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Falling Hard

Novel By: hope james

She was off limits
She was the enemy.
She represented everything that was wrong in his life.
She was sweet and innocent.
Hunter Stonewell had his life figure out until she walked in and ruined everything. He didn't want to like her or feel anything for her, but she was hard to resist.
Chloe Clark only wanted a chance to get her life back together, so moving from Georgia to Florida was her only choice, the only person that could help her was there, but everything isn't exactly like she though, she met the sexiest guy she had ever seen. The only problem was that she didn't like his way of life, or his spoiled friends. but there was something about him and she couldn't help but fall in love with him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 21

"Are you going out?" I turned around and smiled at my grandma, the past four weeks had been great. We had spent as much time as we could together

"Yes, I told Erin I would meet her at the club"

My grandma had told me about our family and the company. Clark corporations was one of the biggest oil companies in the world, we had various oil rigs in different parts of the world, my grandma had more money than God. She had bought me a new wardrobe and my mouth had dropped when I saw all the money she had spent on me. I had more clothes that I could wear in a lifetime. Erin was the only one that new about my grandmother, well Joshua also knew. They had respected my wishes to keep it a secret for a while longer.

"Are you going to be long?"

"I don't know I promised to spend the afternoon with her" I walked over to my grandmother and kissed her cheek "We have a lot of planning to do for the wedding"

"I'm glad you are going out and enjoying yourself" she touched my face "you deserve to have fun"

"Thanks, I'll be back in time for dinner"

I walked out of the house and walked to my car, I liked to eat with my grandma, we were trying to make up for all the time we'd been apart. I looked around my car and smiled when remembered when she had told me that she was getting me a new car. She had said a Ferrari, a BMW or a jaguar would be more appropriate for my new status. I had been horrified, she had spent fifty thousand dollars on clothes and now she wanted to buy a car worth half a million dollars, I had put down my foot at that and explain to her that my car was perfectly fine. So we had compromised, instead I had agreed to redecorate my room, which I thought was perfectly fine the way it was.

The room had come out beautiful and not as expensive as the new car. I felt bad for getting all these new things. My grandma had also insisted in giving me a credit card and then she handed me an American Express black card without a limit, who the hell did that? What of I decided to buy I private plane? She had laugh when I said that and said to go ahead and buy one. This life was a lot different from what I was used to.

Before I knew it I had reached the club, I parked my car and stepped out. I made my way to the entrance where the maitre de looked at me in disdain, for some reason I didn't know the woman had despised me since I had started working here. She looked at me from head to toe noticing the expensive shoes, clothes, bag and even my sunglasses, the more she looked the darker her scowl got.

"What do you want?"

"I had the idea that a maitre de was supposed to be polite and charming" she just kept glaring at me "just to let you know you are neither of those things"

"I don't have to be polite to the likes of you" she looked behind me and gave a mocking smile "can you please move out of the way, you are blocking people from coming in"

"Actually there is someone waiting for me inside and I would appreciate if you would take me to the table"

"Do you even know how to use a fork?"

I was about to lose it when I saw Esteban walking toward me.

"I'm sorry Miss Clark, I got a little caught up with work" he shook my hand, my grandma had call him personally to get me a membership in the club, she was also a member, it was a surprised we had never run into each other before. He had asked for a picture and I'd heard the surprise in his voice when he saw who I was "I'm very happy to see you again, how have you been?"

"Good thanks" I gave him a warm smile "You don't have to call Miss Clark, Esteban. It actually sounds weird, just call me Chloe like you always have"

"Thank you" he looked at the girl standing there with her mouth open "Katherine, is Miss Clark table ready"

"No" she answered rudely and I saw Esteban's body stiffened "The reservation I have is not for her, I don't think have a table available"

"Katherine" Esteban snapped "Do you know who she is?"

"Of course I do, she used to be one of our waitresses and also Mr Stonewell's little playmate" so that was the reason she was so bitter, she liked Hunter.

"Well, she is also Misses Chloe Clark, from Clark corporations granddaughter" the older woman's eyes widened and I gave her a cold smile, this position really came in handy "I want you to apologize to Miss Clark immediately"

"I'm sorry Miss, it wont happen again"

I just nodded my head, I knew she didn't mean it, but I didn't care. Esteban took me to my table and I smiled when I saw Erin. She was glowing, that was the only word I could find for it. The last two months had been like a dream to her, she was dying to marry Liam and I felt sorry for her, he wouldn't make her happy.

We talked and laughed, I had missed her we didn't see each other that often anymore.

"You boyfriend is walking this way" I looked behind me and found Joshua, Liam and Hunter standing there "Hey guys"

Joshua leaned over and kissed my lips, then sat beside me. Hunter sat on the chair next to him and Liam sat beside Erin.

"Do you mind if we join you?" Liam smiled at Erin and I saw her melt, he was such a bastard "we don't want to eat alone"

"Is fine" he glared at me, Liam still thought I was a busy body and he didn't like my friendship with Erin well that was too bad for him "we'll be happy to eat with you"

"You two look good together" Liam said smiling, at me, but the smile didn't reach his eyes "I'm glad you are letting him spend his money on you. I mean you have to get something for sleeping with him right?"

"Excuse me?" I glared at Liam, he was talking about me and Joshua "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Look at you" he pointed at my clothes "those are very expensive, I'm sure you can't afford a get up like that on your salary"

"She doesn't work for me anymore" Joshua snapped at him "and I don't buy her anything, she doesn't let me spend money on her, she barely lets me pay for dinner when we go out on a date"

"Then let me tell you that she is getting something on the side"

"Joshua" everybody turned to Erin with wide eyes, she had never looked at Liam with something other than adoration and she had never raised her voice, she was glaring at him "shut up, you don't know what the fuck you are talking about"

You could hear a fly, the table was quiet. I wanted to smile, not because she was defending me, but because she had finally stood up to him. Liam looked shocked, actually he looked blown away and I felt like clapping.

"For you information Chloe doesn't need anyones money" Erin looked at him then a Hunter, she knew what had happened between Hunter and me "she has more money than she knows what to do with"

"Did she win the lottery?" Hunter laughed

"You could say that" Joshua gave Hunter a cold smile "Have you heard about Clark corporations?" Hunter stiffened and then nodded "Of course you have, the company took over your father's business four months ago. Well, Chloe is the CEO granddaughter"

"Now I know why her name sounded familiar" Liam was clearly surprised "You were name after your grandmother weren't you?"

"Yes, thought I didn't know it at the time" I frowned at Joshua "What do you mean my company took over Hunter's dads company?"

"About a year ago Hunters dad made some bad decisions and he asked your grandmother for a loan, but he couldn't pay her back" what the hell? "He went bankrupt and your grandma took over his company and most of his assets, Hunter is been trying to work out a deal with your grandma to get the company back"

Oh damn, this was not good.


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