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The Cell

Novel By: Hazelkia

The look in his eyes told me everything. He wanted me and I was going to be his. He would get me,there was no escaping. I would become his one way or the other. There wasn't anything to stop him but the bars. But I could see soon they would break like I was breaking. View table of contents...


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Leaning towards me, he whispered in my ear....

Any arousal I had at that moment dissipated, not even the thought of Roman's mouth still on me could bring it back. And Nothing in the world could have stopped the deadly glares shared between Matt and I and if I wasn't tied to the bed I would have kicked his ass. Cold hearted bastard!

Having lost interest I twisted my body as far as I could away from him which wasn't far but the jerk got the point! Smirking he grabbed Roman off of me just as a guard came to the cell to fetch them.

The guard was a tall lean man with short cropped hair and a beer gut, with stained nasty yellow teeth.Smiling he entered, though not before noticing the glares Roman and Matt sent him. He walked over to me and slid a finger down the side of my scrunched up face. He smelled funny. The smell so unfamiliar, yet familiar but frightening, all of it made my head swim.Glancing at the guys, I pleaded for help.

"Now boys, you know your not suppose to have visitors in your rooms."

"Since when have we ever followed your rules." Matt retorted." In fact, I remember kicking your ass the last time you stepped into this cell. Though you clearly didn't get the main message for that ass whooping, want to go at it again?" Matt moved closer to me as Roman silently followed him.

The guard dropped his hands and began to back up slowly."No trouble."

"Get out!" Roman spoke in pure hatred. The man nodded closing the door behind him though not before saying they need to be in the ring in five.

Once the man was out of sight, Roman spun on his heels and stormed towards me.
Grabbing my face, he spoke" Never let another man touch you! Not unless it's me or Matt!"

I wanted to say a lot of things, though the main one being 'I'm tied what am I suppose to do?!!!' But I bit my tongue at the look he was gave me.

I nodded my head just as he covered my lips with his. Running his hands though my short hair he gripped the strands tightly, forcing me up as far as the bonds would let him.

"Roman you don't have enough time to get all possessive and dominate." Matt spoke, leaning against the door.

Roman sighed and gave me one last small kiss.

(Matt pov.)

"You shouldn't get to attach to her. You don't know if we'll make it out of the ring alive tonight. We barely made it last time!"

Roman smirked and looked up at me. "Why Matt if I'm not mistaking, you seem worried about my pet more than I am."

Blushing, I shrugged the comment off. I didn't give a flying fuck about that girl! Though the way her body moved ...I shook the thought off. I needed to focus!

We reached the fighters entrance and the doors opened to reveal the deadly ring.

A/n: guys I'm looking for a beta so let me know if your interested!:)


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