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Falling Hard

Novel By: hope james

She was off limits
She was the enemy.
She represented everything that was wrong in his life.
She was sweet and innocent.
Hunter Stonewell had his life figure out until she walked in and ruined everything. He didn't want to like her or feel anything for her, but she was hard to resist.
Chloe Clark only wanted a chance to get her life back together, so moving from Georgia to Florida was her only choice, the only person that could help her was there, but everything isn't exactly like she though, she met the sexiest guy she had ever seen. The only problem was that she didn't like his way of life, or his spoiled friends. but there was something about him and she couldn't help but fall in love with him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

"Why are you so cold?" I rolled my eyes at the boyish expression on Liam's face, he thought that just because he had money and was hot he could have any girl he wanted and to be truthful after yesterday's announcement at the party I hated him even more "Sometimes you make me feel like you don't like me"

"Well then, you should pay more attention to your feelings" I gave him a hard look "I think you are the biggest hypocrite on the face of the planet"

"Wow, don't worry about hurting my feelings"

"I won't" I ignored the sarcasm on his voice "I can't believe Erin is engaged to you, you'll make her miserable"

"Erin is none of your business" the playful look was gone from his face. He gave me a hard look "You don't know what's going on"

"I know enough" he was really an idiot if he didn't see it, I couldn't believe it had taken me so long to realize it "you don't care about her, even though you guys are engaged you sleep with any girl that spreads her legs for you"

"You have no right to speak to me that way" he was in my face, I've never seen him so mad and I had to admit it scared me a little "you are just an employee here and Hunter is one of my best friends, you are overstepping your bounds"

"Is there something wrong?" we both looked at the door, Hunter and Joshua were standing in the doorway and Hunter didn't look happy "Liam step away from her"

Liam did as he was told, but he kept glaring at me and I just glared back at him.

"So now, which one of you is going to tell me what's going on?"

"You need to control your employees" Liam snapped at Hunter, still glaring at me "she needs to learn her place"

"And what is her place exactly?" Hunter stood beside me and glared daggers at Liam "because the way I see it she is in her work area and you were the one that chased her here"

"I just wanted to talk to her"

"No, you wanted to talk your way into her pants" Hunter took a step closer to Liam, he looked really upset "Let me make one thing clear, Chloe is mine, you won't touch her, you won't even look at her. This is the last time I would let you threaten her"

"I didn't threaten her" Liam was also upset, he hadn't expect Hunter to pick me over him "I can't believe you would think that of me"

"Is because I heard you. You threaten to have her fired"

"She is talking about stuff that aren't any of her business" he got closer to Hunter, they were almost closed enough to touch each other "I can't believe you would chose this little bi…"

"Liam" Joshua's voice was like a whip. He had been quiet until now. We all knew what Liam had been about to say. Joshua got in between them, Hunter looked like he was about to kill Liam, Joshua was also glaring at him "You need to watch what you are saying. I think we need to go somewhere else"

They left and I jumped when Hunter slammed his hand against the wall. I felt bad for him, after all it was my fault they had fought. Hunter turned around to look at me, he was still pissed.

"In my office" I opened my mouth and shut it when his glare got worse "Now"

I walked to his office and flinched when he slammed the door, next thing I knew he grabbed my arms and turned me toward him

"What the hell were you thinking? Don't you know any better?" he was shaking me and his fingers were digging into my upper arms. I've never seen him this upset "Do you like putting yourself in danger?"

"You are hurting me" my voice was shaky. I was sad, not because his hands were hurting, but because he was mad at me. Until now he had been sexy and playful, but now he was furious "Let me go"

"Shit, I'm sorry" he let go of my arms like they were on fire "I didn't mean to hurt you. What happened in there?"

"We were talking about Erin"

"Oh" understanding showed on his face "Now I get it"

"Get what?"

"Why he reacted that way" now I was the one confused, apparently I was missing something "Erin is a sore spot for Liam"

"Really? Are you kidding me?" forget hurt, I was pissed "because if you haven't noticed Erin is in love with Liam and he doesn't care. He sleeps with anything in a skirt"

"He doesn't want to marry and you know Erin is not his type" Hunter sighed and sat on the edge of his desk "His parents are making him marry her"

"Why can't he say no?"

"Is complicated" Hunter looked sad for a moment "Liam and Erin had known each other since she was born, even though he is eight years older than her he always found time to spend with her while they were growing up. He considered her one of his best friends. When Erin turned sixteen his parents told him that as soon as she was legal he had to marry her; that was when he started to put distance between them, he doesn't see her that way"

"That's not an excuse" Hunter didn't see it either, he was on his friend side "he will make her miserable. She is a nice person, she doesn't deserve what he is doing to her"

"Why are you involve in this?"

"Because she is my friend and I'll be damned if I stand by and watch him destroy her life"

"You are a fierce little thing aren't you?" I blushed and he just laughed "she is lucky to have a friend like you"

"Thanks" I smiled sweetly at him "and thank you for helping me"

"You are welcome" we just looked at each other for a minute, until he broke the silence "I think we are having a moment"

"And you just ruined it by pointing it out"

I rolled my eyes at him, he stood up and put his arms around my waist, this was a very bad idea especially after last night.

"Go on a date with me"


"Go on a date with me" now I was sure I was dreaming. For what I heard Hunter didn't go on dates, ever. He put his forehead against mine "We'll go to a nice restaurant and have dinner"

"You want to go on a date? With me?" he nodded "Why?"

"Because I want to get to know you" was this a trick? "Why is it so hard to believe I want to go on a date with you? I thought I'd made my interest clear enough"

"Yeah, your interest in sleeping with me" I took a step back and he dropped his arms "I don't think going on a date is a smart thing to do"

"Why not? After everything we've done I think is the safest thing to do" a smile covered his face "or are you scared to go on a date with me?"

"I'm not scared of you" I knew he was playing me, but damn it I just couldn't let him think I was afraid even if I was "Fine, we'll go on a date, this Saturday night"

"Great, I'll pick you up at seven"

What had I done? I walked out of his office, I couldn't go on a date with him, he would eat me alive, and not that it would be a bad thing. No, I had to stop thinking about sex with Hunter, he was just a friend, a friend I wanted to have sex with. God I was so messed up.


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