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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6

Their eyes met - he thinking hers were greener that usual and she thinking for the first time his were between blue and gray. Her knees weakened when she saw he was carrying a big bunch of flowers. She thought of saying coyly, "Flowers, are these for me?" and touching her breast cutely with her hand but that would make him focus on her boob instead of her.� She decided to keep it simple so said, "Oh you darling boy" and reaching for the flowers saw his eyes widen.

Oh God, she'd called him a boy, emphasizing their age difference, oh you stupid cow!

"Darling?" he said, astonished. "You regard me that favorably?"

She took the flowers in one hand and pulled him into the house with her other hand, firmer than intended, and their bodies collided.

The next thing she knew they were kissing, hotly. She opened her mouth to apologize but he misinterpreted that action and she felt his tongue tip sweep over his and hers lasciviously attempted to circle around his. She felt him lift a leg to kick the door closed and when his leg returned to the floor that's not all she felt. Blood rushed to her head and other extremities and she knew her swelling breasts were attempting to break out, seeking attention from him.

Moaning, Janis fell to the floor attempting to take him down with her in complete disregard for her safety. She was on fire.

Heroically he controlled his descent, easing her to the floor. She moaned her appreciation, heard the sound of his zip and knew he intended filling her. It was all on, they were at it in the hallway, slapping together like animals. Janis felt she was soaring and hoped her age of forty-three was sufficient to protect her from conception. No way was she in a mind for him to fire anywhere else but into to her to her core.

*� *� *

On the way to his destiny with Mrs Black, Jack had the sudden thought she'd think better of him if he arrived with flowers, so stopped and it was almost 11:15 when he'd pushed the bell.

No answer.

He pushed the button again. Perhaps she'd driven off in a paddy or perhaps the whole thing was one big tease.

"Cumming," er "Coming" he heard her call and relief swept through him.

She opened the door. He snatched a look at her legs - they were amazing - at her boobs - oh yummy - and locked on her green eyes which were wide and intense, making him think she was sexed up. If she were perhaps he'd never know.

She yapped something and he heard himself query her use of darling. She took the flowers and yanked him into her house, he squashing her tits flat and was kissing the upturned face before he had a clue what he was doing.

She growled deep from within her throat, her tongue was around his like a serpent and he knew he was about to be fucked so kicked the door shut and drove his hardening dick against her thigh and she pulled him to the floor. He didn't want to crush her so braced to slow her fall. He landed on the floor on his knees, conveniently between her legs. Visualizing a warm and open pussy, already self-lubed he unzipped and was about to seek permission to proceed when she reached down and pulled the swimsuit over her crotch aside so he pushed in while pulling her swimsuit off her shoulders and went for her tits. They were beauties.

She climaxed twice before he roared to his, making her gurgle in delight. Yes, gurgle! Obviously this babe had not had a dick up her for zonks!

"That was lovely. So unexpected. So amazing," she said, kissing him over his eyes, nose and mouth and he flopped forward on to her, releasing a high sigh and feeling his dick jerk once again.

"That really was an amazing fuck," he said, using her word.

"Amazing," she repeated, "You lovely boy."

She was at it again. You lovely boy, telling him she was not at all embarrassed by their age difference. She was so cool!

He staggered to his feet, reached down and pulled her up. She reached for his half-mast cock and worked her hand around its tip and licked her hand and then said, "Your turn."

Jack carefully stuck a finger into her and pulling it out sucked it noisily, watching her eyes enlarge.

"Now we are one, committed to each other sexually," she smiled, staring at him, and he knew he was being examined for his reaction, so smiled and said, "Oh yes, and am I going to love seducing you at every free moment."

She said they should shower but when he asked was the pool shielded from the neighbor's view, she nodded.

Jack pulled her swimsuit down and she stepped out of it and he told her to hold it over her dripping pussy until they reached the pool.

Janis led him to the pool where Jack stripped off and she looked at what he possessed and giggled, "Oh my, aren't I the lucky one?"

They jumped into the pool hand-in-hand and fooled around until he said politely that he was hungry.

After gobbling down a muffin and drinking some wine, Jack pushed Janis back on to her recliner and invited her to spread.

"Shouldn't we have lunch first?"

"You deserve entr�e," he said kindly, sending her heartbeat into a flutter.

Janis watched as he parted the lips of her closely trimmed pussy, straddled her, lowered his head and began licking and fingering. Jack guided her into a huge ejaculation, squeezing her swollen breasts hard as she began her release while talking to her seductively. She loved it and gave him her best. As he lifted, chin dripping, she pulled him to her and licked him clean.

"I shall remember this day forever."

"Me too," said her lovely boy.

Two nights later Jack moved in with Janis.

"This new girlfriend must be really something," said his mother, watching Jack pack.

"She really is mom, but she is older that you might expect."

"Older, how much older?"

Jacked kissed her and left with his two carry bags to add to his effects already filling his car.

"Jack, Jack how much older?" his mother worried, following him to the car after he'd said goodbye to his dad.

"Not as old as you, mom. That should make you rest easy."

"Jack oh Jack. Please don't leave me like this. Darling, how much older?"

"Rest easy mom and remember you told me to go get her. You'll meet her in due course providing our infatuation lasts."

"Oh Jack," she wailed. "I feel like wringing your neck, you putting me through this."

"Mom, she'd an angel. There's nothing sluttish about this one."


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