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The Dog Ate Suzie's Homework

Novel By: harrylime

Suzie is certain she will remain a virgin forever. She just has to see some boy's cocks for her Biology homework. Perhaps her babysitting job will be the answer. The husband is a real hunk. If only his wife wasn't so darn cute. View table of contents...


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The more she tried to draw a realistic drawing of a male cock, poor Suzie became more and more frustrated and dissatisfied. Some of the cocks looked too limp and others looked too plump or too smooth. She tried to picture the look of a cock that was uncircumcised in contrast to one with the foreskin removed. It was really all a jumble to her.

It was so easy to draw a female's sexual equipment because her best friend Molly was very generous in lending her the use of her pretty pussy for her drawing sessions. The fact was that the 17 year old Molly was a lot more experienced with men than the almost 17 year old Suzie. It had given her pussy that nice "broken in" look that gave her vaginal slit a sheen of nubile enchantment.

After many failed attempts, Suzie decided to ask the Griffins for their help in completing her project.

Her little adventure in babysitting in the Griffin's apartment had robbed her of her cherry and even popped open her rear door entrance in a strange case of mistaken identity in a darkened bedroom. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Griffin were aware of her loss of virginity wearing Mrs. Griffin's erotic underwear and pinned under the weight of a very tipsy Mr. Griffin with a demanding cock that needed immediate attention.

Suzie knew it was all her fault because she should not have been in the bedroom, she should not have been wearing Mrs. Griffin's sexy underwear, and ever more importantly, she should not have been getting off on the scent from Mrs. Griffin's panties in a most depraved fashion. Her impalement was swift and it was entirely welcome. Finally, she was rid of the virginity albatross that seemed to follow her closely to remind her of her sexual immaturity.

It was Mrs. Griffin who answered the door after school later that afternoon.

Suzuki Griffin was a pert and petite little Japanese American girl in her mid-twenties. She had beautiful long black hair and was as submissive a female that one could find in Western society. Her husband knew he was lucky to find her and he was extremely jealous if she even looked at another man with a direct look regardless how innocent. He regularly spanked her buttocks with accusations of flirtatious behavior. In all honesty, Suzuki loved every minute of it and would not have it any other way. She sometimes schemed of ways to make her husband "correct" her behavior with his strong hard hands.

"Hello Suzie! We don't need you until tomorrow night for babysitting duty. Come in and have a cup of tea with me. The baby is sleeping nice and deep and everything is quiet now."

Suzie blushed as she remembered how she had inhaled the scent of the pretty married woman's pussy just before her befuddled husband "Denny" had rid her of her cherry forever.

"Thank you, Mrs. Griffin; I wanted to ask you a favor of a very personal nature."

Suzuki sat on the edge of the sofa with a very straight back and her ass cheeks perched like little tightly screwed up springs. The hem of her short skirt was mid-thigh and Suzie was able to see her yellow panties peeking out like a tempting smiley face that said, "Welcome".

Suddenly, Suzie was nervous. Not because of the personal question on the tip of her tongue but because the sight of Suzuki's panties made her feel real squishy inside and she felt her pussy lips brimming with female juices that appeared out of nowhere.

Mrs. Griffin poured the tea and smiled at Suzie in complacent relaxation.

"Yes, dear, what did you have on your mind? I would be happy to help you if I am able to."

Suzie took a deep breath and grabbed her cup of tea with a shaky hand.

"Mrs. Griffin, I need to borrow your husband for my school project. I have to draw a man's cock and he seems like a perfect model for me. I promise not to touch it or anything. I really don't know much about cocks and stuff like that."

Suzuki sipped her tea slowly and looked with inscrutable eyes over at Suzie. Unconsciously, she started to play with her protruding nibble under the thin summer blouse. Suzie looked at her fingers rolling the nipple in amazement. It was so sexual that she was tempted to scoot right over and play with Suzuki's other nipple like a very naughty girl.

"Suzie, I will allow you to do this with my husband, but you must not get carried away with the use of his cock and take advantage of him without my permission."

Suzie was so pleased that she leaned over and kissed Suzuki on the cheek, thanking her for her help on a difficult assignment. Somehow, her hand found a way to rest lightly on Suzuki's breast and she could feel the older woman tremble in excitement at the touch. That was the signal that Suzie needed to move closer to Mrs. Griffin and lift her chin up for a gentle kiss right on her lavender tinted lips. Her lips matched her pantyhose perfectly. Keeping her lips pressed tightly on Suzuki's mouth; Suzie slipped her hand under the short skirt and moved up her inside leg until she reached the part of her pantyhose that featured a soft cotton lining underneath to absorb any fluids from her pussy. The entire area was immediately dampened by the emission of Suzuki's female juices loosed by Suzie's attentions.

Suzie gradually pushed her greedy tongue into Suzuki's now opened mouth and let her saliva wet the entire area.

Mrs. Griffin was panting like a dog in need of water.

The young teenaged girl began to work the married woman's pussy with her knowing hand and after a few short moments moved from outside the yellow panties to inside the waistband and right down into the curly bush protecting her still-tight vaginal slit.

