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Falling Hard

Novel By: hope james

She was off limits
She was the enemy.
She represented everything that was wrong in his life.
She was sweet and innocent.
Hunter Stonewell had his life figure out until she walked in and ruined everything. He didn't want to like her or feel anything for her, but she was hard to resist.
Chloe Clark only wanted a chance to get her life back together, so moving from Georgia to Florida was her only choice, the only person that could help her was there, but everything isn't exactly like she though, she met the sexiest guy she had ever seen. The only problem was that she didn't like his way of life, or his spoiled friends. but there was something about him and she couldn't help but fall in love with him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4

I put my hair in a ponytail and checked myself in the mirror one more time to make sure I was presentable. There were bags under my eyes, but I wasn't surprised, I hadn't been able to sleep last night, that kiss kept playing back in my head. What worried me the most was that he would fire me even though he was the one that kissed me, but still he was the boss. I put my purse in my locker and walked into the break room, Tracy was already there.

"Morning sunshine" she was in a really good mood "How was your night?"

"It was ok" that was a lie, it had been horrible "I went to a party last night"

"You did" she beamed at me, apparently she didn't noticed the sarcasm in my voice "Good for you"

"Yeah, especially the part were I was asked to join a threesome" her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open, she hadn't expected that "Apparently Saturday night is party night at the boss's house"

"Oh Chloe, I'm so sorry" she looked really distressed and I felt bad for her "I should have warned you, but to tell you the truth I completely forgot"

"Is ok, I know you didn't do it on purpose"

"Were they really bad?"

"Just a little bit" I gave her a smile "The worst one was a guy named Liam"

"Yeah, he is a real charmer" she shook her head and rolled her eyes "Don't pay any attention to him, he is actually harmless"

"So, I guess that means you know him?"

"Yeah, I've known them my whole life" them? as in more than one? "There are four of them"

"Four of whom?"

"They've been friends for years" she handed me a cup of coffee "There is Hunter and Liam, you met them last night, there is also Travis and Joshua"

"Have they been friends for long?"

"Yes, since they were five" I wonder what it would be like to have friends "Their parents ran in the same circles and they left them alone a lot, so they boys created a bond, they are more like brothers"

"Are Mr. Stonewell's parents alive?"

"His dad is, but they don't really get along. His mom died when he was sixteen" Tracy shook her head "But enough talking, let's get to work"

I spent the rest of the morning running around, apparently Sunday was the busiest day of the week. Didn't these people go to church or something?

Around ten o'clock in the morning things slowed down a little bit. I was walking around making sure everybody was good when I saw the boss and three other guys sitting at the same table he had sat with Agatha two weeks ago. I wanted to run the other way, but that wasn't a choice.

I stood in front of them and Liam whistle.

"Well, we meet again sweetheart" he gave me a charming smile and I wanted to hit him on the head "You ran out yesterday before we could finish our conversation"

"Good morning" I wanted to point out that I hadn't talk to him, but that wasn't a good idea. I gave them my best smile "What can I get you guys?"

"Are you on the menu?"

"Liam, shut up already" thank God, because I really wanted to hit him. Hunter looked at me "Black coffee"

"I'll have coffee too, but with cream and sugar" a blonde guy smiled at me, he was really handsome, but then they all were. This one had blue eyes and a really sweet smile "I'm Joshua by the way"

I looked at the other guy, this one had brown hair like Liam, but his eyes were hazel, he had a really serious expression on his face.

"I'm Travis" his tone wasn't mean, but it wasn't friendly either "I want orange juice"

"Me too" I wanted to roll my eyes at Liam, but refrained myself "put some ice in it"

I nodded and turned to leave, my head snapped back to the table when I felt someone grab my hand. It was Hunter.

"Before you leave for the day I need to talk to you, go and see me at my office"

I nodded and left before anyone could make a comment. I didn't breath right until I was back at the kitchen. I hoped he didn't;t want to fire me.

