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Times of passion the novel

Novel By: Hidden dreams

A story of young lovers meeting and falling in love instantly. The passion that consumed them and the bond that imprinted him into her heart and dreams forever ... This is my short story being reverted into a novel to add chapters View table of contents...



Submitted:May 31, 2012    Reads: 202    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Chapter Two - The moment they fell in Love.................................................................................................................................. It was the day of their first date. Mandi spent the day preparing. She took a long hot shower shaving her legs, underarms and her intimate areas being careful not to nic herself. She then dried and straightened her hair and applied some makeup. Before heading out on the long journey to the other side of the city, she made sure she had plenty of money to pay for her share of the evening. She spent most of the trip daydreaming about the beautiful man she was about to see again. As she stepped off the bus he was there waiting for her. She smiled timidly at him.__________________________________________________ "Hello, have you been waiting long? She asked while taking in the sight of him. He was of average hight about 5 feet 8 inches. He was wearing a black button up dress shirt with a first few buttons undone showing off his muscular hairless chest on a rich dark golden, olive toned skin. He had on a pair a dark designer jeans that complimeted the look perfectly. But what stuck out the most was his perfect lightly gelled dark brown hair and his striking blue eyes that seemed to look right into her soul. " You're worth waiting for, you look very sexy" he replies as he leads her to his car and opens the door. " We will go to my house, is that ok with you?" he asked and Mandi nodded in reply. The drive only took a matter of minutes. Soon they were sitting on his couch. Mandi felt very nervous but very attracted to Ehsan. They began talking about each other. " So, how long have you been living here? Mandi asked Ehsan and he informed her that he had moved there only three short months ago from Iran. The small talk continued for some time both learning about each other and finding that they had a lot in common. Eventually Ehsan reached out touching Mandi, gently stroking her her cheek and neck . He murmured some words in Farsi to her. " Can I kiss you?" He asked her almost in a whisper . Mandi nodded her head and noticed her face begin to warm from blushing. He slowly leaned forward grasping her face gently touching his lips to hers. A jolt of electricity flew between them as there lips met. Mandi sighed softly and Ehsan deepened the kiss, licking her lips softly before gentle parting her lips with his tounge. She met his tounge with her own and wrapped her arms around him, softly running her hands through his hair pulling him in deeper. He moaned that he wanted her and couldn't keep his hands off her. Mandi thought to herself ' Wow that is really quick, it is only th first date I cannot give in so soon...Even if you know you want him? ' Said the little voice in her head. And against her better judgment through the passionate kissing and groping that was become more intimate, Mandi let Ehsan pull her up and lead her to his bedroom. He sat her down on the edge of his king sized bed and standing in front of her he said. " I don't know why, but I want you. I want you now and I want you always. Will you take me?" She looked up for an instant sure of herself. " Yes " she replied simply to the force drawing every part of her being to him. He slowly began to undo the buttons of his shirt, reveling inch by inch of beautiful toned muscle. As Mandi watched this she thought of all the places she wanted to kiss and lick on his amazing body. 'How can I possibly be this lucky?!?" she wondered to herself. Ehsan sits down on the bed and pulls Mandi to him, kissing her passionately before trailing seductively down her neck. Each kiss drawing a small moan from her lips as he licked and kissed and nibbled slowly down her neck to the opening of her shirt. His hand reaches up and caresses her large firm breasts pulling her shirt down and away from her body. His head lowers and he licks along the short curve of her left breast, teasing her, until finally he bring his tounge to her nipple. As his hot, wet mouth covers her nipple sucking it in, licking and nibbling gently. Mandi reaches up and pulls off her shirt. As Ehsan kisses and caresses her breasts switching from one to the other her hands roam this firm chest and back, pulling him ever closer to her. Ehsan sits back long enough to unzip his pants and quickly remove them, while motioning for Mandi to lie back on the bed. Next he pulls down her skirt and snuggles close to her while resuming kissing her fully and passionately. His fingers slowly slide down her body, over her belly and down to the front of her panties exploring the hot mound of flesh. He begins to rub her slowly feeling her wetness though her panties. He slowly starts to pull them down off her hips looking up at her for approval. Mandi reached down and helped Ehsan pull them off entirely. Now she lay fully exposed to him. He stood quickly removing the boxer briefs and quickly jumping back into the bed. His hand immediately returns between her thighs softly rubbing and searching. His fingers slowly pull apart her lips and slip over the soft flesh of her slit. His fingers begin to explore her moving deftly from her slit to massaging and circling her tight and straining clitoris. All the while he is kissing her passionately the tounge leaving sweet heat on her mouth and neck. Mandi finally bring her hands down to touch his manhood. She sighs as her fingers wrap around his hard thick waiting 8 inch cock. She begins to stroke his letting her trumb twirl occasionally around the head of his penis which was becoming wet with precum. Soon she feels tension starting to build as his fingers slip expertly in and out of her soft sweet tight hole this tumb circling her clit until she cannot stand the pleasure and begins to grasp his cock tighter with each wave of pleasure bringer her closer to orgasm. His fingers slide gentle away from her as he spreads her legs and settles between them. Ehsan slowly rubs his penis on the soft outer skin readying himself with her wetness. Mandi lightly grabs his hair and gasps and he slowly enters her. He begins to move his hips slowly pulling in and out of her, Mandi's hips beginning to rise and fall to his pace. They are looking into each others eyes when he is not passionately kissing her. Soon Mandi feels the pressure growing again, and as Ehsan notices this he pulls himself up slightly and starts to rub her clit again in soft circles, keeping in time with each thrust deep into her body. She cries out giving into the pleasure, her body trembling around him wave after wave of pleasure rolling over her. He continues to move inside her never stopping or slowing......................................................................................................................................................... There lovemaking continued for three hours straight exhausting them. Several orgasms and a shower later Ehsan makes them dinner. They both know this is only the beginning of there time together but are unable to part, unwilling to let go of there new found passion. After making love again for another hour they settle into Bed for the night. Ehsan wraps his arms gently but protectively around her, there bodies seamlessly intertwining together. Before she slips into sleep Mandi thinks to herself ' this is amazing! Here is the sexiest man I have ever encountered, loving me making me feel more whole and safer than I have felt in many years. I just met him but already I want to be with him. He is like a drug, I cannot ever get enough of him.' Soon thy drift asleep wrapped completely in each others arms, only to awake several times in the night for more and slipping back into a heavy contented sleep.


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