the need to scream, I restrained myself "This is my last year and I want to spend it with my friends"
"Your father said that you wanted to get into a good university, with this school you can have your pick" he had it all work it out "you can still see your friends"
"So, I don't have a say in this?"
"No, is already decided" I wanted to cry and shake some sense into him, but most of all I wanted my parents back "I'll give you an allowance and…"
"Don't bother explain it to me" I stood up and glared at him "apparently you'll do whatever you want anyways"
I walked turned away from him and ran up the stairs. Why had my dad left me with this man? He had rearranged my life without asking me and there was nothing I could do about it.
I threw myself on the huge bed and hid my face in a pillow while tears ran down my face. I've lost my parents, my house and now my friends, I had nothing left. I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew the knocking on my door woke me up.
"Come in"
Tina came into the room, she was a nice lady in her mid-fifties, very motherly, I really liked her.
"My child, why are you crying?"
"I don't want to be here" she sat on the bed facing me "I want to go home"
"Oh baby" she wiped the tears from my face "I don't think your home is what it used to be. Just give this place a chance"
"I can't. He is sending me to another school and he didn't even asked me" and only God knew what else he had changed "He put me in a private school and he doesn't care that I don't want to go"
"Alexia, Mr. Petrosky only wants what's best for you, I'm sure he has his reasons for changing you to another school" she didn't understand either, none of them did "Lunch is ready, come down and eat"
"I'm not hungry" my voice was cold and hard, by the look on her face I could see I'd hurt her feelings, well nobody care about my feelings "Leave me alone"
I heard her leave the room and laid back down. I wanted my old life back.
My door flew open and slammed against the wall, I jumped up and my eyes widened when I saw Kaleb standing there, he looked pissed. He slammed the door shut and walked toward me. He reminded me of an animal, a predator. His eyes were eating me up and my heart raised to my throat.
"We have to talk" he was right in front of me, his smell enveloped me "Let me explain something, I don't care how mad you are at me, you will treat the people in this house with respect. Tina spend months taking care of you and giving you whatever you wanted and you treated her like a low servant and hurt her feelings"
"I…I didn't…"
"I'm not finished" his voice resounded like a thunder and I swallowed "your parents left me in charge of you. I'm your legal guardian and you'll do what I say. I will not stand temper tantrums and you will obey me without question"
"In your dreams"
"What the fuck did you just say to me?" I hadn't realized I had spoken out loud, he got into my personal space "Say it again"
"I said in your dreams" I wasn't going to let him intimidate me, if he thought he could scare me into doing what he wanted he had another thing coming "I will do whatever you want just for the hell of it. You may be my guardian, but you are not my owner"
"Is that how you want it" Oh God, what had I done? He gave me a smile that shook me to my soul "I think you need to be punished"


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