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Stalking Miss Birtwhistle's Nipples

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Ossie becomes capitvated by Helene's 5-star-plus nipples. View table of contents...


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Much of Oswald Finch's focus in life has been on nipples. An extraordinary interest in fact and had he graduated in a top stream at college and made medical school he may have become a nipple enhancing surgeon. Instead he made do being an objective appraiser of nipples and lead the group that published findings.

Although reared on a couple, Oswald was twelve before he took a slight interest when some of the girls he knew began expanding around their nipples and about that time he was confined to playing with boys of his age, although in his autobiography he chose to use the phrase 'associate with' rather than 'playing with'.

The years flew by and soon Oswald, whose appearance outshone his name, was being offered an assortment of nipples by young women who regarded their nipples almost on a par as bestowing the key to the kingdom. Oswald, with his own hormones flying almost out of control at that age, licked, sucked bit and blew on an assortment of twin nipples and vastly expanded his knowledge. It wasn't long before he learned that nipples fell into the category of an erogenous zone and when he performed with panache it not only earned him the legendary key to the kingdom but access to the very real cellar as well.

Well, here's the rest of Oswald's remarkable story:

Chapter 1

At the aged of twenty-eight, a bachelor and publisher of his late father's magazine World Railways Quarterly but now following a complete revamp of content and renamed Nipples International Quarterly, Oswald Finch arrived home late from a hard grind at the office - a redhead with unbelievable staying power - he switched on his recording of TV8's 7 o'clock news.

He watched the third item on the bulletin with delight. It showed the Mayor's third wife, a stunning 30-year-old coming from the Court after winning a $3.l8 million divorce adjudication to resolve the squabble of her departure entitlement.

"Get the [bleep] out of my way you gutter piranhas," she fumed, elbowing a pathway through the pack of journalists baying for the quote of the day. She stopped and said, "If it's a quote you want how about this one, "The asshole deserves to get the [bleep] clap from some of the loose women he [bleep].

Ossie almost clapped in delight as seeing the beautiful fireball giving the Mayor and the gutter piranhas heaps. Then she began elbowing again and that's when he saw it: for no more that a quarter of a second her dress front gaped, she was braless and he glimpsed something that took his breath away.

He let the film clip play, showing the Jessie's great ass as she stepped into her hire car. That was followed by the temporary purpled-faced Mayor James accusing his Ex of slandering his girlfriends and then an attorney specializing in libel law saying Jessie Birtwhistle who'd reverted to her maiden name had saved herself from possible multi-million law suites by not naming the girlfriend with the clap because the Mayor was addicted to taking up with new girlfriends and probably even he didn't know who there all were. According to current law it was impossible to defame a large group when making a false statement.

Ossie replayed the item and switched to slow play and soon confirmed, even at the distance the camera was from the object of interest, he was looking at a pointy nipple, the most perfect one he'd ever seen. He immediately felt half in love with the pugnacious Jessie Birtwhistle.

Because of his fetish turned into a business, Ossie was up to his neck in nipples, so to speak. He was aware of five-star nipples could occur on females from early teens to mature age and color of skin was irrelevant. What he'd seen on that tape had taken nipples above the bar - it was a five-star-plus beauty, perhaps one of a kind although it was likely to be paired.

God, he thought, dabbing his brow. Being on the nipple alert was far more exciting that being an, um, stamp collector and certainly much beyond being a whale watcher or being on the watch for the almost extinct speckled wading heron of the Orinoco.

Next day Ossie confirmed that Miss Birtwhistle had indeed recently leased a penthouse apartment in Mayfair Tower and that privacy in the tower was assured with two armed guards on eight-hour shifts 24/7. Rather than put a tail on Miss Birtwhistle to find out her favorite place for coffee or where her hairdresser was located he called his real estate agent and instructed her to lease a penthouse apartment in Mayfair Tower - all seven were on the 32nd floor and he agreed on the amount to offer an interested existing occupant to consider relocating. Miss Birtwhistle was unlikely to talk to him while having her hair done and would regard him with suspicion if he sat down at her table in a coffee shop. This way he could follow her into the elevator and use in his coded access card for the 32nd floor and watch her eyes light up in a neighborly fashion. If the elevator was full of course, he could be lucky enough to back on to her and feel those nipples 'burn' into his back.

"Oh yeah!"The other thing was once Miss Birtwhistle knew who he was she would realize he was wealthy enough not to be after her $3.8 million when he showed an interest in her as a person who simply appreciated her for what she was, the bearer of perfect nipples.


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