"Are you ok?" I looked up to see Erica walking toward me, a worried frown on her face "Did you have problems with Mr. Stonewell?"

"No" I didn't want to say anything until I knew what he wanted "He just wants to talk to me"

"Oh, ok" she smiled and patted my hand "Don't worry I'm sure is nothing bad"

I wished I could say the same.


I've never been this nervous before, scratch that I was terrified. Estevan kept looking at me from time to time, I could see the question in his eyes, but he was too polite to ask.

I'd been sitting outside Hunter's office for ten minutes and I was even more nervous now than when I first got here.

"Mrs. Clark" I looked at Estevan "you can go in now"

I couldn't even talk, I just got up and walked to the door, my hand touched the door nob and I had to take a deep breath, it didn't help, I just needed to go in and see what he wanted, just get it over with, I opened the door and walked in before I could change my mind.

Damn, but he was gorgeous. He looked up and smiled. What did that smile mean? he waved to the chair facing his desk and I sat down, my legs were shaking and I was afraid to fall down.

"How are you?"

"Good, thanks" I just wanted him to get to the point so I could leave and forget the whole thing "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, I wanted to apologize for what happened last night" I let out the breath I've been holding, so he just wanted to apologize, I felt relieved, but also disappointed that he regretted our kiss "Liam can be a jerk sometimes"

"Liam?" what did Liam had to do with this? I was so confused "What are you apologizing for exactly?"

"For what Liam said when he walked in on us" He looked at me confused and then burst out laughing "Wait, you thought I was going to apologize for kissing you?"

I could feel myself blush, great I was happy he was amused. He stood up and walked around the desk, my heart skipped a beat when he stood in front of me. He took my hand and helped stand up. I couldn't look at him, I hated my fair skin I blushed really easily. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my face so I was looking at him, he was very tall. My head only came up to his chest, but then at five foot four I wasn't the tallest person.

"I'm not going to apologize for kissing you" he ran his thumb over my bottom lip and my heart beat like crazy, I was sure he could feel it "You know Chloe? you taste very sweet, kind of addictive"

My heart wasn't the only fast thing, now my breath was out of control too. I had no idea what was happening, my body had never reacted like that before, but now it was responding to him. My nipples were so hard they hurt and he noticed. I saw his eyes flared and he lowered his head until our mouths were inches apart.

"I want to kiss you again" it wasn't fair, his voice didn't have to be so sexy "and you want me to"

"No" yeah right, like he was going to believe the little breathy protest that came out my mouth. I tried again "We can't"

"Why not?"

"Because you are my boss" and I didn't want to get hurt, I kept that last part to myself and took a step back "and we don't even know each other, you talked to me for the first time last night"

"Are you one of those woman?" I frowned in confusion "Have you ever heard of one night stand?"

"Yes I have" he was a jerk, even worst than his friend Liam "but I don't do one night stands and I'm sorry, but I don't want to have sex with you"

"Really? you are breathing like you just ran a marathon, your heart is bout to pound out of your chest, your nipples are so hard they can cut glass" he advanced toward me and I had to lock my knees to keep myself from backing away "If I put my hands inside your panties your little pussy would be wet and ready to take me"

"Ok, so his dirty words shouldn't make me hot and wet. I always imagined that when I had sex the man I was with wold be sweet, say pretty words, but Hunter's dirty words were making me hotter than anything I had ever imagine.

I had to admit I was attracted to him, but that's all it was a simple attraction and I wasn't going to be another one of his toys.

"It doesn't matter what my body wants, I control it not the other way around" I closed my eyes and took a deep breath "I'm not going to sleep with you and if you want to fire me then go ahead"

I needed this job, but I wasn't going to sell myself because of it.

"I'm not going to fire you" he gave me a mocking smile and took a step back "You are full of fire and I like that. You'll be mine, even if you don't think so now. I'm going to strip down your walls one by one. Don't lie to yourself, that hot little body is mine and I plan to enjoy it"

I walked out of his office without contradicting him, mostly because I was afraid he was right.


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