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Something About Breasts

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Female breasts dominate the life of Munro Morgan. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Munro Morgan had an eye for breasts. Indeed his eyes rarely strayed from them. He assumed it was a cultural thing: his mom still had great breasts and photographs of both grandmothers in their prime suggested the gene was in the Morgan's and Jenks's family lines.

He'd gotten over the finding as a young teenager that he was destined to retain a flat chest for life provided he didn't turn to flab from mid-age. Munro was fourteen when he made the amazing discovery that older sister Milly's little rosebuds blossomed into the size of grapesa nd then progressively the size of plums, oranges, overripe and lush persimmons and - dammit - Milly turned contrary and wouldn't allow him to touch and admire them anymore, alleging he was disgusting by dribbling as he massaged her. He denied dribbling of course but was unable to recall anything because at the time the alleged offence occurred his mind was on an unbelievable exotic (not erotic) journey through the planetary system.

Thankfully, Milly brought heaps of friends around and some of them weren't as upright and uptight as Milly and would arrive in his bedroom to be fondled. Some of those same girls stuck to him loyally and on the night of his eighteenth birthday four who'd lasted the distance of his breast worshipping spent two hours with him, leaving him in a state of partial collapse and awash in sweat and whatever.

Harriet entered the bedroom to say goodnight to birthday boy to find him unable to lift his head or to mouth anything but groans. She screamed. That brought her Larry running, Dr Morgan sniffed, grinned and ushered away Munro's mom telling her to make porridge for the poor guy while he bullied Munro into ingesting energizing sports drink before carrying the exhausted teenager to the bath.

That was a defining moment in the life of Munro: it was his first and to date only groupie. The memories of those four pairs of breasts swaying over him or being offered to suck as those girls took his virginity remain as vividly as if the night he was put through the hoops was only yesterday.

For obvious reasons, the guys branded Munro a Titman and most women including his mother and sister were appalled to learn that while his two grandmothers urged Harriet to have him tested by a specialist dealing with the criminally insane - they actually meant a psychologist. But his father wouldn't allow it and slept four nights alone in punishment after suggesting to his wife that a guy had to find something to interest him in women and tits were a good place to start because it gave Munro 'something to look up to'. After four nights alone Harriet convinced herself that her son was absolutely normal in every other respect so that ended the crisis. Her husband grabbed the six bras she purchased next day and burnt them, saying no way would he live with a wife who wanted to flatten her chest. She was taken to bed - usual for them in daylight - when she cooed she'd not been aware just how interested Larry was in her 'bosom'.

Munro had assumed the tag 'Titman' would have the babes distant themselves from him, and there were signs of that occurring. By the laws of physics - well, what else? - meant a few babes swung the other way and were attracted to him and Munro rather enjoyed that. After all, one babe at a time was enough for him as he'd learned his lesson on the night of his eighteenth birthday.

Near the end of high school Munro actually considered a career as a breast enhancement surgeon, a breast reduction surgeon or a specialist in breast cancer research but he thought that was being a little too excessive. By then relationships with his mother and sister were normalized as Munro always had girls hanging around him. Harriet had put him to the test, asking him if he wanted to see her uncover her breasts and was rather miffed when he kissed her, said "Nice try mom" and walked off whistling.� Harriet, close to tears, told Milly who said the skunk probably hid in the wardrobe and watched Harriet dress but after Milly couldn't squeeze into the packed wardrobe to check that out and an inspection of the parent's bathroom failed to reveal any hidden miniature camera they decided perhaps he wasn't a pervert. Milly put Munro to test and then gave up. She'd walked into his bedroom, naked and absolutely embarrassed and Munro, reading on his bed, looked at her casually, said she was growing into a fine young woman and returning to his book asked, "What do you want - short of money?"

Milly related that experience to some of her college friends next day and they screamed with laughter. She wasn't aware that two of them would within hours call Munro to ask if he would date them, together. He went out with them separately and before long Milly found one of her girlfriends intended going steady with Munro.

"You fool," Milly told Carol, eyeing Carol's prominent chest. "He'll only want to leer at those."

Carol laughed. "Our first date was last Sunday. We went for a walk and in Shepherd's bush he did a lot more than leer at my chest."

"You didn't?" Milly gasped.

"All the way and on our first date."

"Oh God, you slut. What was he like?"

Carol said slyly, "Haven't your tried him?" After Milly's brief reaction of disgust, they fell about laughing and remained best of friends.

At admission interviews for college, Munro expressed his interest in computer science and was urged because of good gradings to take a second major. He didn't think he wanted that but was asked to bring up examples on his laptop of his second best grade and that was drawing. The bossy woman gasped at the images of horses, tanks, jetfighters, football stars and female movie stars.

"You're doing fine arts-drawing and additionally taking the crossover to computerized tablet drawing."

"Anything to make you happy," he shrugged. "I just want to gain entry to this college."

"Why is that?"

"It's answered there on the application form you're holding."

"We have a tight schedule, no time to read all details."

Munro said his sister was at the college and his mother then called Harriet Jenks was..."

"I knew your mother - was a year ahead of me here. She was our heroine. And your sister is already showing her form."

"What in - cooking?"


"That's can't be right - I leave Milly for dead and mom just breaststrokes along as if in a dream though I must admit she never tires."

"Excuse me," said the interviewer and she asked an aide to call over Coach Harrington.

Munro expected to see a tall, big chest and slim hipped guy swagger over. Instead an arthritic-looking guy with a full head of white hair limped across the room to them.

