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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

The Saturday morning after the siblings had spotted their mom with her boyfriend they met at Gina's home for a Council of War, at least that's what Gina called it, saying they had a responsibility to bring their mother to her senses.

"Right, we have thirty minutes to discuss this before she arrives."

"Bad move," Gavin called from the kitchen where he was baking muffins. "If she's getting sex again after what she's been through, no way will she thrown in the towel and meekly abide with you lot. If you anger her she'll take you lot to the cleaners."

"Gavin, say another word and you'll be denied sex for a month."

"You'll offer me sympathy and more won't you Megan?"

"Gavin!" screamed Gina, slamming the door to the kitchen.

Megan sat demurely, her face lit like a lighthouse, her sister glaring at her and then glaring at brother Evan who was had the top of his head in his hands and his upper body was shaking from suppressed laughter.

"My whole fucking family is a bunch of sex maniacs," Gina snarled.

"I've not said a word and have never misbehaved with Gavin," Megan said indignantly.

"Now's your chance," muttered her brother, regaining control of his mirth.

"I heard that Evan Taylor Black," roared Gina, sounding dangerously close to becoming hysterical.

Evan provided the necessary leadership. "Okay, everyone calm down. I think the three of us should bail him up and tell him to fuck off and if we ever find him around our mother again we'll hit on him one dark night and remove his nuts."

Gina's face brightened and she said now they were smoking but stupid Megan had to spoil it by saying every guy was entitled to his nuts so she'd take no part in that disgusting reprisal.

The longer they talked the tighter they pushed themselves against the wall in attempting to reach a compromise. Evan's original idea was now reduced to sending the guy an email telling him, 'Leave our mother alone. The Black children'.

"I suppose it's a start," Gina said, fatigued.

Evan said they didn't have the guy's email address and Megan, in her second year at university, said airily that didn't matter because they didn't know his identity."

"Oh Christ," Gina wailed just as Janis walked in as the front door had been left open for them."

"Hello darlings," she smiled. "I hope I'm not interrupting a Christian revival meeting. I have brought someone for my children to meet. Come in Jack."

The children gaped as young Jack walked in and placed an arm around their mother although intelligently not cupping her breast.

"Hi everyone," Gavin smiled, coming in through the kitchen door. "Hot muffins and coffee for everyone."

"Gavin, fuck off," yelled Gina, and promptly fell to the floor in a sobbing heap.

Husband Gavin ignored her and kissing his mother-in-law on the cheek put out his hand at Jack and said "Hi Jack, "I'm nominally known as head of this household - I say nominally because my wife refused to acknowledge traditional rights that include her mother's right to take in a Toy Boy."

"Oh no Gavin, you are quite wrong," Janis laughed. "Jack is my Joy Boy. I guess a little bird has told you three that mommy is kicking up her heels?"

There was no answer and Janis appeared happy to ignore that. She went over to Gina and helped her to her feet. Sit down dear and calm yourself. Allow mummy to rub your back. If I'm the reason for your upset then you'd better get used to it because Jack is now living with me."

Even Megan gasped at that disclosure.

Gina groaned and her mother pulled back from her and snapped, "If you dare faint on me Gina I'll throw a bucket of water over you. If you want to fight me over this you fight now. You only get one chance and this is it."

Gina moaned, you're taking advantage of me when I'm down."

"Get her a whisky Gavin."

"Yes Janis," Gavin said, going to the front room and returning with a small glass and the bottle. He filled the glass and Gina tossed it down and held it out for Gavin to refill. She tossed that one down, tossed the glass to Gavin and then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Are you ready to confront me?"

"More than ready," Gina smirked, "and right is on my side."

"Right, out with it."

"Yes, a little bird informed us and at the very time we met to talk about it we saw you two walking down the main street with this guy's hand inside the back of your jeans and halfway down your backside."

"We all often see couples walking like that, it's called affection and close body contact."

"Yeah, well not middle age ladies with their Toy Boy not much older that Gavin here."

"He's my Joy Boy and don't you forget it. Besides for your information he's almost two years younger than Gavin."

"I thought as much," Gavin smiled.

"You crazed bitch," Gina shouted. Completely losing it. She was heavier and half a head taller than her mother and because of her aggression was used to cowing women as well as some men. She swung a slap at her mother's face.

Janis easily ducked under it and moved in right close to her daughter. "You've put on weight which could be why or part of the reason you haven't managed your desire to become pregnant and you're much too slow whereas through swimming and the gym I'm the fittest I've been since leaving university. I can take you Gina and will if you hit me but I'll try to not damage you permanently."

Gina burst into tears and fell into her mother's arms, Janis balanced on her toes never looked like being knocked off her feet by the sudden impact.

"I've been a bitch, a stupid cow about this mommy. I'm sorry." Gina sobbed.

"Give her another whisky Gavin," Janis said, walking Gina backwards to a chair. Janis then turned and said do you have representations to make to me Evan?"

"He held out his open hands and said, "I'm cool about it, he appears to be a good type of guy. Far too young for you but of course that your business. Treat mom badly Jack and I'll come after you."

"Thanks for that kind thought," Jack smiled.


"All I want to say mommy is that when you've finished with Jack may I have him?"

"You could be an old lady," Janis chuckled, pushing a hand through her youngest daughter's curls. "Are you okay Gina?"

"Yes thanks mom. You were amazingly impressive when under attack."

"Was I darling? I wasn't aware I was under attack. I just thought I was dealing with a couple of misunderstandings. We're family, not thugs."

"I do want to produce a grandchild for you mom."

"A baby for you and Gavin too, I would hope."

"Oh yes, oh yes."

"That's my girl Gina. Lose weight, eat less crap, consume more fruit and vegetables, more love, affection and respect towards Gavin. No more booze, plenty of exercise, laugh a lot, talk to your doctor and keep a calendar of optimum times and do it mostly in Missionary."

"Right mom," Gina smiled although looking as if her memory was at work.

"Thanks mom," Gavin said, the first time he'd ever called her that. Gina stood up and rushed over and hugged him.

"Well, we all appeared to be settled here. Jack, would you kindly help Gavin with coffee and the muffins while I give my three children and quick little lecture about Toy Boy being a derogatory term. Oh, in case you are wondering, yes Jack fucks better than your father and indeed the other males in my life who managed to score a home run or two."

"How many home runs is that mom."

"Now that's really a tough one Megan. Please fetch me a calculator."

"Oh Jack, Gavin and I usually have a quiet drink on Friday nights before dinner. Like to join us?"

Jack looked at Gavin, who nodded. "Thanks Evan, would like to do that providing I get a leave pass."

Everyone laughed and Jack realized he'd been approved.



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