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Falling Hard

Novel By: hope james

She was off limits
She was the enemy.
She represented everything that was wrong in his life.
She was sweet and innocent.
Hunter Stonewell had his life figure out until she walked in and ruined everything. He didn't want to like her or feel anything for her, but she was hard to resist.
Chloe Clark only wanted a chance to get her life back together, so moving from Georgia to Florida was her only choice, the only person that could help her was there, but everything isn't exactly like she though, she met the sexiest guy she had ever seen. The only problem was that she didn't like his way of life, or his spoiled friends. but there was something about him and she couldn't help but fall in love with him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 15

I was pacing and biting my nails, I knew that accepting what Joshua had proposed had been a mistake, I had come between the two friends. Even if Hunter didn't want me he didn't want Joshua to have me either. I had to end things with Joshua, but I didn't want to hurt him.

"Hiding?" my whole body tensed and I turned around. Hunter was standing at the balcony door blocking my exit "I expected a lot of things from you, but hooking up with one of my friends wasn't one of them"

"I'm not hooking with anyone" he closed the door leaving us alone "we are dating, seeing how things go"

"Well you are fast" he gave me a mocking smile "since you couldn't catch me you set your sights on one of my friends"

"Catch you? Are you kidding me? You were who chase me and wouldn't leave me alone" all the anger came back "but then that was all part of your plan. To seduce me and then throw me aside"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you?" I gave him a nasty smile "I had lunch with your dad two days ago and I met his wife"

"You did?"

"Yes, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that both our parents are married" he looked just a bit nervous, good "but the biggest surprise was when I found out you knew who I was all along. You sold my house so I wouldn't have a place to stay after my father died, then you seduced me to get back at my mother, but that was horrible idea because if you haven't noticed my mother doesn't care about me"

"Who told you all that?"

"It doesn't matter, the point is that I know" I wanted to cry so bad, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction "You know? I actually thought you cared about me and I have to say that you revenge worked to some extent, I did fell in love with you" I walked to the door and opened it "But the good news is that love dies and you killed the love I felt for you. I hope your revenge brought you satisfaction"

I walked away from him, I heard him call my name, but I didn't stop or looked back. It wasn't true that my love had died, but I couldn't give him another chance to hurt me.

I spotted Joshua talking talking to Liam and Travis, I forced myself to smile and walked up to him.

"Hi" he smiled at me, but I could tell it was forced "I was looking for you, how did your talk went?"

"He was upset at first" I felt really bad for putting him in this position "but he calmed down when I explained to him how everything happened. He invited us to the club tomorrow to play golf"

"I don't know how to play golf" I could breathe easier now that I knew things were good between them "but I'll go if you promise tp teach me"

He smiled and kissed me, I kissed him back for a moment before pulling away. I saw Hunter glaring at us, but I was done with letting him ruin my night.

"Let's go dance"


The game was pretty friendly. Hunter and Joshua seemed to be having an awesome time, but I was a bit uncomfortable. Joshua had tried to show me how to play, but I was hopeless, golf was not for me.

In the end Hunter won the game and we decided to have lunch at the club.

"I need to take a shower and so does Chloe, she still has leaves on her hair from when she got stuck in that tree branch" Joshua smiled at Hunter "I'll use my suite"

"That's a good idea, I need a shower too" Hunter look at me "you can use one of the suites, I'll get you the key to one of them and afterwards we can meet at the restaurant"

I just nodded, whatever they wanted as long as I could be by myself for a while. Hunter got me a key to one of the suites. I had to admit the room was beautiful.

I closed the door behind me and let out the breath I'd been holding, Joshua was happy to spend the day with Hunter, but I felt awkward, the way Hunter looked at me made me shiver and I felt guilty for wanting him still.

I threw my bag on the bed, it was a good thing Joshua had told me to bring a change of clothes. I grabbed a towel from one of the closets and walked to the bathroom, the shower was huge.

I turned on the water and took off my clothes. The warm water felt amazing, I made sure to wash my hair and get all the dirt out of it.

I jumped when a pair of hands grabbed my waist and pulled me back against a hard body. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was.


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