Tomboy Maid

By: Harriet Well

Chapter 1, Andy needs a job to pay her dads debts after he left her and her mom in the lurch, and the opportunity presents itself. A mysterious rich Master in a beautiful manor house is looking for a live-in maid, a well payed position. what she hadn\'t expected however was the nature of the work involved...

“So is…this the place?” the house towered above her, tall, cream white and pleasant. Flowers grew along the borders of the terrace and the double front doors were fitted with stained glass windows. “Right” Andy sighed, and realised she was talking to herself again. Comes with being lonely she presumed. Picking up her suitcase she marched up to the front door and rand the bell. She caught sight of herself in the mirror, tall, pale, two amber brown eyes flashed back at her. Suddenly the door opened, and her mouth fell open in surprise. “Uh, hi” she mumbled. Facing her was a woman with dark skin and silk like black hair the fell around her shoulders in French curls, wearing a maids uniform cut in low at the bust with a see-though white blouse to hold modesty (not), her long legs flaunting black silk suspenders, the small white slip-ons the cream on the cake.

“Yes?” she smiled, her voice like a long, soothing drink, black as sin. Andy caught her staring at the woman’s prominent smooth bust and blushed, staring at her feet. The maid placed a hand on the door frame. “fufufufufu…cute” she giggled quietly

“Um…I have a…that is to say I was sent here?” Andy began nervously. S*** this was going terribly, why couldn’t she just act like normal? “For…some kind of position?”

“Well, please come in” the maid ushered her inside and closed the door. The entrance hall was even more impressive than the front of the house; the towering celling boasted a beautifully crafted chandelier, a winding grand mahogany staircase climbed the left wall to the surrounding balcony off which Andy could see many doors she presumed lead to the rest of the house. Her footsteps echoed around the great space, and she became conscious of how alien she was to this upper class world “steady girl” she thought to herself “don’t mess this up. You need this job”

“Now” Andy flinched at the touch of the maids hand on the back of her head, but she did not take it away. “Please…let me take your bag for you and I’ll inform the master you are here, we have been expecting you” Andy let the woman take her bag “and you may call me Naira”

“Andy” Andy mumbled, clearing her throat as she followed Naira towards the stairs “this is a very beautiful house”

“Why I am sure the master will be pleased to hear that” Naira replied “yes, the entrance hall is quite something, though you should see the other rooms, the bedrooms for example” Andy had little time to think about what Naira had said before she spoke again “and you said your name was Andy? How pleasant, your name must be Andria?”

“Well yes…” Andy replied “but, um, I prefer Andy if that’s OK”

“Sure” Naira suddenly leant over to her and whispered in her ear “tomboy huh? Sweet…” Naira’s breathe tickled at Andy’s cheek, and Andy felt a Chill run along her body, making her gasp, the smell of lavender…Naira must have been wearing lavender perfume she was sure of it. Damn it was good…

Naira laughed darkly, and flashing another smile at Andy hurried on. She followed her onto the landing and through one of the doors, which lead up more stairs to a corridor lined with more doors. “These are the maid’s dormitories, this is yours…” Naira unlocked a door and opened it, inside was a simple but attractive oriental themed room. The floorboards were simple polished oak and the walls a mellow green, a paper lamp hung from the ceiling so when a light was switched it cast a dull warm light over the room. There was a bed in the corner with plenty of pillows and a cupboard and cream fluffy rug. Other than this the room was empty. “It’s lovely” Andy said politely taking her bag from Naira “so I’m going to be a maid then…”

“Oh I hope so” Naira said mysteriously “though…it might not be your normal kind of work, but the master likes it and in all honesty so do we, the maids.”

“What kind of work is involved?” Andy asked suspiciously

 “whatever the master asks” Naira smiled “he’ll want to meet you, make sure to put the uniform on, it should be in the cupboard and come down at six” she licked her lips slightly “I’ll look forward to it”

“…right.” Andy felt slightly hopeless. She needed this job to pay her dad’s debts after he left her and her mom in the lurch without a word, whatever the requirements may be. Naira seemed a troublemaker, she wasn’t a fool, she could see the way her eyes were hungrily tracing the form of her body. She began to wish she hadn’t worn the sexy skin tight jeans that showed off her perfectly toned ass and long curved legs. At least her top was just a shirt over her favourite band T-shirt, but what the heck? It wasn’t like she needed do anything about it, what harm would it do?

She ran her hand through her mess of short, dark brown hair and smiled at Naira, unaware of just how tempting she looked “So…thank you for bringing my bag, you needn’t have”

“Sure” Naira said again, taking a step forward “and as for a reward…” she leant forward and caught Andy’s lips off her guard. Andy gasped, after a moment her eye’s flickered shut. Naira’s lips were warm and soft they pressed against her own, wanting, taking. Their lips moved over one another’s, and Andy found herself falling into it. “Mmm…” Naira sighed, running her tongue over Andy’s bottom lip as their kiss slowed; she pulled away, leaving Andy speechless. “It’s good” She left the room and said as she shut the door behind her “I’ll see you at six”

A stunned silence filled the room. Andy stumbled backwards and fell onto the bed, feeling as though her face was burning “what kind of place is this…” she mumbled at the ceiling, talking to herself again. “And I promised myself I wouldn’t do…that, again with a girl.” After a while she sat up and walked over to the cupboard and pulled out the uniform inside, a maid’s uniform the same as Naira’s “what am I getting myself into…” she mumbled pulling off her clothes and pulling the thigh length gauze suspenders with black lace hem. “This… is going to be one hell of a job…”

-authors note! my first time ever doing this kinda thing so would really appriciate feedback/advice to do with storyline or certain scenes. thank you! next chapter - a, shall we say stressful meeting with Master! what better way to relax than a nice hot, steamy shower...

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