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The Cell

Novel By: Hazelkia

The look in his eyes told me everything. He wanted me and I was going to be his. He would get me,there was no escaping. I would become his one way or the other. There wasn't anything to stop him but the bars. But I could see soon they would break like I was breaking. View table of contents...


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Panting as my vision faded in and out I took in the situation. He favorited his right hand for blows as his left covered the knife skills. He would throw then attack with the knife.

Bald with bulging muscles, the man towered over me as he pushed the overly sharp butterfly knife against my neck.

"Give." He spoke. Though we both knew if either of us did, we would be killed on the spot. Tired I stared into his eyes, he didn't want to die but neither did I. One or the other would have to give.

"No." I took the last of my strength to flip us as the knife tore into my skin though not deeply. Blood flowed down the cut,further coloring my body in blood.

Breathing I ready for the next blow I knew would come to my injured side. As predicted he went to throw against the large gash on my right side but I surprised him by grabbing his hand and bending it back until I heard the familiar pop of broken bones.

Gasping he kicked me away, dropping his knife in the process. Dropping, I reached for the knife as he sent another set of kicks aiming for any unprotected flesh. Grabbing his leg, I twisted until it too popped and he fell with a cry.

Knife in hand I spoke one last time." I'm sorry." I drove the knife into his throat before dragging it down the rest of his body.


"What the hell was that tonight?!" Matt yelled as I got back to the small bench. The others looked on, probably wondering the same thing.

"I wasn't thinking clearly." I softly spoke. Grinding his teeth, Matt pressed into my side. My very sensitive injured side.

"It was her wasn't it?!" I didn't answer." I knew she was trouble from the beginning." He finished as soft footsteps stalked up to them.

Glancing up, both clinged as one of Owners pets stood in front of them. Brown hair flowed around his shoulder as a pair of bright blue eyes peeked from the curtain. He muttered out quietly that the owner would like to see Roman. Turning he quickly left as if he had flames licking at his feet.

"Roman. You know what's going to happen!"

I nodded, I did know what was going to happen and the injuries I had would seem nothing like but a like tea party.

Sighing I picked myself up and headed up.



Picking up the sleeping girl, I carried her to Roman's cell where her friend awaited.

After we were released for the night, I waited for Roman until I got word ...roman wouldn't be coming back tonight. Sighing I mapped out a plan to fix this. First thing first was get rid of those two girls, maybe even follow them to see where to escape this hell.

Arriving at Romans cell, the pet was sleeping also. Groaning I laid her friend next to her while breaking the bonds and as if sensing each other, they curled up to each other. Smiling I sat across from them waiting for roman to return. I had thought of just taking the girls and setting them free but then I would never hear the end of it!

Though I tried to stay up for roman, i dozed off.



Does he think he can make a fool of me? How dare he show my audience a pathetic weakling! Did I not give and other rewards for the great matches for last time. Did I not be nice to them?!

I even made it so that if they wanted to keep their prizes, there were no searches and so on. I even go to great lengths to satisfy them by brainwashing! So they are comfortable still though they are unsatisfied!! What else is there?!! No, I am master and they slaves, my fighters! They shall please me and no longer the other way! They will pay for making a fool out of me and I know just who to start with.

Tied to the metal pole was the first victim.


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