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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4

That evening Janis was swimming lengths and wondered about her three children. They had virtually abandoned her since she refused to abandon divorcing their father. Until taking that action, Janis had been prepared to continue ignoring his outbreaks of adultery but after he only just escaped from being jailed for beating up his new mistress's husband who'd walked in on them, she'd cried that was the end of him. The children came at her like a pack of hounds, tears from the girls and menacing looks from Evan but she clawed to her depths for additional courage and fended them off and won through.

Well, if all went well wouldn't the children be rocked when they learned that she had a replacement man - a guy a little less than thirty years of age? Gina would be beside herself. Oh Christ, Janis thought, Gina would be driven insane at finding her mother's new man was at least a couple of years YOUNGER than Gina's beloved Gavin. Well, let it be. Mother was not attempting to sock it to her family. She only had the choice between her rabbit and Jack and thinking it through she'd chosen Jack over the rabbit. Later in bed as she worked the rabbit while thinking about Jack she finished amid an amazing result, initially thinking she'd peed the bed.

Janis decided she'd more or less opened the door for Jack and if he were too thick to take the initiative then he'd miss out in having a liaison that could be unforgettable for him, providing he could cope with the fallout. That's assuming he'd want to seduce her.

The next day she had a confidential, very confidential, lunch with her best friend Susan and had Susan almost fainting, agog in excitement, when Janis asked, "What do you think I should do?"

"Fuck him senseless," Susan said but looking at the anguished face in front of her, added, "Just joking."

Susan said Janis was doing the right thing. Yes, she agreed that it was up to Jack to take the initiative as he was the innocent in this affair, being targeted by one very hot woman capable of running him down and turning him into a piece of meat.

"What?" Janis shrieked.

"Sorry, you know I've always looked up at you and believed you are capable of achieving any goal you set for yourself. Yes darling, play it low key. You could ruin that young man's life but I'll tell you what, if you don't proceed with him could you introduce him to me before you disappear from his life?"

"I should have expected this from you - once a slut always a slut."

"Thank you Miss Chastity. You always have recognized my prime weakness and been prepared to overlook my passion, even when I drunkenly confessed to you when we celebrated your divorce that I'd succumbed to the seductive ways of your Ex."

"You said only once," Janis flared.

"Oh did I?� Then once it was."

The women then talked about their children and recollections of the days and nights of sex with their men of the moment before their marriages.

As they were leaving Susan said she could always photograph Janis in the nude and Janis could then email it to the guy without a caption, just to ensure he kept his mind properly focused.

"Thanks darling, I keep that lovely thought in mind. But as it's only been a couple of days since I had that little chat with him I think I should sit this out a little longer."

Janis arrived back at her desk and went through her emails, keeping one from Jack till last. It was disappointingly brief but very uplifting: 'A movie Friday evening?"

"Oh you darling boy," she practically sobbed and then her PA opened the door to usher in the McKinnon's who were in dispute over their previously agreed proposed divorce settlement.

Friday night she sat with Jack through a movie in which the leading couple spent half�� the movie in bed arguing about the fall-off in their frequency in having sex. Before the finish Jack, still making no effort to touch her, said a little nervously, "This is pathetic, isn't it?" and when she whispered, "Yes, but let's stick it out." He replied that he'd chosen it because the review had called it a heart-warming romance and he thought that Janis would enjoy the genre.

Oh thank you Jack, she thought, knowing she'd much preferred watching a film about a couple amazed by their increase in frequency of sex.

Outside the cinema Jack asked if she wanted to go somewhere for a burger. She attempted to say no without a tone of disgust so when he said then what about a drink she pulled him back from entering a coffee shop and marched him off arm-in-arm to a bar talking to him gaily. He seemed to like that. She pressed forward to sit on a stool at the bar with him looking at an empty table and when he sat on his stool she turned to speak to him, allowing her knee to touch his and smiled sweetly at him for not jerking away. After two drinks she pulled her stool much closer to him, lying that she'd found it difficult to hear. Although Jack said he thought the din had died now that so many people had left they were pressing thigh-to-thigh and if anything he pressed even harder against her.

"My breasts are back to their usual presentation tonight," she said without expression but inside she warmed when he looked right at them and said so he'd noticed.

As they walked out for Janis to ride home in a cab the good boy became a man. "Janis, I'd like to have an affair with you. Interested?"

Janis looked at him intently and said, "Could be. I'll email you in the morning."

They kissed, a little longer and firmer this time. As she entered the cab she heard the comment, "Great legs" and recognized his voice.

Next morning at 10:00 Janis wrote: 'We need to talk. My place Saturday at 11:00 for a swim before lunch? No need to reply, just come.' She added the address and sent the email.

During her mid-afternoon coffee break Janis called Susan who let out a scream of delight. "You'll be able to pension off your rabbit darling."

Janis thought that was an outrageous statement to make so early in their conversation but let it go. She asked Susan which of her bikinis she should wear but Susan told her firmly to wear her black one-piece because her belly would be too pronounced in the bikini.

"But I want him to see me for what I am."

"Believe me darling, he'll be licking every bit of you in due course, providing you get that far."

"Why wouldn't we?"

"Because you're doing this the wrong way - a slow and total immersion into his senses. You should have taken him out to a club and arriving home half-drunk you would have fucked him on the hall carpet and then hauled him up to your bedroom and ridden him Cowgirl, allowing him to focus on your flying boobs and ignoring your stomach and stretch marks, not that they are readily visible you lucky pig."

"I-I hear what you say but I've committed and remain confident," Janis said nervously.

"So be it," said her friend. "I've done my best to advise you."


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