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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

The only thing different about waking on this Saturday morning for Jack, compared with waking on recent mornings, was he knew he didn't have to race around preparing to go off to work. He yawned just as his mom arrived in his room and began pulling aside the curtains. He blinked, thinking it was so light.

"Hi mom."

"Good morning dear. This is a late rise for you?"

He still didn't twig until she added, "Your father left for golf almost two hours ago. Come down for breakfast darling."

Jack stretched and thought two hours ago huh. Then it must be 10 o'clock. His chest and gut tightened and he looked at his watch.


Oh fuck! Jack leapt from the bed and hit the shower cursing. What an idiot, sleeping in this morning of all mornings. He washed his hair and soaped himself thoroughly in case Mrs Black sniffed him thinking about hygiene. Er, Janis. He shaved, gargled and dashed into his parent's room, his mom emerging from the bathroom with the toilet flushing in the background, she looking at his surprised at seeing him totally nude.

"Hair dryer," he croaked and she returned to the bathroom laughing, leaving him with his hand cupping most of his limp cock and his nuts.

"Here," she smiled.

"Emergency," he croaked and dashed off with the hand dryer and she said, "So I gather."

At breakfast she pretended nothing had happened and that was one of the good things about his mom. She stood behind him combing his hair and saying he smelt so nice and was he meeting someone who would replace Diane.

"Yes," he croaked.

"Oh, I am so glad. I did not think Diane was a suitable young woman to have associated with this family. You father couldn't keep his eyes off her."

Jack wondered how on earth had his mom found out he'd dropped Diane. Before rushing off to clean his teeth and gargle he said rather naughtily, "If I make it with this latest babe I'll trust you'll greet her with open arms if I bring her home?"

"Oh yes darling. Just make sure she doesn't dress like a slut, is well educated and behaves like a lady."

"Someone who measures up to you, mom and perhaps even excels beyond your standards?"

"Oh yes darling," his mom said. "I would love to be surprised."

Jack rushed from his bedroom determined to not be late but his mother was waiting for him, brush in hand and a bottle of spray.

"You've really upped my expectations Jack. Stand still while I brush your hair to a sheen and put on some of your father's No. 1 after shave - it's French and I only allow him to use it for top social events and funerals."

"Thanks mom - it's only lunch so I'm unlikely to get lucky."

"Oh Jack, you are so conservative. My understanding women these days are overly keen to pleasure their gentlemen friends. If she gives you the slightest hint of being promiscuous my advice is to take it on the chin and give her what she wants."

Jack smiled and said, crossing his fingers, "Take it on the chin eh mom? If I score I will remind you of your wisdom and advice."

"Thank you Jack but I really don't think any woman's preparedness to offer you her greatest gift should be crudely equated to scoring in a game. You've had more loose women than I've had vacations. I hope you will take this one seriously and if she'd good enough think of wooing her into finality."

That made Jack nervous. "You mean death?"

"No silly - to make her your bride. You are twenty-eight and its time to think about settling down and grandchildren."

"I haven't been thinking of settling down and certainly haven't been thinking of grandchildren."

"Oh haven't you Jack?" Muriel said wistfully. "If you think she is good enough for you just allow yourself to be led, darling and display all of your assets to her, like your intelligence and reliability and promise of being an obedient and fulsome provider."

Now Jack was really unnerved. "Bye mom," he said kissing him. "Thank you for such incredibly useful advice."

"Go get her darling."

Jack was so wound up he put his car into first gear instead of reverse and almost demolished his mother's potting bench in front of where he parked. "Fuck, it's all that rubbish mom put into my head," he fumed. He backed down the driveway in an orderly manner and waved to his mom who was standing at the gateway, blowing kisses at him.

Driving off and thinking it wouldn't matter arriving a few minutes late, Jack leered into his windscreen thinking of his mother's last words, "Go get her darling."

"Yeah man," he laughed. "If Janis displays the slightest interest in having sex with me I'll be all over her and plow her like an obedient and fulsome provider as mom suggested to me!"

His leer didn't leave his face as he wondered if an older woman like her shaved her pussy or grew her hair around it like a garden. His breathing quickened as he visualized her feeding his length into herself. A woman in a car in front of him stopped for a dog that was looking interested in crossing in front of her vehicle. Jack's brain took over, stopped and restarted on their journey again with Jack scarcely noticing. He wondered if the driver in front of him had a secret desire to shave her pussy.

*� *� *

In contrast to Jack, Janis rose an hour earlier than usual for a Saturday morning. After coffee and nibbling a piece of toast she then went out and picked flowers for the dinning room, kitchen and thought about the bedroom but decided it was unlikely Jack would be interested in sex, not on the first visit to her home. He would be too nervous, too over-awed. Anyway what she was doing would be a complete waste because men never noticed flowers. What heartless creatures they were, absolutely focused on tits and pussy and after swilling at the trough asked could they have something to eat and wandered off to watch sport on TV. Jack appeared to be a little sensitive but would follow pack rules.

Janis put on Best of Opera Vol. 3 and dusted although knowing there wouldn't be any dust because Mrs Jones had cleaned the house thoroughly yesterday as she did every Friday. Janis glared at the clock because it was crawling that morning for some reason. She decided perhaps she shouldn't meet Jack at the door wearing only a swimsuit showing heavy breast droop. No, she would wear a sexy sundress with built-in bra and no panties. That almost produced a panic attack but Janis calmed herself by going out to the pool and after a long and frustrating chase finally scooped out all three tiny leaves that were on the floor of the pool. She changed from a bikini to a sundress from a bikini to a smart little black dress and from another bikini to a shirt and shorts and then preened herself in front of the mirror thinking the built-in bra in her black one-piece swimsuit was really quite effective and by going to the front door in it she'd snap Jack's eyes to her legs. Yes! Whenever Susan saw her in that swimsuit the slut always licked her lips and Susan's eyes glazed.

Now that she was clear-minded, Janis checked on lunch and ran through the menu presentation, pushed out the drinks trolley and plugged it into the power supply and was ready, an hour early but ready to receive her visitor. She stretched out on a recliner and wondered whether she should load him with booze and then drop the top of her swimsuit.

The repeated chimes of the front door bell awoke her.

Oh fuck, Janis screamed silently. Dashing to the kitchen she saw the time was almost 11:15 and wondered if that meant she didn't mean enough to him to ensure he impressed be arrived on the dot of 11:00.

"Coming," she yelled and smiled, wondering how he'd interpret that word. She shaped her hair up in the mirror at the front door, pulled her shoulders back and taking a deep breath opened the door.


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