Mrs. Griffin was soaking wet and her pelvis was jerking and humping up to Suzie's hand like she was long-deprived of female attentions.

When Suzuki placed both of her hands on top of Suzie's head and pushed her in the direction of her pussy, the young girl knew right away what the married woman wanted. She quickly pulled down Mrs. Griffin's pantyhose and spread her legs open so she could insert her head all the way up and cover her pretty pussy with her frantically moving lips. She was perfectly willing to give the older woman exactly what she wanted in order to get the use of her husband's cock for her school project.

Mrs. Griffin had two orgasms in quick succession and then she lifted her hips for Suzie to take care of her brown eye as well. This was a first for Suzie and she was a bit hesitant but after a tentative few licks, she rimmed and sucked Suzuki's brown eye until the married woman fell into a convulsive anal orgasm and sprayed Suzie's eager face with her female juices.

Suzuki wiped Suzie's face with a small serving towel and asked her,

"Would you like to try my scones? I just baked them this morning and they are as fresh as can possibly be."

They sat quietly eating the scones and drinking the tea. Suzie promised to come early the following night so Denny could model for her cock drawing.

The very next night, Suzie sat in the chair next to the same bed where Mr. Griffin had slammed his cock home deep in her pussy and taken her cherry. Of course, he was unaware of this and thought he was teaching his wife a lesson for flirting at a party.

Denny seemed a bit nervous and wore nothing below the waist so she could have a good view of his cock for her drawing. At the moment, it was at rest and hung in soft repose between his muscular legs.

"Mr. Griffin, I need for you to get it up for me a little bit, so I can get a good look at how it looks when you are ready to use it on a girl."

He touched it with his hand and even stroked it a bit to encourage it to grow longer. It was not very successful because he was nervous at being alone in the bedroom with the teenaged babysitter. The fact that his wife had asked him to help the girl in her school project was the only reason he had agreed to it.

"I think I need to help you out a bit, Mr. Griffin. Just close your eyes and picture your wife doing this for you."

Suzie moved into a position right in front of Denny's cock and lifted it up into her open mouth. She gently sucked and licked it until it grew into a perfect 9 inch stand throbbing with anticipation of a nice insertion into a female opening.

He opened his eyes to see the young girl wiping his pre-cum off her lips and taking the paint brush in her hand for the drawing. Each time it started to flag a little, she would bend over and kiss and lick it back into a stiff presentation. The drawing soon took shape and it was a glorious picture of a fully extended male penis ready for action.

"May I ask you to finish sucking me off, young lady. It is not nice to leave me hanging like this and my wife is busy getting ready for the party."

Suzie returned to her position between Denny's legs and took his cock as deep as she could without gagging. He grabbed her pony-tail and moved her head left and right driving his cock deep into her willing throat and against her soft inside cheeks. A few times when she was on the verge of gagging, he allowed her to back off a few inches and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

When he came, he gave her no warning. It flooded her mouth and throat and backed out of her lips even though they were tightly wrapped around his cock. She swallowed as fast as she could and managed to get most of it down into her tummy but it was a very sloppy blow job and she hoped he was not disappointed.

Suzuki came into the bedroom just as they were finishing. She took in the scene with a knowing eye.

"Did you enjoy that, darling? I bet you liked those teenaged lips around your cock."

Her husband laughed and said,

"You know I love your tongue best of all, dear. This girl needs a lot of practice to get up to your level of expertise."

"Did you get a good picture, my little sexpot? Oh, yes, I can see you did. I wonder what you did to get my little hubby so hard."

"I am sorry, Mrs. Griffin, I just did it to get it in the right shape for my drawing."

Suzuki looked at the young girl down on her knees and smiled with an evil glint in her eye.

"She needs to be punished, my darling husband. Get her over your knee right now!"

Suzie felt herself lifted and placed right over Mr. Griffin's bare knees. She could feel his still-stiff cock poking her right in her pussy mound. It did feel very nice and she knew her juices were running down the inside of her legs.

Mrs. Griffin prodded her ass cheeks and even spread them open to view her hidden brown eye.

"Give it to her good, Denny. Make her feel your hands hard on her pretty little ass."

The first blow on Suzie's tender bottom was not all that hard, but then the spanking got a lot more energetic and frenzied. Mr. Griffin was caught in the spirit of the moment and delivered the blows with enthusiasm. He smiled in satisfaction watching her ass cheeks glow with a reddened blush of sternly administered discipline.

About halfway through the spanking, his wife spread Suzie's ass cheeks wide open so he could insert his middle finger all the way up her tight little pucker hole. Suzie was forced to tears by the indignity but secretly loved the stretching sensation on her brown eye.

When the spanking was concluded, Suzuki kissed her reddened bottom and even licked her invaded brown eye with a very wet and gentle tongue. It was so nice that Suzie let her juices spray all over Mr. Griffin's cock and legs shuddering into another beautiful orgasm.

The drawings of Mr. Griffin's cock and of Molly's pussy won first place in the biology science class and no one made fun of Suzie's lack of experience any more.


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