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Falling Hard

Novel By: hope james

She was off limits
She was the enemy.
She represented everything that was wrong in his life.
She was sweet and innocent.
Hunter Stonewell had his life figure out until she walked in and ruined everything. He didn't want to like her or feel anything for her, but she was hard to resist.
Chloe Clark only wanted a chance to get her life back together, so moving from Georgia to Florida was her only choice, the only person that could help her was there, but everything isn't exactly like she though, she met the sexiest guy she had ever seen. The only problem was that she didn't like his way of life, or his spoiled friends. but there was something about him and she couldn't help but fall in love with him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

"Are you sure you are ok?" this was the third time she asked me the same question "you look out of it"

"I'm fine" I smiled at Erin, she was in three of my classes, she was a really nice girl, but she was very shy. She only talked to me and that was because I had talked to her first "I just have a lot on my mind"

"Are you in trouble?"

"No, is just work problems" Erin was very pretty, but she always dressed in baggy clothes that hid her figure, her raid hair was always back in the same ugly bun and she wore really thick glasses "Can I borrow your notes for the Environmental Ethnics class?"

"Sure" she handed me the notebook "We have an exam tomorrow"

"I know and I need to study" I hadn't got a lot of homework done thanks to Hunter. It had been a week since that conversation in his office, but he'd been taunting me ever since and it was taking a toll on my school work. I needed to concentrate I couldn't loose my scholarship "My grade in this class is very low"

"I don't think a B is that bad" she pointed to the small coffee shop across from us "you are one of the smartest girls in the class, I don't think you have to worry"

"Well I do, If my grades get low I could loose my scholarship"

"Scholarship?" I had forgotten, she didn't know "You have a scholarship?"

"Yeah, is the only way I can afford to go to school" My cell phone vibrated and I looked at it apparently studying tonight is going to be hard, they need me to work for a couple of hours"

"But today is your day off"

"I know, but I can't afford to tell them no" I hugged her and stepped back "Tomorrow is also my day off, how about after school you come to my house and we spend the afternoon at the beach?"

"That sounds fun" Erin waved at me "I'll text you then"

I was back in my car when my cell phone vibrated again. It was a text message from my mom.

"I need to talk to you, the sooner the better. Is important"

"What happened to I never want to see you again? I decided not to reply, I had more important things to worry about.


"I'm sorry about making you stay here until so late"

"No problem" I knew Tracy really felt bad, but it couldn't be helped. Two waitresses hadn't showed up to work today and with the golf tournament going on it had been really busy "I was glad to help"

"You can take Saturday off if you want"

"That would be nice" maybe I would go and see my mother to find out what she wanted "I'm leaving"

I waved her bye and starting walking to my car, the night was nice, there were a lot of stars in the sky and for some reason that made me think of my dad, I felt the familiar pain come back. I didn't allow myself to think about my dad that much, but sometimes it didn't matter how hard I tried, the memories would still come back.

I took a deep breath and kept walking, I tripped over my own feet when I saw who was leaning against my car door.

"I'm tired and I want to go home" Hunter just smiled, but didn't move a muscle. It was already nine thirty pm and I still had to study for the exam tomorrow "What do you want?"

"Such a bad mood" I just rolled my eyes, I could feel a headache forming "you need to be a little bit nicer"

"Look, I've been working for the past six hours without stopping, I don't feel like being nice" He was driving me up the fucking wall and the fact I was having dirty dreams about him wasn't helping the situation "Why don't you tell me what you want so I can go home?"

"If you are really tired I could give you a massage" I took a step back, there was no way he was going to touch me "I'm very good with my hands"

"I bet you are" I needed to get out of here fast "What would it take for you to let me into my car?"

"How about a kiss?" my eyes widened and he laughed "just a kiss, I promise"

At this point I didn't think I had any other choice.

"Fine, but just one small kiss"

He nodded and walked up to him, before he could blink I gave him a peck on the lips and stepped back. He blinked and narrowed his eyes.

"Really? you call that a kiss?"

"I said a small kiss" I moved around him and opened my car door "and for the record, I don't want the left overs of what every other girl already had"

I got in my car and saw him scowl, he didn't like the fact that I had won the game this time, well he just had to get used to it.


I looked at the red envelope in Erin's hand. It had my name on it, I took it and opened it. It was an invitation.

"What's this?"

"Is an invitation for one of my mom's parties"

"Are you sure you are giving it to the right person?"

"Yes" Erin rolled her eyes at me "Every year my mom throws this stupid party and I can't get out of it and since this is the first time that I actually have a friend I would really like you to go"

"That sounds nice" the problem was I didn't like parties and I had nothing to wear "It seems kind of fancy"

"Yes, is a black tie affair" Great, I really wanted to say no. I didn't fit in with rich people "My mom's insists on all her parties being formal"

"Erin, I don't know if you have noticed, but I'm not exactly in the high society list" I thought that was more than obvious, you only had to look at me to see it "I don't have anything to wear for something like this"

"I'll buy a dress"

"What? NO!"

"Why not?" she looked at me with pleading eyes "Please, every year my mom makes me go to this and I have to watch everybody looking at me with pity in their eyes because I'm an ugly duckling. This year I want it to be different and if you go I can actually forget that all my mom's friends are snobs with more money than brains"

"If you hate it that much then why do you go?"

"Because if I don't my mom won't pay my school tuition" Damn, that was harsh "Especially this one"

"Isn't your mom glad you are going to college and doing something with your life?"

"Are you kidding me?" she gave me an incredulous look "my mom thinks college is a waste of time and all I need to do to secure my future is find a rich husband"

Wow, that sounded a lot like my mother, but I wasn't going to say that. I felt sorry for Erin, even when my mom had left, I still had my dad and he had supported me. He had been very happy when I got the scholarship.

"I'm sorry"

"Does that mean you'll go with me?"

"Fine; I'll go to the party" Erin screamed and hugged me. I just laughed and patted her back "but we have to get me a dress"


I hoped this party would be the perfect distraction to get my mind of Hunter, that man was killing me.


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