"Coach Harrington, this is Harriet Jenks's son, um..."

"Munro," said Munro to speed things along.

"Pleased to meet you son," said Coach Harrington, in a surprisingly strong voice, looking at Munro's shoulders and hips.

Munro thought what is this guy - gay?"

The coach squeeze Munro's hand hard so Munro applied power. The old guy's eyes watered and he said,. "Enough!"

"Don't you dare hurt Coach Harrington," snapped the woman. "He's an institution around here."

"Shut up Edith. "So the great Harriet Jenks's son."

Munro looked blank and Coach Harrington sighed, "So you hasn't told you as well as Milly."

"You know Milly?"

"I see her two hours a day son. She's in my elite team."

Milly a swimmer? What kind of wacky college was this? Munro decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Let him sign the papers then you fill them Edith. His only sport options are swim and track - do you hear me?"

"Yes Tom."

"Come with me boy. Do you know where your first name comes from?"

"Mom just liked it."

"Munro Woodwood left this college in 1942 and was killed by the Japanese in the South Pacific on October 5, 1944. My father was his coach and it's agreed Munro was the greatest swimmer this college ever produced. Your mother comes second," he said, leading Munro into the auditorium.

"Both sides of this foyer are what we call the Walls of Fame. Over here is the swimming section and in pride of place on the left here is Munro Woodwood, college swimming champion of 1940, holding every title from 100 to 800 meters free-style and medley, setting eight new records, and next to him is your mother, college swimming champion of 1968, holding every title from 100 to 800 meters free-style and setting four new records. And here is the team that won the Munro Woodwood Memorial Inter-College Cup, sponsored by this college in 1945 but won the only time in 1968. We needed to win the 1500 meters women's freestyle and the cup was ours but our specialist Melissa Bray slipped on the way to the start and cut her head open. I had to make the choice of substitute so chose your mother, knowing she'd earlier swum her heart out as others had but she was still our best bet. She won, only just."

Munro looked at the photo of his mom holding the cup and surrounded by the entire team. "She looks exhausted."

"She sure was. That photo was taken the day after her big swim.� We were all certain she was heading for the Olympics."

Munro was no longer astonished about this side to his mother he was learning about. What happened?"

"A few weeks later she was on an end of semester tramping trip. The trampers were fooling around and she lost her footing and fell down a small bank but landed over a log, damaging her spine. She recovered from the injury but slipped into deep depression. Eighteen months on she wandered away from the institution and was almost knocked down on the highway. The driver, a graduating medical student..."

"My father. They always laugh when they say that met by near-accident."

"Yes, when she said she wanted to be taken home he began driving her back to the institution. She was wearing only a nightdress with the name of the facility plain to see. The shock of almost being run over apparently hit some kind of trigger in her so as your father turned his old sports car into the gateway she pulled on the handbrake and said if he moved another inch forward she'd kill him. Fortunately she managed to smile so, as she told me later, he didn't know what to do so she kissed him."

"She'd never spoken about this to Milly or me."

"Perhaps she fears regression if she thinks back."

Munro said that made sense. "She would also swim leisurely because of damaging a weakened back and would explain why she never ran with us or was happy about lifting us when we were bigger."

"Something like that. Now, will you swim for me? You have the right build. You don't have to be as good as your mother."

"Sure Coach Harrington. Want to start on me during the college break?"

Coach Harrington beamed. "You're the boy. I'm a widower and live with my married daughter and family. She doesn't like college breaks because I get under her feet. Also the middle daughter had just lost a boyfriend so perhaps you could be of some use there?"

Milly and Munro's new girlfriend who was coach Harrington's granddaughter joined Coach Harrington's group and the three students used the same dressing room, Milly growing used to Munro massaging her breasts again as he attending to Jennie's outstanding stack. Then Milly would sit reading while those other two did disgusting things while waiting for Coach Harrington to open his mail and take pool readings but she was happy about that, acknowledging the other two were teaching her some great moves.

The both had sat their mother down and after she finished two Martinis they told her they were on the swim team. She trembled and cried but came out of that quickly and hugged they both and said she was so proud of them to be selected for elite training.

"Whose the coach these days?"

"Coach Tom Harrington - he remembers you well and he took me to the walls of fame," Munro said. "You were truly amazing mom."

"So, you know why you were called Munro. He was a God to me."

"Yes and its cool mom. And Coach Harrington told me why you never made it to the Olympics."

Tears welled and Harriett said to Munro, "He also told you about me being incarcerated?"

"Sure mom, but don't you mean you were a patient in a heath facility. You took as big a blow to your whole being. I would have cut my throat if it had been me."


"Sorry mom?"

"It doesn't matter darling. Come here and hug me. You can fondle my breasts if you wish."

"No thanks mom, if I do that Milly will think I'm a pervert."

"No, let him mom - he's back to fondling mine."

Harriet screamed with laughter and wiping her eyes told them to behave themselves.

Munro went on to equal his mother's performance in his final year, holding every title from 100 to 800 meters free-style and setting four new records. However, his best performance in the inter-college meet was third in the 400 meters.� A year earlier, with Milly settled into becoming an 800 and 1500 meter specialist, in her final year she �set new records in the championship finals at college and three weeks later won both of those events, the 1500 meters in record time, which helped the college to win the Munro Woodwood Memorial Inter-College Cup for only the second time. Coach Harrington was asked to stand alongside the team for the presentation of the cup and Harriet Jenks-Morgan was called from the crowd to hand the cup to the winning team's captain, her daughter Milly Morgan.


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